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  1. I am glad we freed Willie and moved on from Chaput and Megna.
  2. I have a lot of optimism with this team going into the future. I think Nikita will help this team. Glad he is coming back.
  3. That is quite busy and a little difficult to look at.
  4. Why should Canadians be worried about martial law? You are not American! Polite and obedient, whereas Americans are very rebellious.
  5. I can affirm this from my own experience. Skated in Austin, TX a couple of times in September, where it is still summer. Ice was so soft especially in the corners. Lucky not to break my foot cutting in the corners, or under the dasher. BTW, that is the way Jay Beagle's dad broke his foot.
  6. We don't like guacamole as much as winners do. Sorry, I have been up all night working on the floor of the treatment center. Hope my humour amuses someone.
  7. Relationships are so important: we want players who want to be here! Welcome to the team. Out depth jumped another level.
  8. Wonder what the ice condition would be on a 120-degree July day in Phoenix. That could be a little rough.
  9. The Sedin's style of play faired-well playing against the Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado and Minnesotas back in those days--28 games a year. Those teams were very weak on defence, and the constant cycle wore the other team down. But having good O-zone draws, and having Salo and Erhoff on the points helped keep the dominance as much as a deep second line. Often when it was 4-on-3 on overtime, the Sedins, Salo and Burr were lights out! It was almost always a goal or many deadly chances. So what am I saying? I think we took advantage by using our dominance and the cards dealt to us. On problem came when the greater teams had the willingness to allow the Sedins have the halfboards, especially on the power play. They would put some slight pressure but then collapse the box quickly, effectively zoning them out. Using our strength against us--tactfully smart.
  10. This season has been an eye opener. We have a lot of optimism. Our team is young, and this cadre of players will only get better.
  11. Glad to see we have a deep swimming pool. It takes a lot of water to make orcas happy.
  12. Our 50th anniversary has been the most interesting season in our lifetimes: - The emergence of Hughes; - The potential of having 6 guys reach 20 goals or more; - The team could reach the playoffs; - Markstrom playing lights out. - And the coronavirus shuts the season down indefinitely
  13. Make a super tournament. The team with the most wins/points gets a first round bye.
  14. This shall give Markstrom time to heal, and for the rest of the team time to gel and practice together, albeit at minimal, informally.