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  1. I have time to watch many nights but choose not to watch. I turn catch up with the highlights in the morning.
  2. Listen to Benning's interview a couple of days ago. It explains a lot about how young people are today and how they want to be treated. Back in my day, our coaches would berate us. It did not make us better, but they made us afraid to get in trouble. Now as a mental health professional, working for the State of Missouri, I think coping skills and mindfulness practices may help Brock to work through all of the challenges. But I am not in the room and I don't know how he is feeling, if he is injured, or if he is struggling emotionally. Especially with the American holidays right now.
  3. If I recall, and I am sorry of I get this wrong because I had a major concussion, the talk at the time to bring Green up was that he was a great development coach for us. We are transitioning past that now, and a different coach may be prudent. I wanted them to bring Crawford back but I was not the one making decisions.
  4. We had some very high quality shots and goals in the game.
  5. Boeser is young. With all that is going on in his personal life right now, I feel he may be having challenges coping with the pressure at home and at work. But I will always believe on him. And when things get better, this kid is going to be lights out.
  6. We have a good young team, and there will be nights like this. But if this was basketball or football, Green would be given a pink slip.
  7. So true. Beagle, Sutter, Ferland bring a dynamic to the team that helps us shut down the other team. We would not have been pushed around like that.
  8. So true. This team, however, did show they can skate against the Pens. That was a great game and the young guys will be better for it.
  9. Time for Green to get on the ice and personally do a bag skate.
  10. As said in the beginning of the game, Markstrom could not go.
  11. We will never get an honest call. Story of the last fifty years. I have accepted and have some peace.