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  1. That is not how American politics work. Enumeration places the responsibility on individual states and things like mandating a quarantine belongs to the governors. And being said, most people down here could careless about spineless Canadians. It is so frustrating to listen to them.
  2. It is the Canucks we are talking about. Even if it were a 99% chance of getting the first pick, the league would find some way to make sure we lose out.
  3. Texas is huge. One highway across the state is over 800 miles. And, if you start at the Oklahoma border and drove north to the Canadian border, it would be a shorter trip than driving to the Mexican border. We also have over 30-million people, and places like the Houston metro area where I live has over 6-million. But one reason why cases are up is that they are testing more people-- You can get a swab for free or an antibody test for $10. But the stat in the US is important. Just over 2.2-million people have been infected with 120,000 deaths. Many deaths are for those already immunocompromised or elderly. Finally, the hospitals down here are not overrun. While intensive care for COVID is a concern, Houston has the largest medical center in the world. The Texas Medical Center has over 100,000 employees and more than 60 institutions, and serve more than 160,000 patients daily. And then fhere are all the outlying hospitals that are in the suburbs. Capacity outside the ICU is not a concern.
  4. There has been a bone to pick from the earliest days of CDC. It is funny how people continue to spend their time typing up a question for CDC to answer when they could have googled it in less. Where do they think we get our information from?
  5. Already pay for Canucks games on Why would I want to pay more, or extra fees?
  6. Worked my two full-time jobs, Tuesday through Sunday. Only get one day off a week.
  7. Having a stadium outdoor game explains it. Having been there many times, there is no way the American Airlines Center has more than 18,000 seats. And I know they do not do standing room only tickets. Heck, the lowest attended games are when Vancouver comes to play--usually 10,000 to 12,000. You can get great seats for under $100.
  8. Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing for him. His NHL dreams kind of evaporated.
  9. So a guy who was on the backside of his career claims the Canucks were racist because they chose the Sedins over him. And that sense of entitlement is why the Canucks did not resign him. He was nothing without the Twins. He was upset because the Canucks chose two future Hall of Famers instead of him.
  10. If they want your bike, they will find a way to take it.
  11. Nothing burger... Canucks win their first Cup, and can't have fans in the building. Now that would be great and suck.
  12. Fifty years of disappointments leaves room for a lot of pessimism. Best case it all works out. Worst case, knock on wood, we have seen a lot of hockey.
  13. Will probably be hard for this league to survive. Have to fill the plethora of ESPN channels, regional sports networks, city sports channels, carrier sports channels, and so more. Here in the third largest US metro area we have over 35 channels dedicated to live sports not including specialty packages for MLB, NBA, NHL, and the NFL. It is weird living this far south and getting to watch some BCHL games overnight, so maybe there is a niche.
  14. I think we need to stop comparing him to the same player we last saw. He has worked on developing his skills and is a better player today, having played on the larger ice surfaces against speedy forwards. Better stick work, better positioning and better thinking the game. If you are giving up 80 pounds as a small forward and go in the corner with him, you may hesitate. Especially when you see video of Tryamkin separating forwards from the puck and shoving them to the ground. But how much is that worth? For how many years are you willing to pay? This is not baseball where Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve compete on the same level. Size will always outweigh mobility in the NHL, always has and always will and especially in the defence corps. Chara was able to succeed for many years because the smaller European contingency played afraid going up against him.