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  1. How is Stecher 195? He looks like a child!
  2. Glad to see Boeser getting his shot opening night.
  3. Looks like Jake will get a chance on opening night. Hope he keeps it up!
  4. Clears
  5. Brocks looking awesome, but gotta do something about that hideous number.
  6. They really should have taken Dumba.
  7. Quite possibly. He was playing Roller hockey in Langley last year, and has for years.
  8. Odds are good that the Canucks will end up falling as far as the odds will allow them to.
  9. 100% agree.
  10. Just gonna leave this here. I especially love the simple striping with the V on the sleeves. Decent green alternate.
  11. A great way to start! They have beginner drop ins, hockey lessons, and a beginner hockey league. Karim runs a great program.
  12. So all we need are the two hardest to come by players? Sweet.
  13. LOL Stecher gets in over Biega and Tryamkin. Stoked, but looks hilarious.
  14. I'm travelling in Europe right now so can't watch games. What were the two PP units last night?
  15. Title should read "Dumba55 destroys Kane88"