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  1. Gotcha. So your post wasn't directed at the post you quoted. It was, like this one, riddled with inconsistencies of my previous posts (ie. reading one thing and taking it a different way), spelling mistakes, and improper grammar. This is the last I'll post in response to you, and instead of pointing out all your inconsistencies when discussing my posts, to which you haven't quoted outright, I'll comment on just the first two in this last post: 1. I knew about the Myers trade as I "occasionally" (I use that loosely) golf with a known Jets insider. He heard serious rumblings about 12 hours before it occurred. 2. My "Hansen" (yes, that is how you spell his name) argument as a 4th liner, was also followed up by saying why he would be a 4th liner on the Jets, due to his age and salary. As I pointed out, the Jets have a boatload of RWs and young talent to fit into the lineup. Bringing in unwanted $2.5M salary isn't in the cards for them. The likelihood is that Stafford is going to be moved to the 3rd line, as the Jets "lucking out" and getting a lottery selection to solve their scoring problem on the right side has pushed a lot guys down. Hansen on the Jets literally makes zero sense. You don't need to have bias to get that, just have basic knowledge of a team's depth chart and salary structure. And I'm also not from Winnipeg. And, had you ever read my posts instead of reading what you choose to hear, the Jets are not only not my favourite team, they are not even my second favourite team. ---------------------------- Now, back on track, as this thread is about Trouba's trade request, not baiting poster's about past posts that have nothing to do with Trouba.
  2. Carolina Hurricanes ELC slides Forward - Axel Holmstrom Defense - Tucker Poolman Goalie - Adin Hill While I'm open to all trades, these three will not be traded during the season now that they are on their ELC slides. Holmstrom continues to impress. He had an injury at the end of last season, and he and the Wings decided it was in the best interest of his development that he spend one more year in Europe before crossing the pond at the tail end of this coming season. Tucker Poolman, while many in Winnipeg were hoping that he'd challenge for a spot on the bottom pairing this year, decided that he would spend one more year playing for the UNC. In large part this was because he wanted to play alongside his brother, Colton. Having seen him play firsthand quite a number of times, I am eager to have him join the organization. Lastly comes Adin Hill. Difficult choice, as both him and Nick Ellis have had terrific camps and pre-season's so far. Tough call, but I feel as though Ellis is a little closer to getting a call up with the Oilers this year, should an injury occur.
  3. What did this entire rant have to do with my response you quoted?
  4. Now my posts will be a lot harder to miss. COLIN MILLER OTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I haven't played a lot of Battlefront lately. But for someone who can only be described as "cannon fodder" in FPS (as D-Money can attest), Battlefront is a lot of fun, particularly Bespin. Although, I haven't played a lot of Bespin. The new Death Star is a snore. Not good. I miss playing the Graveyard. Camp out in my little spot and only get killed by D-Mo if we were on opposite teams.
  6. The end of the last episode/series was almost as dumb as the end of the first episode. Almost.
  7. Can't remember all the films I've watched this year, but Joshy and My Blind Brother would certainly be in my top 5.
  8. My Blind Brother - 9/10 Love it when comedians successfully portray dramatic, yet humourous roles. This reminded me of Joshy. Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Scott all knocked it out of the park. But this was all Nick Kroll.
  9. Have I given my review of Vinyl? Literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You'll hate yourself for watching it.
  10. Took a break from The Back of an Orphan to watch: Three Amigos - 8/10 Haven't watched it since I was a kid. So, something like 20 some years. So good. That bar scene at the beginning when they're singing "Dear Little Buttercup" had me howling.
  11. @Baer.
  12. Again? Remember last year when he did absolutely nothing on the Isles?
  13. I hate twitter (don't use it) and have never found anything that has been posted on Luongo's twitter account to be remotely funny. But this did make me chuckle.
  14. Well you did manage to bring in a few key pieces, and rid yourself of some bad contracts as well. As far as the previous GM, D-Money and I always have a good laugh at this proposal (as we were co-GMing at the time). TO: - Josh Morrissey - Joe Morrow - Radek Faksa - 2015 1ST (COL) - 2015 2ND (COL) - 2017 2ND (COL) TO: - Cam Fowler - Kevin Hayes - Dwight King - Alexandre Grenier - Julius Honka
  15. Much better lineup than the dumpster fire you inherited. And the previous GM's trade proposals