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  1. Hockey pool strategy.

    Pick 2 good starting goalies right away. What that will mean is that 10 other people (since there is 20 entries and only 30 teams) will get backup goalies (usually get around 25-30 games) as their 2nd goalie pick. That right there will net you a huge margin.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good home security company

    I lived in my house for 8 years without an alarm system. That changed when my house was broken into and the suspect was still in the house (only ransacked one side of the bedroom) when my wife and newborn son arrived home. Luckily my wife saw the broken window and left to call the police. The theif stole around $5000 worth of stuff (jewelry, laptop, etc). But I could care less as that it is stuff that can be replaced. My family's saftey is top priority. This happened on the first day of School. Went with ACME (as recommended to me from a friend). Another story about break-ins. When I was friends house was broke-in 6 times in one summer. The thieves targeted their house since they still did not get an alarm system. It stopped once the parents got a Pit Bull.
  3. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    I didn't ask too much cuz the strike is a sore subject. But he told me that the BCTF bought a "shiny new building" last year. I didn't ask where. But my friend was super pissed about only having 3 days of strike pay. Yes...strike pay is not alot but something is better than nothing. LIke I said...poor planning.
  4. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    Talked to a friend who's a teacher. He doesn't think it will be resolved until October-ish time. He's pissed off at the BCTF leader (Iker) for purchasing a new BCTF building last year and left only 3 days of strike pay in the coffers (this is what he told me). Talk about poor planning. I think the a negotiated deal will happen with the Teacher's getting whatever the government gives them. And the court ruling will go away (like the Liberals planned and hoped).

    Blackberry is pumping out some good stuff. Natural Sound is amazing. BlackBerry Express is for on-the-go professional (pretty cool if you need to make a quick presentation). 10.2.1 OS has some pretty cool features as well. I want to upgrade my Z10 to a Z30 just cuz the specs are better and the wireless charging is a good thing to have.
  6. Cutting your Cable

    Simple. Don't watch TV anymore. Want to watch the game? Go to the nearest pub. Most networks have a website that provide episodes of their shows.
  7. OMG what a head case. He must have been taking lessons from Cody Hodgson. He should just take whatever Canucks are offering and like it. /sarcasm
  8. Disputing a TransLink ticket

    IF the machine was broken and cannot validate...then why can't the person buy a regular ticket? It costs a $1 more or something but at least you have a PAID TICKET and not break the law!!! You break the take the consequences. Much like speeding in your car. Everyone does it...I do it as sometimes (not so much now that I'm older but still occasionally). And I've paid my share of fines...cuz I was in the wrong. Even parking meters are faulty sometimes. It even tells you not to park there if it's broken. And if you will get a fine.

    BBM is the best feature for BlackBerry. Not sure if this is a good move or not. I guess that it'll be a cross-platform kinda thing like "What's App". Why would anyone want to buy a BlackBerry then? Get an iPhone that has BBM. Best of both worlds. Done.

    I would think so. Probably next year though. Z10 replaces the Storm Q10 replaces the Bold ?10 replaces the Torch


    Aside from the physical keyboard...what makes it better than the Z10?

    Z10 for the bigger screen or Q10 for the keyboard. I can't decide. Maybe Z10 for me and Q10 for my wife (she texts alot).
  14. The Official Transit Thread VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - UBC could end up being part of the solution to fund Vancouver's top transit priority. City Hall and the university have been talking about money for rapid transit along the Broadway corridor. Vancouver is continuing to try to shore up support for a plan to get SkyTrain service along Broadway right up to UBC; part of the challenge is figuring out funding. The City's transportation director, Jerry Dobrovolny, says they've had discussions with the university. "We're committed to a connection, rapid transit subway connection to UBC... and they would have to comment on their potential financial contributions." Dobrovolny has also told city council the solution to the Broadway corridor must be SkyTrain service, arguing other options like light rail would cause too many problems in the neighbourhoods. "We tried very hard and we've looked at it for years to see if there was a surface solution west of Arbutus; our conclusion today is no there is not," he says. The city has identified rapid transit along Broadway as key to a plan to get two-thirds of city trips by foot, bike, or transit by 2040.