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  1. I counter all the Canada semis and finals. Even if Canadas games are blow out they are kinda fun cause you can cheer for them
  2. I had to sell my tickets for $45US a ticket once this season. They are 4 rows up to the side of the canucks D net
  3. No, I got tickets last time it was in Vancouver. there was maybe 6 worthwhile games, the rest were blowouts (without Canada playing) or two teams worse than WHL teams, like Denmark vs Norway.
  4. I missed out too. Sold my lower bowl def zone for $150us / ticket back in the beginning of march. I figured I could roll the dice and hope the oilers have something to play for or just get a bit of profit. If the oilers had nothing to play for there was a good chance mcdavid doesn't play, it wouldn't make sense to play him back to back nights to end the season in meaningless games.
  5. What would be nice is it they would give the STH an option of paying for a number and name on the jersey. I know you can do it by yourself after but that is a hassle
  6. I have LB2 def, the increase is only to 1/2 and 1/4 seasons . The full season stays the same. It does make it tougher to sell when tickets in the same section are $40 cheaper at a higher row. Although I really like being first row behind the wheelchair/clubs with no stantions in the way. Being in the defensive zone makes for better money/ easier to sell when good road teams come to town,(they shoot twice)
  7. Looks like full season if now cheaper per seat than half or 1/4. Last year it was the same right now I pay 117/game, half season pays 120 , 1/4 was ~ $122. So it looks like ice paks will cost more too
  8. I use kids upfront. They take them up to 2 pm on game day.
  9. Depend on what price and game category. The cheapest I can list is ~$74 that's row 4 sect 101 for marquee games it's ~$181
  10. I just sold my canes tickets for min on ticket exchange They are great seats too first row before the wheelchair section in section 101. It's going to be and expensive season
  11. Maybe they think if someone is coming from out of town for the home opener on saturday they might stay and see two game in one trip
  12. Lower bowl didn't have much in the def zone. I did trade Arizona in November for the first jets at xmas I can't make the zona game anyway
  13. I had seat row 3 sec 120 last year seats 103,104 they were the first ones when you could see the whole ice without distortion from the glass. It may take a little getting used to to see the offensive corner on that side. The hits you see in the corner and the speed of the game from down there will make up for it. I did ok selling mine on the ticket exchange, the big games are fairly easy to sell because lots of time it is for opposing fans that want to see their team shoot twice. They only get 1-3 games a year to see their team play so dont mind paying a bit more for good seats. I move to row 4 122 ( first row beind where the broadcasters interview at ice level and the Zamboni comes out. I like the way you can see the play develop better directly behind the net than in the corner when the seats are that low.
  14. Lol. I had three reps helping me out in the lower bowl
  15. If you can, I'd check those out in person, the plexi-glass around the stairwells can hinder your view on seats closest to the isles