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  1. Watching Fawlty Towers, again. So amazing. Probably the greatest comedy show ever.
  2. At first I thought Hall getting traded to the Devils could be a negative. Nope.
  3. I'll be watching San Junipero and Men Against Fire tonight. But Shut Up and Dance was the first one this season that was in the same, twisted category as the UK version. It still isn't perfect or as good, but that episode seemed more in line with the British version.
  4. Edmonton Oiler Anton Lander still OTB. Draft pick in return. Or will pair with Svedberg or Gustafsson for an upgrade on defense.
  5. @Nail Carolina Hurricanes place Ryan Pulock on IR. Call up defenseman Kyle Wood.
  6. As much as I value my draft picks, and that this will mark 3 consecutive years of not drafting in the first round, I'm well aware of how strong of a team I already have. I had a very strong first round last year, but an unfavourable first round matchup against KJ29 ended my run. My goal this year is to to win the President's Trophy and gain a more favourable first round matchup. While Kadri and the IRL Leafs are a long shot to make the playoffs, he is a consistent pool point player, who averages in the 350 point range. Having that extra amount will help my team for the remainder of the season, without giving up contributing players this year. With Marleau's contract expiring this year, Kadri is our legitimate second line centre going forward. Welcome to the organization. Thanks to @Drewismyname for quick negotiations.
  7. Outside IG Field, getting ready for day 2 at the Heritage Classic. Spectators Zone is first rate. Not sure who to give props to first. Chevy, the NHL and Co for putting on an excellent day yesterday and today, or my wife for allowing me to leave for basically two full days while she and her mom take care of an 11 day old sh*t machine.
  8. Pulock out 4-6 weeks. Well, here's hoping that the Yotes bring up Kyle Wood (5 points in 2 games).
  9. Anton Lander still OTB. Will only move with Erik Gustafsson for a defenseman.
  10. Just left the Alumni game in Winnipeg. So much fun. So much beer.
  11. Favorite Black Mirror episode is "15 Million Merits". I know it's not everyone's fav, but still. Of the first two episodes of the new season, the premise of the first episode is better, but Wyatt Russell's acting was terrific in the second. His acting alone made that one easier to watch.
  12. Fans of the team that aren't relying on a Dallas Stars goaltender.
  13. Watched the first two episodes of the new season on Netflix. So far, the Americanized version is just "ok". Certainly none of them are on the level of the UK version, but it is far from awful.
  14. The rumor out of the 2010 draft was that Gillis wanted to drafted Tinordi if he was available at 25. Because he wasn't, that was what set the trade for Ballard in place.
  15. I advise those in here (and you know who you are) to start acting like civilized adults by changing your tone. You can get your point across by not acting like children. Just like IRL, think before you post something you may very well regret.