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  1. you guys know he is not Calgary property right? He finished the year in Ottawa
  2. Lets not forget that the 11-12 window was open to other teams because Sid was injured with a concussion. Had that not been the case he might have just won his 5th cup this year.
  3. Matt Pettinger
  4. You should have told that to Benning Is Doing a Great Job 3 years ago.
  5. every year we see these posts remember when it was (using your format) Grabner Rodin (yes that rodin) Connauton Rahimi Hodgson Schroeder White Rai Clarke Bourdon Sauve Ellington Raymond xxx Look at the at that Center Depth! Thats a solid top five for a decade to come! Thats a 2012 Cup winner, right there! Who knew that a decade later Mason Raymond would have had the most successful career with 251 points in 544 games, followed by Grabner, Hodgson, Connauton and Schroeder?
  6. It took him 27 games to score his last 14 points . So I am going to say it takes 27 games to score his next 14. Big gap between 13-14. GWG against Toronto, Dec 2. Concussed on the play
  7. jeff brown
  8. yes and no. I think Jagr would be great, like he was in Fla, however the Canucks have veteran leadership in the Sedins and adding Jagr would muddy those waters. I don't think you bring in Jagr to play with the Sedins and I don't think you bring him in to "outplay" the Sedins. You run the risk of another Eriksson situation or another Kesler situation.
  9. Do they though? Bo does, no question, but the jury is out on the other 3. Bo is starting to look like Rick Nash in Columbus, if he is lucky , or maybe Shane Doan. "Hey kid we're going to build a team around you, just wait for this Brule kid, oh wait I mean Filitov...." Where is this progress you see from Hutty and Stetch (after only one season)? And will they continue to improve if they get torched for another -29 for 2 or more years?
  10. What does that say about Bo, Granny, Hutton and Stetch? Hang in there boys, just one more year of Sdinery, two years of Edler, three years of Balls and five years of 6x6. We'll give you a team to play with before you're 30. Actually Hutty maybe not.
  11. ps , he doesn't even exist on Hockey DB
  12. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/michael-del-zotto-called-out-on-twitter-by-adult-film-actress-215615295.html my new favorite player, haha How are all you "Character Player" fans doin' out there?
  13. isn't that like saying Trevor Linden and Jake Virtanen got the same chances? Draisaaitl and McD were not coached the same as Yak, who had 4 coaches in 4 years with the Oilers, while Draisaitl was sent back to Jr even though it counted as a year of ELC, and McD was coached by and experienced NHL coach. Wille D does not equal Pat Quinn Kurger/Eakins/Neilson don't equal Todd McLellan In their best years in the NHL, I'd take Quinn, McLellan, ( a really big gap) Kruger, Neilson, Wille, Eakins
  14. I just gave you mine, your welcome