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  1. Brad Gassoff ?
  2. losing shizzle, like that jar of pickles at the market yesterday and my phone today. both my fault, both left right where I put them and walked away
  3. I think that was the first year I watched hockey on TV
  4. we can hope, but I kind of see Gaunce as Mathias 2.0
  5. really? I see Gaunce as exactly the same player. Passes on hits while thinking he will be a scorer. The Canucks have been working on getting Gaunce to be a banger since moving him to the wing 2 years ago. So far, I do not see that in his game
  6. Hull probably negated a 5 goal game by Sakic, like that time Matt Cooke ( I think it was him) got in a fight with Jerome Iginla Awesome story all the same.
  7. I was going to say something similar. Look how well the limited NTC worked with Vrbata The only viable trade destination a 36 YO Erikson has with a $6 hit and a $4 salery is a cap strapped non-playoff team. Pretty sure it won't be on his list.
  8. How do you define a Solid middle 6 player? A 3rd liner who can sometimes fill in on the 2nd but not really help the team there? Mason Raymond? If you compare the stats, Mayson Raymond and Chris Higgins are almost identical, 1 point every 2.14 games career, 20 or 21 points in 62 or 63 playoff games - 7 or 8 in playoffs, 8 points in the 2011 playoff run. The similarities are uncanny and yet most Canuck fans couldn't wait for Raymond to be shipped out of town so that Chris Higgins could take his spot. In fairness to Chris Higgins he was a solid 3rd line player on any team, but over matched as a 2nd. he had a good run in 2011 but followed it up by being shut out in the 12 and 13 playoffs. He was also moved 4 times in 2 years before landing in Vancouver. Through out his career he belonged one line higher than Brandon Prust on the depth chart. They are both washed up.
  9. Big Cesare I talked to him while watching Gump play a preseason gamein Victoria
  10. last pto Owen Nolan or the guy with the plate in his face. last to make the club, Slegr his second time through?
  11. Hey Alfst I plussed you for the bolded part, then negs your next post. I like Dorsett's heart, but his skill and hockey sense leaves me cold
  12. I think your judgement of who has played in the NHL and who has not is a little skewed. You have Schreoder, Connaughton, Gaunce and Corrado bolded as NHLer while 3 of 4 have been waived while Gaunce has 1 point in 20 career games, Yet Jeff Petry played 51 games for the habs last year is not. Bolded Tryaimkin but not Pedan and both played 13 games last year. 3 Canucks from 2014 really bumps up the numbers, yet none are a lock for 2016.
  13. Supporting cast is absolutely important. For 2 very different teams that both won cups, look at Detroit and Carolina. Detroit had "supporting players" like Luke Robitaille, Brett Hull, Brendan Shanahan, Mathieu Schnieder Brian Rafalski . Meanwhile Carolina went the "trade deadline" route, adding Doug Weight and Mark Recchi for last minute support