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  1. How many goals each year are scored on defence? How many games are won playing in your own zone? We do not need to become the NJ Devils of years past. Without scoring more goals, forcing the play and creating out manned chances the other way, we will be hard pressed to win anything.
  2. The only one who benefits from a higher minimum wage is the government and its coffers. Higher incomes equates higher taxation and elimination of certain tax credits. It also means higher costs of goods, which results in higher sales tax rates.
  3. It was horrendous to watch. It was like going to the county fair to see how many ducks you could shoot in a row. How things would change if the ducks shot back.
  4. Like the US, in Canada the railway itself is considered private property. When you cross into the railway 's private property, you are trespassing and a citation could be issued. In Canada there are police constables appointed to enforce trespass and other laws.
  5. I think that is a valid point, especially with the wear and tear that our division and travel schedule demands. It is a hard toll on a team that is forced to play defence for 60 mins. It was so sad to see players get punished for floating, getting a breakaway or an odd man rush and then score. We really need a change of mindset. It would also save a lot of stress on the Sedins, which would be better on them.
  6. Utica did not have any depth this year, partly because of the injury problems in Vancouver. No NHL quality centermen to work alongside Virtanen. It would have helped his game. But I think he may approach his summer training a little better this year. Sent to Utica is like sending a Russian player to Siberia. Maybe he will want it a little more now.
  7. Crow does develop players, and can coach offense. We would have scored more goals and won more games if Willie did not insist on a five man back game.
  8. No thank you. We do not need a defensive systems head coach. This league, as it stands, is built on offence. We need systems that take advantage and will bag as many goals as possible.
  9. Local media, FSN Southwest, has repeatedly talked about their injury problems.
  10. Just heard that. Interesting move. I guess they want to keep the farm in place. Not a bad cheque for this kid at the end of the day.
  11. The rats are getting off the sinking ship.
  12. Already changed the channel. Time to change the coaches.
  13. Ice hockey was part of the summer games in 1920.
  14. So how does Canadian hockey benefit having our amateurs playing against KHL players, or the Swedish Elites?
  15. 2) It is true. Alien craft landed at Roswell army airfield. Alien is an immigration term for foreign. The US acquired Russian MIG fighters that were taken to the base for reverse engineering and testing purposes.