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  1. Michael Del Zotto | #4 | D

    Hits are probably the most unreliable stat for discerning toughness. Probably worse than +/- as a useful stat. At least +/- isn't subject to the whims of each buildings stats guy. Using TSN stats, top ten include Del Z, Lucic. Reeves, T. Wilson and Zadorov. Who would you most rather line up against in a tough 7 game series? I'm guessing 99% of the world would pick Del Z. Numbers 41-50 goes from C. Miller > J Virtanen, I'm thinking Virtanen inflicts more pain with his 156 hits than does Miller with 165. Just a hunch. Further down the list from 341-350 (mid league) is T. Myers, S. Weber, M Hanzel and M. Grabner. Grabner had the most hits but Canuck fans know all too well what M. Hanzel can do in one shift. Hey Brock Boesser out hit Connor McD by one hit. That hit cost Brock 1/3 of the season. Watching Jake hit is awesome and will likely be better next year. If he adds 100 hits he'd rank 2nd in the league. Meanwhile Biega/Motte/Archi barely combined to play 1 full season in a Canuck jersey. There are glass hitters and freight train hitters. Not all hits are created equal and not all hits are counted equally.
  2. Name That Canuck!

    emerson e
  3. Name That Canuck!

    roland Ericksson
  4. I only 1/2 agree with you but gave you a trophy cause of the sheer poetry of that post!!
  5. Can Benning nail the pick?

    I bet he got a girlfriend, grew a moustache and got a job and his own place. Not necessarilly in that order
  6. Name That Canuck!

    prab rai
  7. I think if we are comparing Boston to Pittsburg the diference is Boston trades away talent while Pittsburg trades for talent. The Bruins have traded (still playing) J Thornton, Kessel, Seguin, Lucic, Hamilton and they have rebuilt, "on the fly, as it were", in doing so. The Pens have traded for Kessel, Hossa, Brassard, Reaves, Perron, Iginla all for 1sts. Imagine if the Canucks got one of these guys for Howden Both systems seem to work provided you get goods in return. The Pens system seems like what Gillis tried to do, but Gillis did not get good returns. Eventually Sid and Geno will grow old and the Pens will look like the Canucks but in the mean time they keep winning cups. Can't really argue with that.
  8. They don't really anounce #1 it just becomes obvious once #2 is called. no, you are right, Jim would be the last to know
  9. It seem to me you have painted yourself in a corner here. There are no "Generational talents" coming before 2020. If there was we would know who they are by now as they would have played 1 or 2 years of junior. Gretzsky and Lemieux scored 180 points at 17 , McDavid had 99, is there a player you are thinking of who has already done similar? Because at this point you are looking at a player 6 years younger than Bo. You are suggesting saying "Bo, you might be our next Captain, unless some kid 6 years younger than you, who we have not identified yet comes along, then we won't give you the C." Somehow you think that is a classy way to treat your probable future Captain? That is like asking a girl to the dance but adding you might drop her if someone cuter comes along. I get what you are trying to say, but it is acting in a way that is contrary to the "character' the Canucks are asking of their players.
  10. I got to give young Tas credit here. His / Her basic premis is flawed, they have moved the goalposts,invoked the "not withstanding clause", answered apples with oranges and even used the dictionary, but with all that said 18 hours after starting this disaster Tas is still swinnging. Lets have a round of applause for Tas for not backing down even under mounting seasoned and rational response to their unwavering but questionable logic.
  11. \But but but what if we draft a generational talent in 2020????????????
  12. I am waiting for Tas to start talking about "Generational 3rd liners" next