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  1. You know I see a lot of "Flaky Stuff" on this board. It comes from both sides of many arguments. And for the third time, I am not taking sides in this argument. And maybe the previous poster is projecting their own issues on the Petey situation, you can call that flaky if you want. Maybe the poster is having their own issues, maybe they just took a psychology course.I've seen that before. its not for me to say or you to laugh. Maybe you use the laugh emoji when you want to use the "hand over eyes, sigh" emoji. What ever. However I do not find that any flakier than Kilgore announcing Petey's Loyalty to Vancouver based on a picture from his 7th birthday. Does that not rub you as flaky? Or Deb saying I saw them at camp and Petey ignored Dahlen, ergo, no bearing on this season. You good with that reasoning? or flaky? Or you stating that his standing as a pro puts him above his mind getting in the way of his success. Equally flaky imo Three examples of Non-sequitur arguements that are prevelant and IMO flaky. These arguement are no better than saying, "I saw Petey riding on a unicycle while juggling, He want to be a clown in the circus, not a hockey player." Flaky? I'd say so. I'm done, you may have the last word.
  2. did you even read my post , Deb? I said I was not taking sides. what I am "basing on" is Jimmy McGill using the laugh emoji while Cory40 is alluding to that very serious subject that you find too offensive to discuss. you know the one I mean. I still don't make jokes about it and find the laugh emoji in poor taste. But that taboo subject is what Cory40 was talking about You can call it loneliness or misgivings or distracted, you can sugar coat it all you want... and Jimmy responds with this which is kind of funny because Petey is 1 year older than "high school" age Some guys need time to mature, but not Petey, because he is a professional who wore a Vancouver T-shirt at age 7.
  3. ssure Deb and meanwhile Kilgore is using a picture from Petey's 7th birthday as PROOF petey is a Canuck LOYALIST So I counter with the alien death stare YOU ALL REMEMBER THAT Kesler offered to have his pinky cut off to play for the Canucks, I guess he is a Canuck Loyalist too
  4. why are you laughing? and you are misrepresenting what cory40 said, Petey was doing fine while his friend struggled in the AHL, it is after the trade that he dropped off. I am not siding either way in this because I do not know any of the people involved, however, there are plenty of people on this board that think we should trade for Emil Pettersson, maybe Petey would rather play with Dahlen. Maybe for one sweet summer Petey and Dahlen had dreams of lifting a cup together, and then it was gone. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards come to mind. People on here don't want to lose Goldy for fear Tryamkin never comes back. As Cory mentioned, Bure/Odjick It is probable what happened to Petey was simply physical because of the long season, but the Dahlen thing is also possible. It is not out of the question. what is so funny?
  5. you have a great user name for this discussion!! ha ha and I agree its over the top, but then you look at the one poster vehemently defending this issue and you (I) don't want to side with them. However if you look into American race relations, you will find that white land owners fueled racism to divide and conquer the poor. Very little has changed. To this day in Nova Scotia, blacks are pulled over at 10 times the rate of white. You might say, "Nobody gives it much thought", and you would be right, but the practice is still wrong.
  6. I never liked that band and they sure look like racists in this video. but they were doing some forshaddowing
  7. no, Peaches you are just incorrect on several levels. First off, I am commenting, not making a mountain. Second, I believe a mountain has been made, just not by me. Third, Darkies is a racist term. Try throwing into some conversations, possibly with you boss, and see how it plays out. Fourth, context, if sung by a white person, the song says, "... were born to do our menial labor" (translated). that would be the crux of the problem, more than the term "Darkies" Fourth B if sung by a black person, it could be construed as a lament to their lot. It actually sound like a work song, so I wonder if Ray Henderson stole it. but I di-gress Fifth, It was written by a white man. anyway, try that convo with your boss and let me know how that goes.
  8. you can disagree al you want, but you are just refusing to accept that racist language is real. The examples you are using are less racist than the terms she was using, but if you add "Those white people should be allowed to own black slaves" you are getting closer to the song she sang. Still happy? From my understanding Pickininny is closer to "little black rascal" But it still depends mostly on context. I do not believe, (from the limitted bit I have seen) that Kate meant harm. Does anyone have a quote from Kate, that I have missed, where she derrides black people?
  9. pickininny is/was a racist term, as is Darkies. they problem does not lie with God Bless America, though maybe it should
  10. I don't think that is the issue. the reality is that she was part of the team back then, the Flyers had an almost perfect win % when she sang, ergo, she was seen as a benefit to the team. And this happened 40 years after her appearent mis-judgement/racism. which happened in her early 20s. Do we also need to erase all songs from Ray Henderson, (the writer of said songs) including Bye Bye Balckbird and 5'2 Eyes of Blue? As a 24 year old songbird, I doubt Kate had much say in what she sang. Maybe she did. I have watched the offending video, and she seems to genuinely care about black orphins, even if her language is inappropriate now. In one clip she is singing them a bedtime song. She also had a comic book called Mammy Doll, I have not yet read a copy, so with hold judgement on that. It would be different if she was suggesting they should be sent to the gas chamber or sent back to THEIR country. she seems to be speaking from a place of caring towards the black orphins. If the NHL wants to speak out against racism, why not start by not visiting the racist president.
  11. Ron Reagan's last movie was in 1964, Gov of Cali in 67 pretty quick turn around actually but granted, he at least apprenticed as Gov before running for the top job experience means nothing now, partly because many of us believe experience corrupts
  12. that may be true, but it does not change the fact the electorate is a sucker for a smooth talking pitchman
  13. Kate Smith was the singer who sang "God Bless America" instead of the national anthem when the Flyers won their cups in the 70s Google her offending songs... pretty simplistic if you ask me This rates up, or down, there with saying Binnington should not win a trophy because he made a semi racist comment when he was 18 yo.
  14. and Reagan, this is really nothing new
  15. well lets face it, if Nonis could have put Luongo and Neidermeyer on the same team, we would have won Cups and he would likely still be Prez