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  1. That was tough to watch but there are some positives.
  2. This possible trajectory into the Gulf has all of us paying attention. But here on the Houston front, even today, the flooding has gone up in new places and down in others. At least all we had was a leak in the roof and some sheetrock that will need to be replaced. Take into account that it is nearly 33C outside and quite humid, mould grows fast.
  3. Just watch Lone Star Law and the Naked and Afraid episodes from Louisiana and Texas to see the diversity of wildlife down here. We have rattlesnakes in the sand dunes here in Galveston. I am from Nanaimo and married a Louisiana gal many years ago. There is nothing like a 12-foot alligator going under your boat to get your attention, or coming across a timber rattler or coral snake on your hike. The one that really gets you are the bull and hammerhead sharks that are feet from shore. At least the most threatening thing back home was a cougar or a Canadian goose.
  4. Well, I love living down here in H-Town. I have not seen any price gouging. Sure, there may be anecdotal examples but the phrase, "Don't mess with Texas" means something. The state takes this issue very seriously. Fines, jail time and loss of business licenses are not worth it. But, the one issue, when it comes to hotels, there is a posted rack rate that they are allowed to charge. It might not seem fair to pay $359 a night for a 2-star LaQuinta, and it may seem outrageous, but that is legal.
  5. It is an amazing thing he is doing. The people here already loved him. We all will be endeared to him for the rest of our lives. Same for Mattress Mack who turned all of his furniture stores into shelters for people.
  6. #TexasStrong If anyone doubts why Texas is the greatest state in the union and why we carry our chin's so COCKY and high, please watch the upcoming weeks in the news. After one of the WORST hurricanes to make landfall on the Texas coast in many years, we won't beg for help. We won't blame the president. We won't ask why me. We won't hang our heads. We will go to work to help rebuild small town gems like Santa Fe, Dickinson, Rockport, Port Lavaca, Matagorda, and everywhere else that needs the help. There is never a task too big for a Texan and we never shy away from helping out our neighbor. We will get through this together. Copy & pasted from a friend, but too good not to share. GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!
  7. Those people were moved today. See my previous post. There are 6.5-million people here spread over 10,000 square miles. For comparison sake, the Vancouver metro area is about 1,000 square miles.
  8. Things are pretty chaotic here. Major freeways are closed, about 300,000 homes without power. I have had friends evacuated by airboat because they were trapped in their home. Our church is flooded because nearly two feet of water fell in less than two days. Tropical storm is being pushed back out to the Gulf, may strengthen again, and will make landfall a second time by Wednesday. One thing the people back home in BC need to understand that there are nearly 6.5-million people here, and the Houston metro is over 10,000 square miles in size. There are problems all over the city. But that being said, Texans are a proud and strong people. We are #texasstrongandfiercelyindependent
  9. People of Texas of very strong and independent. We also have the castle doctrine. If you trespass or want to pillage, you will probably get shot.
  10. #texasstrongandfiercelyindependent We live a quarter mile off the beach and partially behind the seawall. Lots of erosion. Power was off for a couple of hours. The wind and rain were angry. Still two more days of this as it moves up the coast. There are parts of town that are flooded and we have 10cm on the road outside our place. Water is being pushed into Galveston Bay. But we have lots of food and water, and I cleaned my AR15 on Thursday.
  11. I worked for the Calgary Flames during this time. Saw Messier walking out to the bus many times. Even though he was on our team, I always wanted to deck him. Still bitter about how he treated Linden, and the crap he pulled in the Stanley Cup final.
  12. Similar token: Manchester United is playing here today in Houston. They are not going to grow the game because soccer already has some popularity, especially with the Hispanics. At least playing in NRG Stadium is better than BBVA Compass Stadium. Nothing like the 90F degrees and 75-percent humidity. What would grow the game in Asia is a Yao Ming type player. He is the reason why the Rockets are so popular in China. So, if the Canucks had a player that could be a marketable asset while overseas, it would help. But, I do not know the extent of their effectiveness from their last stint in Japan.
  13. I am okay with them coming to Houston. I would get season tickets. The Toyota Center is already ready to play hockey. H-TOWN would support it.