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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    why don't you check the date on that article? Its not only pre-Willie, its pre-Torts The Torts year was when the wear really started to show
  2. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    https://www.nhl.com/news/henrik-sedin-canucks-injuries/c-280283054 So I could retract the injury prone statement but it seems he was. Sure he didn't miss many games but he played injured, and he did not play well. There was a time when Hank was a legit Iron man, but not late in his career. He was a broken down player suiting up because the team was bad. I know many of you will cheer his tenacity but his effectiveness was lost due to age and injury, regardless of whether he did not miss games.
  3. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    this is so much smoke. If the Sedins were the best conditioned atheletes why were they also the slowest, injury prone and - players? Under Willie larger players were measured using the same stick as smaller players. Tryamkin and Sestito bring different elements than the Sedins, Running up the Grouse Grind was not their forte, they were treated poorly by Willie and Jim. I don't recall the Sedins sticking up for their teammates. What does it say about team culture when the coach cannot see the value of players differences?
  4. CFL Thread

    Back in my day... streakers were naked. Anyone have a clip of the two ladies streaing at a Canuck game about 1972? THAT was streaking!
  5. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    technically they did not they let his contract run out. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\firing him should have happened during year 2
  6. ICBC Situation.

    I like this thread. So much of what I read on CDC is speculation passed off as fact. " I guarantee player X will score 30 goals" or "I guarantee player Y will play on the first line" But it as all conjecture, hockey really happens once the puck is dropped. This thread is different On one hand we have BoHorvat telling his story of shaky "facts' and logic, assumptions and indignation. On the other hand we have the cold hard truth that ICBC has rules not to be trifled with. If you try to skirt them and get caught, you will pay and pay dearly. It is an intersting juxtaposition.
  7. ICBC Situation.

    I gave you a beer. I hope you don't drink it then drive.
  8. ICBC Situation.

    Bo Horvat says," then i had to buy a plane ticket to Calgary, $400 and pay first and last months rent on an apartment $2300, and live in Alberta for 6 weeks while I waited for my license to arrive, break my 1 year lease $2000, then fly back to BC with my new license $400..."
  9. ICBC Situation.

    because one of the first questions thay ask is, "Are you prohibited from driving anywhere in Canada?"
  10. ICBC Situation.

  11. remember the good old days when (2011-12) Van feasted on teams play their 3rd in four nights. I went to a couple of those games and they were really boring as good teams can still compete but they play rope-a-dope. I have felt for a long time that the NHL uses the schedule to create parity.
  12. Car Mod Thread

    hey I just found a picture of Deb in her younger days!
  13. Car Mod Thread

    a cautionary tale... read the Bo horvat thread on ICBC
  14. ICBC Situation.

    you should change your user name before the real Bo Horvat sues you for defamation. If the Toronto media gets hold of this....