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  1. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    you think the game has changed, that's cool you know what? Pat Quinn thought the game had changed when he traded future Selke winner Mike Peca for Alex Mogilny. The game morphs and it ebbs and flows In a year when Tom Wilson won the cup and Reeves and Carrier went to the finals, and Winnipeg and the team of giants made the top 4, the Canucks come out of camp with Tyler Motte as the biggest surprize. You are welcome to not share my view point, but I have seen all this before.
  2. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    Here is what I see, the Canucks need a guy that WANTS to fight for his teammates. Schaller does not appear to be that guy, which is fine, I wouldn't want that job either. But there are players that do. Momesso did while Sandlak didn't and they were the same size and linemates. Gino, Brasheer, T. Hunter and Williams would, whereas Jake, Kassian, Gaunce don't. Jake has found his scoring touch that Schaller seems to have lost and Gaunce appears to have run out of chances. Gudbranson is like the reluctant enforcer. Schaller was injured when signed, so it (again) becomes a question of management. There was talk in the Summer about the 3 signings "changing the culture". I don't see it. Beagle comes in with his face off and PK ability and makes life easier for Bo and Sutter. Roussell comes in a bit like Burrows and a bit like Dorsett, a needler and a guy that will fight his own battles and Schaller makes the PK better and helps with overall defense, but I don't see the culture being any different than when the Sedins were here. We are still a team with a "punch me" sign on our backs waiting for the league to protect us. If Schaller doesn't score 10 goals and doesn't stick up for his teammates I don't see him as an upgrade over Gaunce, and certainly not a "culture changer".
  3. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    It was kind of back and forth with neither really ready to drop. But given the time and score that is not really a problem. We don't need a fighter in that instance, and that is why I was never impressed with Derek Dorset, that is a situation where he would have gotten in a fight that would do the Canucks no good and possibly light a fire under the Bruins.
  4. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    what I am getting at is 53 games in Buffalo and Vancouver, 2 goals + 4 penalty mins 141 games in Boston, 19 goals, 65 penalty minutes Maybe Schaller only scores and fights in Boston I was not suggesting he was embarassed to be a Bruin, more the opposite, embarrased to not play Bruin hockey while there. we will see if he ever sticks up for his team mates in Vancouver, or if he is content to play sound defensive hockey and keep his nose clean
  5. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    https://www.nhl.com/canucks/video/east-coast-trip-all-access/c-62827703 6:25 Schaller bumps with John Moore, Moore gives Schaller a little cross check, Schaller responds with, " Easy buddy, you don't push me." Moores says, "why? you won't do anything" Kind of makes you wonder why the Bruins didn't re-sign him and why he moved all the way across the continent to sign here. He might have been embarassed to play like that in Boston. Tony Tanti scored.
  6. Time to put Gub'ner in front the net instead of 0 goals Gaudette
  7. Well that is staring to sound like "too many cooks". Marky has played the most successive games of his career, probably in the shortest span, (not sure but I'd guess), played the night before, lost the night before, didn't practice between games, Nilsson was running hot, not Marky. Bachman hasn't played in over 2 weeks, he is not going to be "running hot". About the only answers are Bachman sucked in his last practice (which shouldn't matter in a back2back, starter tired situation) or Green has no faith in Bach.
  8. that Murphy explanation should be brassed and mounted beside the statue of Roger maybe just put a speaker inside the Roger statue activated by a "distinct kicking motion" sensor, of course
  9. I think if yo look through this thread, Dr Crossbar is the one poster making comments that you are taking exception to. BUt the good Dr has repeated theyself many times
  10. Butbut but it was our league hero!!!!!!! people really need to mock this bush league
  11. I agree except I would have played Gaunce in place of Liepsic... and without Leiper we'd have had 0 goals But seriously, when you are the busiest team in the league, you need to use your bench. Gaunce could sub in for Gaudtte, Leipsic, Goldy Motte, Archieven Petey because he looks tired Biega could sub for Pouliot, Stecher or DelZ and Bachman could play a game for Markstrom because he too looks tired and every player that comes out would come back better
  12. how about that Guentzel goal in NJ tonight? hahahaha the NHL is a laughing stock
  13. they phone toronto toronto deems that not a kick people around the league really need to start mocking the league but by tomorrow it will all be forgotten Kind of funny they had Keith Oberman on, who was so willing to take on Tom Sestito a few yaars back, I'd like to hear him chime in on the refs/ TO on that call, but at the end of the day his team won, so all is right with the world
  14. at the end of the season it will all be equal. At some point the boys will play at home against teams that are playing more often than they are