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  1. so, you think he looks in shape and ready to play in his new clip? I posted the old pic because I think he looks doughy in the new vid, possibly not AS doughy, but not is shape you can agree or disagree and time will tell
  2. lmm

    Judd Brackett

    You and Silent Sam are talking in circles. How does being a better GM than the "Ususal Media Idiot" improve JB's case?
  3. Jake Boy, we try to like you, we try support you we wait for that emotional growth spurt maturity, I think its called and we wait, and wait we heard a rumor that the league will re-start will you be ready? looks like aa touch of Pink Eye going on there you might want to get that fixed before you come back to camp. I know its not a full body shot, but this vid reminds me of this pic on the left Are you ready big guy?
  4. lmm

    Judd Brackett

    me tongue in cheek? I one post you call them "personalities talking $7-7.5" and 4 posts later you call them "crappy sports journalists" was one or both of those statements tongue in cheek maybe I should look to crappy sports personalities for a little consistancy
  5. lmm

    Judd Brackett

    what? Someone had Myers over $6 mil?
  6. oops I thought I clicked on the Jack Rathbone htread
  7. RWMc1 I followed you right down that rabbit hole
  8. think that is the singers mom with the camera?
  9. to me, its not whether they can do this fairly for the teams and players, its whether it is right. With 1/2 the world and 4/5 of the United States clamouring to get back to "The OLD Normal" Is the NHL helping the defeat of Corvid 19 by opening, or is it helping to prolong the pandemic? I chose to quote this because NY was hit hard, and now they are the first to allow sports teams to practice. Have they come out the other side of the 'curve'? Or are they just ingoring it because they want to get back to the "OLD normal'? There are countries with no reported cases, of course they don't test, or report. Does this help? Other than satifying their own greed and a few fans desire for distraction. does the resumtion of sport make a the corona situation better or worse?
  10. well, either you believe or you don't believe. If you don't believe, why social distance?
  11. your sig is awesome that kid... he is a social distance HERO!!!
  12. Does Sask. not have a Need Crisis line? That is a sad story, and I do not want to make excuses for the hospital, but burnout is also a factor That seem like a failure at triage