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  1. Canuck All time records to be moved up this season

    I miss Harold.
  2. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    Just remember, at the beginning of the year, every team sends many players down to the farm. Issue for those teams is whether our waivers are better than their waivers and/or roster players. It is not so simple nor cut and dry.
  3. Quinn Hughes announces his return to Michigan

    College is a good route to take. He obviously has some personal goals to accomplish.
  4. Can Brock beat Bure's Record (eventually?)

    Bure did it during an age when you could clutch, grab, run interference, throw picks, and fight for space. With the way the game is today, he could have easily had 70 or more goals.
  5. This might sound a tad crazy BUT

    Jovocop was the last.
  6. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    What harm would there be in playing Burrows on the fourth line and the PK? Would this role take from developing our prospects? Would he be content playing that role?
  7. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Yes please.
  8. He did a good job given his circumstances. If we only had a defence... need I say more?
  9. Canucks and the Tale of the Rasmus'

    In Dallas, might have to make the four hour drive up to see the draft. Love life in Houston. #gostros
  10. The future is almost here.
  11. buying outright vs contract cellphone

    I work for AT&T's subsidiary called Cricket Wireless. There are plenty of inexpensive unlocked phones on the market. Feature-wise many are like taking a step back in time but there are some cheap phones that have very good features. One such phone is the LG X Charge. Phone costs just over $130 and has a great camera and a huge battery.
  12. Tillman wants the NHL in Houston

    KC does not have the population.
  13. Tillman wants the NHL in Houston

    27 million people in Texas, 6 million in the Houston area. The fourth largest city in the US. Booming economy and huge television market both here in Texas and into Mexico. And someone with money who has been very successful in business, especially the entertainment industry.