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  1. Immediately thought it was Kyle Wellwood, and then started thinking about cheeseburgers.
  2. Aside from me, for at least one old guy from Canada living in the USA... Miller because he could set up Elias, who has a deadly shot.
  3. Living in the US for 20 years, I have been to many Canucks road games. Best road game was the Canucks playoff game in Dallas--that series was a blast. I have been to Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose, Dallas, and seen a Kings And Coyotes preseason game in Oklahoma City. I will probably go to the Canucks versus St. Louis and/or Nashville this year. But hockey is blurry for me. I worked for the Flames in the mid 1990s before I moved to Oklahoma. Just seen a lot. And because of that I am very optimistic for our Canucks' future.
  4. I think that Jake's development was rushed and this has been detrimental to his game. The time he needed to spend cutting teeth in the AHL would have done wonders to help him. But he is here, and hopefully he will continue to develop. This year could be a transformative year for him.
  5. I remember watching a practice in Dallas years ago. Burr was the first on the ice and the last off. For most of the practice he worked doing one-on-one skills with the goalie. I was highly impressed at his work ethic.
  6. Interesting but it all depends on the cost.
  7. Whoever worked on this needs a head slap.
  8. Gino, and when Gino took on the entire St. Louis Blues.
  9. They were the underdogs and knew it. There was no reasonable expectations they would beat the Islanders.
  10. Think about this: Your phone uses a radio and broadcasts over the public airwaves.
  11. The government has some responsibility to play in the inflation of property values. It has no vested interest in keeping values low because it is addicted to property taxes.