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  1. Anyone complete Insanity? How did you like it and what were your results like?
  2. Forever a Rockets fan! Love having such a great team year after year. Hope we can add another MC soon.
  3. I think Seattle is gunna win the MC. They're unstoppable.
  4. Couldn't be more proud.
  5. Congrats Royals on a great season. I felt these two teams were the best in the WHL all year. Sucks one team had to lose in the second round. Thanks for an exciting series!
  6. I can't believe it. What a game. I haven't yelled that loud in awhile. On to the WCF for the third straight year!
  7. The refs rarely do the Rockets any favors... Doesn't matter now, Game 7 tonight!
  8. And Kelowna comes up big at home with 2 wins! Keep it going Rockets!
  9. Gunna be a big two games in Kelowna. Was hoping for the split on the Island. Oh well. I still believe!
  10. You know all in all even though the cliffhanger sucks that episode was great. Negan was awesome. Rick's acting was awesome. Really had my heart pounding all episode.
  11. Should be a great series! Wish we had Whistle and Merkley but we'll see what happens.
  12. What a game last night. Game 7 OT...doesn't get better than that! Let's keep it going Rockets, big test with Victoria!
  13. Definitely. Kelowna outplayed Oshawa yesterday but ran into a really hot goalie. That was a tough one to take. I don't mind losing if I feel my team deserved to lose but when I see them lay it all out there, outshoot and outchance the opponents the whole game then come up short its tough.
  14. I'm so excited! Bring it home boys!
  15. Yeah 4 in the past 12 years! So we win the Championship 33% of the time…not bad at all! Wish Canucks had that haha. Oh plus a Memorial Cup. I love this team.