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  1. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    well that was fun while it lasted
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

    ralph backstrom
  3. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    Did it really though? There is a lot of talk on here about the great contracts Gilman signed and yet we still can't get out from under the Sedin payback contracts. The Canucks signed a lot of bad contracts whether by Benning or Gillis/Gilman and we never did win the cup and only had about a 3year window of opportunity. After 2012 it has been all down hill and payoffs not playoffs. That is a long time ago to still be paying good guy money. I'd rather pay Jake fairly and trade him, or another blooming prospect, high if need be.
  4. better resign Danny to a 10 year extension
  5. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Seeing as he just came from Buffalo, maybe he looks at that roster and says "It looks more promising than the Canucks" and resigns there.
  6. Still not sure about the coach

    Not sure if you are just trolling me or are serious. Lets just suppose you are seriious. What you are suggesting is no different than what the Oilers have done. Ruin their good young prospects while waiting to add new ones. What happened to the concept of chemistry? Looking for great things from that Liepsic- Bo- Motte line in years to come I guess Jake will be pretty sad when Dowd and Boucher both get cut next year. And who won't miss the Sedins? They have lined up with everybody except the goalies and Brenden Gaunce Funny that htey are the most injury prone team and yet players like Sestito and Tryamkin can't make the team because they are too out of shape. I guess teh Grouse Grind is a Great indicator of who will finish the season.
  7. Still not sure about the coach

    I agree with tyour first 3 points. It has always amazed me at all Canuck coaches reluctance to splitting the Sedins when Henrik won the Art Ross trophy, set a club record for points, set personal bests in goals. assists and shots during the season the Daniel missed 19 games early in the season. I think without Burkie and the Canucks, Hank and Dank could wel have had Sumdstrom/ Ferrero careers. But I also tihnk that with better coaching they could have done more than what they have. Coaches allowing the Sdeins to always play together is as much as any other reason that they have become stale, and taken the team with them. I agree with you that Green is experimenting, however, I disagree with his methods. With 10 games left if he wants to give players like Virtanen 3 games with Bo, 3 with Sutte, ect, I think he might get a feel for wether Jake is a scorer or a defensive forward. But changing linemates twice per pereiod is not helpful for any players developement. about players developing chemistry. Green is not building that in any way. What is Jake proving/learning playing the last 3 games with Dowd and Boucher? I am fine with Jussi and Gagner spending time with the Sedins however, because the Sedins are not teaching the young guys useful skills. I think we need too stop critisizing the players and lay the blame where it belongs, on coaches and management. Look at the avetar on Huttons Wink compared to the picture currently used on CDC. Hutton was a player that came in here with some verve, His hair was long and he winked at his team mates, or maybe that was you he winked at. He had confidence. That is all gone now. Click on his stats, there is a pic of a very confused player. (i am not even sure why they would pick that pic?) Its not just Hutton, its Jake, Pouliot, Goldy, (scored in his first game) Tryamkin (wouldn't you get home sick if your spouce came home hating his/her coach ) even Motte and Liepsic looked better their first couple of games. In my world the poops run back uphill to the top, not the direction of gravity. If the players are not progressing its on the coaches. If your veteran leadership doesn't lead its on the coach and then manager. If the coaches can keep their jobs for 3 years its on the manager. If the manager can't find a quality coach its on the President. If the President keeps his job while all below him fail, its on the owner. If the owner doesn't do his job, its up to the fans just like in Ottawa.
  8. Ben Hutton: Do We Really Need Him?

    Our defense is horrible Who are the coaches? Our defense is horrible Who is his D-partner? Our defense is horrible Are his D-partners progressing? Our defense is horrible Who are the coaches? Our defense is horrible is Stetcher next years Ben Hutton?
  9. [PGT] San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I see you are frustrated but I am not understanding the Guber Hate. That and Meier was drafted before Brock and Virt was drafted before Goldobin so it looks l;ike Jim made out better in both those drafts head to head with San Jose. But be clear the management group has made mistakes, I am just not sure you can blame the player. The Canucks have had the worst coaching over the last 4 years while the coaches Jim fired have won 2 cups and a division title. We really don't hear enough about the coaches Jim and Trevor fired. That was mistake number one. Look at Vegas' roster and tell me that Wonkie Willie or Travis Green would have that team in first place. Remember when Jake and Jarod "Had nothing left to prove in Junior and needed NHL coaching for their careers to progress"? and what happened to the Ben Hutton we all liked 3 years ago? The player now wearing #27 seems nothing like the one we thought we had back then. And Tryamkin? One season was enough for him to see the darkness at the end of the tunnel
  10. let me rephrase that. If they tank they are the ones to lose their job. poor wording on my part.
  11. where did you get that deffinition? Of course players don't tank, it is their job to lose. Coaches don't tank either, except Eddie J oops Lou Angotti. and he lost his job too.
  12. I like your Straight Up system. I posted a similar one about a year ago in a similar thread. I do not like the lottery. Period. I kind of like the caviat that no team can draft in the same spot in the top 5 twice in 5 years. So if you draft 1st you cannot draft 1st again until year 6. if you draft 2 you cannot draft 2rd. You can only move down, not up. Or you cannot draft top five more than 3 times. Either way after a few years there will be a list of teams drafting 6 and up leaving the top spots open for teams that have not tanked but also giving the bad teams several top picks before they are shunted down the draft order.
  13. NDP Score Own Goal in FIFA Bid Debacle

    Do we even have a team, or will we have to build a proper soccer team?
  14. NDP Score Own Goal in FIFA Bid Debacle

    That is a pretty harsh analysis. Did you write the contracts? Have you read them? This smacks of another case of Canadian Inferiority complex. We were all appearrenlty born with a complex so dire that we must jump on any big ticket to prove our worth to the world. That is why we, as a nation, glow with pride every time a Canadian wins a medal or a batting championship or an Oscar or Grammy. And Hevans to Betsy did we shine when the world said our Prime Minister was sexy! I feel like quoting Sally Fields at the Oscars, "You like me, you really like me". It is not good enough that we elect a government that takes a prudent path, that the tourism minister should be a good person. No, they must all be rock stars, and they must sell Canada and B.C. and Vancouver and the very waters of every stream, because this is Canada and we must be acknowledged lest our tender ego be bruised.