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  1. Lapointe- Hughes Robinson - Edler Savard - Benn... OK this is hard Dryden - nVM Gainey -Sutter hahahahaha Jarvis - Beagle hey is Jarvis still on our staff? Jarvis-Jarvis Scotty Bowman's left pinkie toe - Baumer
  2. ba humbug the era is not that much different Petey and Kane are/were the most dymnamic players of their day- comparable Crawford was in his prime - Markstrom is entering his prime and could easily be a top goalie forthe next 5-7 years - age is a poor reason to deny comparability cap't serious-cap't serious 2.0 Keith and Hughes top 5 D-man of their day- comparable Miller came close to a cup with previous team and Hoss came close with 2 previous teams... I'd say theOP was closer than you give they credit for ps who pooped in your cornflakes
  3. that is always the trade off, wait and pay more or don't wait and gamble that the player will pan out. its 5.5 months til FA day, Markies agent no doubt knows the score the only power Jim has is to pay large to beat the crowd, anything less and its up to Markstrom to decide if he want s to stay enough to take the deal or wait 5.5 months
  4. I like that last statement in the sportsnet interview
  5. oh come now after hours is hosted by Ron McLean 2.0 "So tell me Quinn, your mothers great aunt Martha suffered from depression, tell us how that has affected your family?"
  6. I don't know how you justify this statement since Loui joined BO and Pearson 12 games ago, Bo has 14 points while Pearson has 13 pts. they each have 1 Power Play point,(not playing with Loui) they have picked up a few empty net points but Loui was involved with those Still 2/3 of that line are scoring at +1ppg over the last 12 games, while Loui has .5 ppg edit, see Jimmy's post^ with 6 empty net goals they are scoring at +.5ppg 5v5 I think this is what is called a 200 foot game
  7. and Brovat if its a boy Borvat Bull Horvat has a nice ring to it
  8. is that famed biker turned rock star turned Leafs broadcaster Jim Hughison in front?
  9. He looks like he's got 6"s of manbun hunder dat toque that makes him 6'4" maybe he wants the Canucks to support the Winnipeg bag lunch program or maybe he owns shares in a billboard company
  10. you are correct and you got 2 wonkie faces, so I gave you another alien to balance things out
  11. the finals against Boston was the beginning of the end. followed by 2 first round exits AV firing signing the sedins for way too long + many NMC NTC contracts Torts was brought in to shake up the "Country Club ' atmosphere He did that and went a little overboard Sestito was right though, the Torts firing followed by Wonki'es hiring killed Sestito's time in vancouver
  12. his first NHL coaching gig was with Newell Brown under Head Coach Dave King by his third year he took over as head and still had Newell as an assistant fwiw