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  1. While we had success this season, and started to see our draftees take giant steps, what was the worst part of this past season?
  2. It was sad to hear, but Hughes is the better player.
  3. Off the practices I watched in person, Jannick and Burrows were the last two off the ice. They worked their butt off to have good careers. Excellent work ethic.
  4. To see Petey passing when he should have shot was a little frustrating. Great teammate but too cute at times.
  5. It is a very interesting chart. All but six teams have more than $20-million available. And out of those teams, how many of them would be willing to pay $6-million for a goalie? And after have tasted what this team can do! Like others, I see a short term deal when we will have money to pay more. This way we could shovel more money towards him as his age wains.
  6. A trade package could exist if the sweetener is right. Packaged these contracts with Demko would probably be the asking price. I don't think we make that deal.
  7. Depth was our issue, but it won't be our issue long term. There is some hope in our pipeline. What this playoff taught us is that we can play with and win against the big teams. However, size was an issue as much as Vegas's high pressure forecheck was. Push back lacked at times. There is a price that needs to be paid, and having someone who would have punished Vegas would have been nice. I think we were completely spent in the end. They laid it all on the table and tried. Value of a learning experience must not be underestimated. Think back to our 2011 playoffs. Playing Chicago in the previous years helped us discover who we were. We actualized in 2011. Too bad we were also exposed in 2011 and it affected our subsequent runs. But this year our kids got a taste of what could be, and this team should be better for it.
  8. A strategy for the expansion draft could be as follows: Sign Markstrom, but protect Demko. So the issue becomes whether Seattle would be willing to pay the price for Markstrom's contract.
  9. If things return to normal, the cap will significantly go up. There will be competitive bidding for the US broadcast rights.
  10. George became a patron saint for those that perpetuate police injustice. Turns out he had a fatal dose of fentanyl in his system, had used methamphetamine and marijuana recently, and had a 75% blockage in his arteries. What the newly released police cams demonstrated was that George was complaining about his inability to breathe while in the back of the police cruiser, despite fighting with the officers trying to secure him in the back seat. Now that some of the key missing facts have come out, these four officers will walk.
  11. Canucks are better than people give them credit. Our problem is that injuries hurt us. If we can stay healthy, we can play with the best of them. And as long as we win four games each round, we all will be happy.
  12. NBC has had a history of sexual harassment. Matt Lauer's exit meant any accusation or perception or comment is radioactive.
  13. Price of having veteran leadership. Fans have been frustrated ever since the first game of the new season when Eriksson shot the puck into our empty net. Matthew Tkachuk pressuring near,the season on the play.