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  1. So Dahlen and Petterson can become our new Sedins.
  2. Going back many years, we have heard this rumour at every draft.
  3. It is possible. Seen too many instances of black kids killing black kids. They call 911 for the ambulance but won't snitch on who shot them. Then their cousins go and find the perps and shoot them. Welcome to summer in the hood.
  4. So true. My daughter is a pretty good shot. But she is the first to tell you it is not a toy.
  5. Funny clip. I do it because I can. It is a Texan way of life.
  6. I live in Texas, proudly. We have great conceal to carry and open carry laws here. I am thankful I can stand my ground and that I have the castle doctrine protecting my rights. In other words, you break into my house or threaten me or my family, you may get shot. Point is don't be an idiot and put yourself at risk for getting shot.
  7. If you are dead, how can you give informed consent to the treatment?
  8. Bettman tired of whiny Canucks fans, he pulled the plug.
  9. Yes, that is per line.
  10. I am on Verizon here and pay $45 for unlimited data, HD video streaming, and coverage that includes Canada and Mexico. And our market is upgrading to 5G this summer.
  11. NHL Game Center is best for Canucks fans in the US because, while Center Ice covers every game, most cable and satellite providers only offer the Canadian feed in SD. I know Comcast was beta testing something with the feed near the end of the season but I had given up watching at that point.
  12. Absolutely crazy. A 2% chance at 1st but ends up with 2nd.