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  1. Do'h I was going for the tri-fecta
  2. lars molin
  3. Jim Mair
  4. Brian Bradley?
  5. Riff that does not answer my question. When you call me Dude it shows your frustration and contempt just as LOLing the previous poster did. I guessed you were a season ticket holder but you have stated you buy Center Ice instead, which is the next best thing in my opinion. You are drinking from the loving cup. It is not hard to understand that you side with the league. Or that the league prefers consumers like you over non-consumers like me. You say my theory has no proof, which is the deffinition of a theory, I will not be launching an investigation to prove my theory. Yet you state as fact "the goal is to expand the league and justify southern teams in the market". What proof do you have for this fact? Perhaps you could go back to my previous question and answer with facts how many times the quick whistles aided Pittsburg. And why does the league not fix this problem? I believe my post, that you called "Complete $&!#", answers why I think the NHL favoured Pittsburg. How does a league that has stated they wish to increase scoring continue to allow the quick whistle that kills goals. Yes the refs gave the Preds (a scoring challenged team) a chance to score 5-3 but that does not change the fact they killed a goal earlier. They also killed a quatlity scoring chance in the Ottawa series with a quick whistle when Kessel got hit with a puck flipped by his own player. (Kessel btw did not lose blood nor consciousness and did not miss a shift).
  6. who many quick whistles did Pittsburg benefit from in these playoff? I recall 2 in one game vs Ottawa Is the quick whistle not the proof that the ref doesn't have the stones to do his job?
  7. and so it is not surprizing that you would comment leading with, LOL but give no substance. I admit it is hard to justify my time in front of tv or computer feeling the way I do. But conspiracy theories are actually easier to justify than it is to justify any sports league as honest. sports leagues are in it for money> people who persue money bend rules in their favor> leagues are corrupt> its okay because sports leagues are in it for money
  8. it would be hard to justify paying for a league you feel is corrupt, no?
  9. The NHL is trying not to "come out" as the WWE was forced to some years back. They are walking the fine line where they still pretend to be a legitimate sports league. So they "influence" rather than "pre-determine" out comes. Remember the "penalty free" game between Boston / Tbay in 2011 which they used for "press"? They like their "story lines" similar to the WWE. They used the "penalty free game" line and the press ate it up. "The Big Bad Bruins played a penalty free game" wow! Recently the radio had a piece about how the NBA has "stars" winning while the NHL does not, so it is time for Sid to shine and the NHL needed a repeat because too much parity is causing "Non-star" teams to win. The NHL can now milk the "History will be made" buy-line some more as the Sid/Geno Penguins have now entered "historical status". The other thing to remember is that the players are not in on the rig, that is why no former players have blown the whistle. All players believe they have done on their own through "grit or skill or team play". The NHL is cunning and it is smart. That is why these stories never make it into the media. They would rather produce a Sid/Geno are heroic story than a Wes McAully blew the whistle seconds before a (Ottawa/Nashville) goal was called story. Game management has become a minor story, "Media management" has not.
  10. I think you are maybe looking to get too much . Purcell got a 3rd in 16 Vanek a 3rd in 17 Winnik a couple of 2nds in 15 and 16 You are correct we are not going to be signing guys and trading them for high firsts, and realistically we won't make more than 2 deals per year anyway. But a couple of extra 3rds would help out rather than signing Loui for 6x6 or adding picks ala Beartschi, Kassian, Sutter, Dorsett, Vey. what is needed is to turn this ship around from bleding picks to adding picks. There is no magic bullet, just a slow reversal of trend.
  11. looking at last year Purcell, Pirri, Colborne, Vanek, Polak, Skille, Mathias, Parenteau, Versteeg (didn't he get signed after the seaason started?) are some players that come to mind. I don't think any of them got more than 2 years.
  12. Does anyone know if/when in his entire career Marky actually played an important game ?
  13. that is not actually a vote of confidence
  14. I seriously tihink its time the NHL come out as a "Sports Entertainment league"