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  1. I went with Hutton, but I think you have overvalued all the players. I am thinking Hutton + a 3rd for some Derek Dorsett like player
  2. I think WD is actually more honest, possibly not as smart, but Pete Jr is definitely more pleasing to the ladies eye. "Proud to be a Canadian, pass me another PM pin-up!"
  3. ya what a chick. I gotta manly space heater, Hudsons Bay blackie and a nice hot cup a Ovaltine Guy 5 bro!
  4. well there is always politics. how are you liking our new boss?
  5. i don't know, do they play the other 2?
  6. i have been wondering about that. Is there another coach who is harder on his Black Aces than Willie? I think he rotated Skille and Virt a few times before Virt got sent down and healthy scratched Baer once, and that is the extent of his use of "bench strength" all year. Is there a stat for coaches using (or not) their black aces?
  7. Stonk, all you do is call other posters BS. Why don't you learn to put forth an arguement without adding all this vitriole. Telling everyone their opinioin is BS does nothing to prove them wrong.
  8. because it makes us feel like we are snooping in a 9 year old girls bedroom. There was a pretty funny GDT last week, but this one seems to be trying too hard
  9. Sorry Stonk, I know the rose coloured glass' make it tough for you. Care to refute a single point with fact or even a well thought out opinion?
  10. in 2 words you have just nail the Canuck Shortfall Its not just Willie From the top down the Canucks lack creativity. Linden was not a creative player and he is not a creative President Bennning preaches Meat and Potatoes, pretty much the antithisis of creativity Jarvis and Lidster were solid if unspectacular defensive players (Jarvis can probably be credited with improved defensive structure this year) and Willie demands his system be learned, which consists of Dump + Chase and grinding it out along the wall and lacks all forms of creativity There was a time when the Sedins were creative, remember the year they introduced the slap-pass? Very innovative hard to defend for a few years, but recently they have failed to create new wrinkles and opposition D have figured all their moves out. Structure opposes creativity, but it will keep a less talented team in a game against a more talented team. The problem is, from the top down this team lacks a balance of Structure and Creativity
  11. Passing to a wide open Henrik with 7 seconds left? So he can stick handle til time runs out. darned if you do darned if you don't
  12. gotta admit I laughed pretty hard at that goal
  13. \bingo Regards .. er I mean well done G
  14. he played on 2 teams with Andy Spruce
  15. nope, nice try though