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  1. CDC Puck 2017/18

    While I’d love to take even half the credit, I feel like I can maybe take (at most) 10%. D-Mo drives the boat, here. He’ll ask for my input, which I love to give. But if he didn’t put the work in to begin with, the team would look vastly different.
  2. Winnipeg’s have been waiting years for his contract to expire. Not just because he wasn’t living up to it, but he wasn’t right for the team either. He also has a “history” in Winnipeg for being salty off the ice and on the city to begin with. This story sheds light on his attitude. He’ll go somewhere else and have little to no success. If he couldn’t find his game with this years version of the Jets, he won’t find it anywhere else. The Toby Enstrom from his Atlanta days is as good as dead.
  3. BFHL 2018/19

  4. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The Minnesota Wild have extended Madison Bowey to a 2 year extension, worth $4.5M ($2.25M AAV). @Canuck Surfer @Nail
  5. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The San Jose Sharks have extended forward Evander Kane to a 6 year contract extension, worth $42M ($7M AAV). @Jaku @Nail
  6. CDCGML 2017-18

    Everyone was.
  7. That’s everyone, not just you. Anyone who would seriously prefer Virtanen over proven top 6 forwards isn’t thinking clearly.
  8. Roussel is a good addition, but to a team that needs sandpaper in the playoffs in the next 3 years. So, not the Canucks.
  9. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The Minnesota Wild have extended goaltender John Gibson to a 6 year contract extension, worth $37.5M ($6.25M AAV). @Canuck Surfer @Nail
  10. BFHL 2018/19

    Antti Niemi just reupped in Montreal.
  11. BFHL 2018/19

  12. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Prospects available for pick(s): Aleksi Saarela Travid Boyd Keegan Kolesar Johnathan Kovacevic Oscar Fantenberg Alexandre Carrier Ivan Nalimov Luke Martin Anthony Stolarz
  13. What's on tonight's menu?

  14. What's on tonight's menu?

    Baked salmon a few nights ago with a Panko crumb (mixed with Rosemary and Thyme) top. Thought about taking pictures, but didn’t. Definitely up there with my beef short rib recipe. Quick (30 minutes) and tasty.
  15. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The St Louis Blues have signed the following players to ELCs: Mtchell Mattson: 3 years. $675k AAV Jean-Christoph Beaudin: 3 years. $675k AAV Maxim Lajoie: 3 years. $675k AAV @inane @Nail