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  1. That may well be true, I have many issues with the league, so I am not here to paint the league blameless, but the Canucks made a few mistakes of their own. The Canucks were not at the forfront of this, they kind of jumped on the bandwagon after other teams had signed these contracts. It was not brilliant contract work by Gillis/Gilman, they were late to the party and got stuck with the bill. If they had won the cup no one would care, they didn't too bad, so sad
  2. I heard recently that Bill Daly warned teams they would be changing that rule that allowed those contracts. Edit: MLL has the quote above. The Canucks chose not to heed that warning. If the NHL ( or any governing body)sees a problem, making changes takes time, we often hear of laws that will come into effect in 6 months. My problem with these contracts was always the question, "What if the minimun salary exceeds $1 000 000 in 12 years?" Or 10, or 8 years? Because lawyers and coaches are hired to find ways around the new rules, the NHL will always be playing catch up,its the nature of the beast. Before they started happening, no-one could falthom a 12 year contract. They were a mechanism to circumvent the "new rules". The NHL knew they had a problem ( once they started occurring) but could not re-open the CBA. It was a risk teams made signing contracts that spanned multiple CBAs. No-one thought Luongo would finish that contract, and he didn't. That was cheating.
  3. Jersey GM says, "that is a great deal, lets throw in Schneider and Demko"
  4. no, I think it goes to Buffalo as part of winning the roulette wheel back at the draft in 1970 I'll give you a buck for one of those hats right now, better offer than you'll get come April
  5. one of those atrticles is 6 (six) years old, the othe sounds like due diligence. It smells as much now as it did when the contract was signed. It reeked of cap circumvention then as it does now. Where are all the fans that lauded Laurence Gilman for his amazing contract work now? 3.02 mil per x 3 years for Bobby Lu not to play but maybe make the occasional funny tweet is still better than Loui 6x2.75 (years left)
  6. swap Ericksson for any of the below.. including Fantenburg Roussel probably isn't 100% yet, but when he reaches 60% it should be enough to supplant Loui
  7. I feel the play should not have stopped because the player was not in immediate danger. I disagree that it should hinge on how the player was hurt, rather it should matter what level of care is needed. Calvert was up on his knees, not unconcious, choking, bleeding profusely, not in immediate danger. If he was not moving or convulsing the whistle should blow regardless of how he was hurt. That was not the case, so I have no issue with the play continuing. Re: McKinnon, the canucks would have said the same thing.
  8. oh alf, that is such a sad attempt to justify stupidity using your limited understanding of the language. Next you will tell us that gay means happy and a faggot is a bundle of sticks. Words meanings morf over time and fans are not neccesarily fanatical. If you are actually THAT fanatical about sports, you probably should not be aloud into the games, lest you think maining the opposing players or their fans is a good ( acceptable) idea. Its not. But that is what fanatics do. A more apropriate definition of "fan" is fanatic light, you see shortened word= less intensity, because there are many more fans that go to events to enjoy themselves, not wallow in the "hate" you feel is reasonable. Being hateful 82 times a year is a sign of sickness, its not funny and its not cute.
  9. the Pens currently have 11 Cs , 1 LW and 2 RW on thier roster
  10. I agree in general, however it is more difficult to schedule with 30-31 other team, and the arenas having other events scheduled before the nhl starts its scheduling process. I think more important than actual miles travelled is the compressed schedule. 3 games in 4 nights and 4 games in 6, fininshing with afternoon games in Jersey etc. are the real the problem. Funny that article on "Load management" last week. Is "Load Management" not neccesary becuase of the compressed schedule? I agree with CaptCanuck 16 about rules for trip construction, where teams have mandated breaks between games. That is more useful than the manditory week off , ( which followed the allstar break last season), not really helpful. I think teams should have a maximum number of 3 in 4s, like 2 or 3 per season and no 4 in 6s. I also feel the compressed schedule has been used as a mechanism to "create" parity, if I am paying big bucks to see an NHL game, I want all players reasonably fresh.
  11. here is a tidbit for you, of the 5 other teams in the top 3 in the west, 4 teams have Megna,Chaputie,Granma and Sbisa on their roster, while StL won the cup with Sbisa last year. Its not that they make the team that is the problem, its where they play on the roster they have a combined 0 goals... woot another useless tidbit from LMM
  12. then why did they just re-up the assistant coaches?
  13. MACeWEN HAS 102/90/75 pim SEASONS IN HIS PAST, Graovac had a career high 37 Mins last year. Grao might not be the player you think he is.