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  1. I agree much like "Veteran leadership" we don't hear about veteran leadership much any more now that we have Miller, Toffoli, Pearson, Sutter,Ferland, Roussell, Ericcksson, Beagle etc But not all of those guys were providing much leadership I am sure there was some value to Bo, Petey, Boeser and Hughes maybe markstrom, (who needs to win us the next game even if he has to steal it) , but maybe those kids are learning more from Minnisota than their own vets. we'll know more after tonight, and so will our youth
  2. I was with you til the last line. If we are replacing refs with robots, why not the players too? But I digress, the officiating is terrible. I still think the better team won last night
  3. I'll go along with that, even though I do not see the stick in between his legs. That said, I didn't like the second call on Pearson either. I hear the lacky announcer say "you can see Pearson chop Stalock" but I never saw that either. Another call like that and I might start to think Stalock went to the "Mike Smith summer camp for goalie flailing" Good he satyed down so long, makes a better sell.
  4. I don't care about "this year at some point" there were lots of passengers last night, I want to hear from Bo, Miller, Pearson, Toffoli between last game and next game
  5. what do you see happening there? by the time Boeser falls they are not engaged, so I cannot tell if it is a stick or knee or he falls on his own also the tape kind of glitches about when they make contact, so I'd like a better view before calling that anything
  6. no, me either, that is why I wanted a time line its not worth it to me to watch the whole thing again either I don't recall anything that didn't qualify as playoff hockey the misconduct on Rooster was unneccesary, IMO, but did not change the outcome
  7. I'll have to do some research to find those any idea when? I think I remember the Petey one, but not the Brock one
  8. more important, do we know anyone who can hack into the Edmonton sound system and taunt Crooked Kelly through the PA? That would be awesome
  9. there is also a big difference between getting jobbed by bad reffing and not playing hard enough to warrent penalties. I cannot think of one penalty that should have been called that made a difference in yesterdays game maybe show or describe one you think the refs missed That game was Petey and Brock driving a bus load of passenger
  10. Pearson, Bo, Miller, Toffoli all should have taken a turn "on pine" during the game. This is where being in control of your bench wins games for good coaches. Bench those guys for 2 shifts each in the first 2 periods, remember all that "depth" fans keep talking about, that is 1-2 more shifts for the bottom 6 guys to wake those coasters up switching Virtanen for Ericksson does nothing when four of your top six forget to show up. penalties by your two, $6 Mil D-men in the first period didn't help either, but he does not have the horses to bench those 2 on a separatenote, who jumped on as the 7th attacker? He should have been first to ride pine, although I think Green could have held him back. I htink he jumped from right in front of Greenie