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  1. Title should read "Dumba55 destroys Kane88"
  2. Interesting article on how Hirsch came to be on Sportsnet. Hope he keeps it up, I'm really starting to enjoy watching him. Not sure how to embed,if anyone can feel free to do so.
  3. Looks so odd with the new neck striping
  4. Well that escalated quickly.
  5. Sick MS paint skills. Cred for the original photo tho
  6. I read the title as "Official Pierre McGuire dead"
  7. Damn I miss having the classic block numbers.. Wish we used them on our current jerseys over the agency font..
  8. Baertschi has said that because he was forced to work on his defensive game earlier in the year that now the play is coming easier without having to think so much. He's going to the dirty areas now, whereas earlier in the year he wasn't. I'm not so sure Travis Green was the one in stilling this in him from what we saw in October
  9. WD's work is being seen in Baer right now. The record might be ugly, but so is the roster. If anything, all that matters this year is development of the young players.
  10. Willie has committed to the tank. He lost Lindy once, he sure as hell isn't gonna let him go again.
  11. Whole house just shook
  12. "Nice moustache though!"
  13. LOL love seeing those a-holes dismantled.
  14. Hope to see some of the kids play. Go canucks go!
  15. Thirds should be original stick in rinks, keep the primary the way it is.