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  1. These are growing on me the more I see them.
  2. How the &^@# did Benning give up a 1st round pick for a cap dump in Miller?
  3. Okay there Stan Smyl All kidding aside, I'm pretty stoked on this pick!
  4. Green in the logo with block numbers, sign me up!
  5. Agree with all of this. The striping on the blue Jersey should be the reverse of the white, like the last 3rd Jersey. Add green to logo, change collar, go back to block numbers.
  6. Mock up of what we saw in the leaked photo yesterday.
  7. Truth. Why is there silver piping in the logo at all?
  8. It makes no sense that there is no green in our logo. If you put the logo on any other kind of merchandise, you'd never know that our colours are blue, green and white.
  9. I'd be fine with this if there was a little bit of green put in the logo. Preferably change the ugly agency font too.
  10. I think it's great and unique. Now just need to add the V's back in.