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  1. Hunter's comments are why we will love this player in the years to come.
  2. And the amount of money you save on buying a house or condo is quite significant.
  3. Too many people suggesting a trade down to pick the player we want. This is risky. If the player you want is available at 5, take the player. Why wait to 9 or 10? This BPA attitude and the Canucks luck is too much of a gamble for me. Makes no sense.
  4. Adding Troy Brouwer and Milan Lucic in the mix would deepen this team even further.
  5. From Nanaimo, PhD in Healthcare Management student, living in Texas, and I love my Vancouver Canucks.
  6. We Texans love JJ Watt. Amazing player.
  7. So is there any meat to this story yet?
  8. While I love my Canadian born Texas Senator, I proudly voted for Donald Trump in the Texas Republican primary today.
  9. Four losses in a row cost the Houston Rockets coach his job.
  10. Stars mascot looks like a big green booger. Love Fin so much more.
  11. Huge cap hit... no thanks.
  12. Brutal end. Time for the Sedins to stop mailing it in. We need meat and potatoes hockey.
  13. I have been to a couple of different NHL rinks for an actual game--Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Dallas, St. Louis, and San Jose. It is pretty quiet in Vancouver.
  14. He is up there in scoring with the Sedins...
  15. Pretty flat period. Here is to a better second and third!