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  1. Gotta love the name! Awesome for a Texas gal. I know I love my two.
  2. Same here. Been on here for over 15 years. Used to be first line and then all those posts/status just seemed to have disappeared.
  3. Beagle is my favorite. I used to work for his dad, and worked with his grandfather. So I knew him when he was 10. I joked with him that he would make the league, win the Cup, and maybe one day he would play for the Canucks. If he is anything like his dad and grandfather, we have a guy who will lay it all out on the ice. Good times for the Canucks right now.
  4. Nope. I even have a Keep America Great Trump 2020 bumper sticker along with Don't Tread on Me license plates. People around here generally leave you alone.
  5. I live here in Missouri. Have my Canucks flag flying on my truck. Going to be fun.
  6. One of two things: Wild are doing a good job at keeping our guys from the net or our guys are doing a poor job of taking it to the net. Then there is Marky.
  7. Is this game to advance to the playoffs? Does this game matter? Do we want to play another game against them?
  8. Just plain garbage goals. Most important game in Canucks lore for years and our goalie has horrible positioning.
  9. They are not calling everything. The crosscheck to the back of Petey was hard to watch. What the Wild are doing is clogging up the center of the ice and collapsing as a group down low.
  10. Mixing of D an issue, some missed calls as expected, but Markstrom is playing way too deep in his net.
  11. The real economic issue facing the league comes at the end of 2021, when the US national television contract expires with NBC. NBC's contract with the league brings in $200-million a year. What is the new valuation of that television contract?
  12. Ouch for those of us who work graveyard shift. Going to avoid CDC on Thursday.
  13. Congrats! Having a little piece of Texas in your heart is the best part!
  14. The problem many have with Jake stems from the year he entered the league--too young to go to the AHL. So they have had to put up with him up here when time in Utica would have been developmentally helpful.
  15. The biggest hurdle the Vancouver Canucks have is the pontificate local sports media. They like to suggest problems, or they create problems. Rumors are rumors and sources are sources. Lots of speculation and lots of opining. So what is my take? Our older players should have a strong motivation to lay it all on the line. For them, this may be the last time they get to play playoff hockey. Our third and fourth lines need to step up if we are going to have a chance. I believe that they can raise their level of play. We need them to.
  16. I live in Houston. The billionaire owner of the Rockets wants the NHL here. Games would be played in the Toyota Center. The arena previously hosted the Aeros, do it has everything it needs to be ready. But the biggest part is this: the rivalry between Houston and Dallas is legendary, and across the NBA, MLS, and MLB.
  17. We outplayed the Jets and we're quite dominant at times. Boeser was flying and got off lots of good shots. But you could see a little anxiety out there and there were a couple of timing issues that will need to be improved.
  18. He never changed his game. If you were a D coming behind the net, better have your head on a swivel. He would hit you and not even blink.
  19. They can only take one. Can that one Canucks player be that dynamic to punish us for the next decade?
  20. While I love my Canadian feed, the NBC announcers do a fantastic job.
  21. When Fort Knox's depository opened, there were 649 million ounces of gold stored there. They believe there are about 147 million ounces left.