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  1. What I love about this team is that they are playing meaningful games into January. We don't have too far to go until April 4th, being one point out and games in hand on first place in the division. Saddle up your horses, we have a trail to blaze.
  2. Very early on they were labeled as the Sedin sisters, for their soft play. They were not the fastest nor biggest guys on the ice and were pushed around a lot. Elias is not the biggest guy. While he has not finished growing, the future bodes really well for him and the Canucks. At full height and weight he will continue to be elusive, very strong on the puck, and a laser for a shot. I also think that Elias and Brock are the best snipers that we have had since Naslund.
  3. I agree. Our stats with him out of the lineup gives credence for the title.
  4. So how much bonus money will this cost the Canucks?
  5. It would be very detrimental to the players, and the rates of injury would increase. They would not be able to sustain things over an 82 game season. But, I would like it like the good old days. On a 4 on 3 you could put the Sedins out there with Burrows, and Sami Salo on the point and almost guarantee a goal. With Peterson, Boeser and Hughes, we just need someone with a cannon to keep our opponents honest.
  6. I had come up from Texas to spend the week with my mom. She had breast and lung cancer, and I got to enjoy the time doing something we loved. After the game, I remember going outside to take the trash out and the north side of Nanaimo was quite raucous.
  7. Two points out of first in our division with two games in hand. I don't know if they can keep this pace, but I sure hope they can.
  8. I am all in for defending yourself. I may have been born in BC, but I lived most of my adult life in Texas. I consider myself to be more Texan than Canadian. And I have served as a pastor in many Texas congregations. There are people in my congregation that carry for their protection. And we have retired police officers in our church that guard the halls including a retired FBI firearms instructor. But one thing we will never do is call 911, hide under the pews, or throw Bibles at them, while waiting 10-20 minutes for the police to get there and assemble. Someone will call 911 immediately, and some others will drop the invader. Thank God we live in a state that allows us to protect ourselves and a legislature that learned from past shootings.
  9. You can purchase a legal US stream on a monthly subscription. NHL Gamecenter is the only legal stream. For twenty bucks a month, support your team.
  10. It is a time waster. Just have to have a perfect shot that goes to the back of the net, cause a scramble leading to a shot, or a deflection. The problem is the Sedins have retired and with the offensive punch we have we need to use our speed to our good. But I think Coach Green does not want us having to score 8 to win a game either.
  11. I have multiple in my home. Most are locked in the safe. But if you enter my house at 3am, I will shoot you. I do keep a pistol on the nightstand. Guns make my home safer. I am not waiting twenty minutes for the police to get here, and hope and pray my family is safe. And if you are stupid enough to put yourself in a spot where you risk getting shot, maybe you will think twice.
  12. Overnight blurbs... don't think Markstrom would take a one year.
  13. While I cordially will always say, "Go Canucks Go". Here is to saving this season. It starts tonight.
  14. Speed has always killed in this league, until the Sedins came. It is miscasting the team. I understand that the coach wants to tidy things up and have more control over things, especially since that Pittsburgh loss. This team can do more, in the right role.
  15. This team frustrates so much. It makes it hard to watch as a fan. I have been on-board for forty years and a slump like this is hard to take. If we had played .500 hockey over that time, we would be in a good spot But the separation is happening now. It is not like the 1980s when 65 points would get you in. And it is not like the late 2000s where we played the pitiful Edmonton, Calgary, Minnesota, and Colorados seven times a year and raked in most of the points. The division and the parity is not in our favor anymore. It is tough sledding, and an intervention is desperately needed.
  16. You may want to rephrase this. He comes with a cap hit but the other teams passed and/or won't trade assets for him. It is a dead contract. Same for Erickson.