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  1. After years of my team avoiding the injury bug, looks like it’s finally caught up, and with a vengeance. Dustin Byfuglien Alec Martinez Colin Wilson Andreas Johnsson But it’s ok, Milan Lucic scored his first goal tonight, a GWG at that. So...
  2. His contract is terrible. However, if the Flames could trade him again, and retain a bit to make his contract (with the retainment from Edmonton) at 50% total, another playoff team would certainly see worth in a player like him for a deep playoff run. But that won’t happen.
  3. The Carolina Hurricanes have signed the following players: Lauri Pajuniemi - 3 years, $925K per Gerald Mayhew - 2 years, $875K per Eetu Mäkiniemi - 3 years, $825K per @D-Money @Nail
  4. Servant - Episodes 1-3 New Apple series. It has been marketed from M. Night Shyamalan, but it’s not. He only directed the first episode. He didn’t create it or write it. Other than the directing aspect in the first episode, this isn’t his “baby” (that was intended). Don’t want to give away anything, as it’s quite the psychological thriller. Lots of promise in this series. Enjoying everything about it, so far. Definitely worth checking out.
  5. What is going on with Matt Dumba?
  6. First off, these are really, really young men. And remember, our brains don’t even stop developing until well into our late 20s, so there’s that as well. Second, during the two Cups the Kings won, Doughty had 16 points in 20 games, and 18 points in 26 games. As a defenseman. Third, Patrick Kane and his 3 Cups. Long story short, boatloads of selfish athletes win championships (ie: Alex Rodriguez). These are professional morons. They’re not curing cancer.
  7. I’ll also add that I live by the advice our family lawyer told me and my brothers when I was a teenager: ”Work like an immigrant. People come from much worse circumstances and environments, work 5 times as hard, and do it with a smile on their face without complaining. Don’t like you job because you think someone should treat you better? Well, somebody is just waiting to do your job and won’t complain one second about it.” Athletes are fragile, as they’ve had yes men catering to them.
  8. Should and will are different. Peters won’t. Don is old, but is already running a podcast with his son. He’s fine. Babs will coach again, because all he did was hurt some millionaires feelings who believe they are above the rest of us.