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  1. Want to formally welcome all three to Winnipeg, as I push hard to win this year. Johnson was certainly overpaid, but mainly because I knew I could afford it this year. After this season, depending on the chemistry he has with Myers, definitely possible he secures a longer term deal. But the biggest add was Henrik and Daniel Sedin. After this season, Kyle Connor, Patrik Laine, Blake Wheeler, Tyler Myers, and Connor Hellebuyck will all need new contracts, so it’s going to get tight soon. Pushing for Henrik and Daniel and trying to win this season has become the goal. If this doesn’t work, might have to sell off either Kyle Connor, Nikolaj Ehlers, or Patrik Laine for a defenseman of similar value.
  2. Winnipeg Jets 2018-19 Nikolaj Ehlers - Mark Scheifele - Blake Wheeler Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Patrik Laine Kyle Connor - Bryan Little - Zack Kassian Mathieu Perreault - Adam Lowry - Joel Armia Alexander Burmistrov Ben Chiarot - Dustin Byfuglien Josh Morrissey - Jacob Trouba Jack Johnson - Tyler Myers Mark Boroweicki Connor Hellebuyck Ondrej Pavelec
  3. Dude is scary good. Glad the Isles we’re finally able to secure him.
  4. Been watching a lot of movies over the past couple days, with the wife out of town for the week. Tonight, it was: Relic (2020) Third horror movie in the last week. This one was great, although not your standard “scary” movie. Here, all the scary bits are a metaphor for a family member slowly losing their mind with dementia. It’s a touching film, with good performances. Worth watching if you like horror movies and particularly if you’ve had someone close who’s suffered from dementia.
  5. Literally just realized that I don’t have Logan Stanley as a prospect. That’s how forgettable he is
  6. I saw the live action remake of Ghost in the Shell . That was a mistake. The original is on the list. Have My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke to watch, first.
  7. Waiting for newly purchased Zucchini Blossoms to come in to cook up the flowers and use them in a Italian recipe I’m tinkering with.
  8. The Beach House (2020) Heard from a reviewer I pay attention to and trust for horror/thriller films that it was quite creepy. Did not get that at all from it. Certainly has an older David Cronenberg and Lovecraft vibe to it. I’d say it’s more a more updated retelling of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I don’t know, think it was ok for such a small budget. It was worth watching, but certainly not as good as reviews have said, either.
  9. Been making some great food lately. No pics, but maybe tomorrow or the next day. Advanced to growing own herbs, using fresh basil, dill, and thyme. Would like to make lobster rolls tomorrow, but it’s just me and the 4 year old for a week. While she’s not picky, I also don’t really want to buy lobster just for her and me.
  10. Yeah, he should be incredibly safe in returning. Our day care provider had to shut doors entirely because she has Diabetes. Couldn’t risk putting her health at risk, even once regulations allowed her to reopen. All about long term health.
  11. Players OTB in Winnipeg: Patrik Laine Kyle Connor Blake Wheeler Mathieu Perreault Dustin Byfuglien Tyler Myers Jack Roslovic