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  1. Thread Unlocked After a 3 day timeout, I’m expecting better going forward. If not, expect a longer one next time.
  2. Carolina Hurricanes Have had a team inquire on forward Mark Scheifele, while presenting a pretty enticing starting point for a transaction. While not shopping, any player can be moved.
  3. No shortage of good options for the Jets at the deadline for LHD, that’s for sure. Hjalmarsson, if he’d waived, would probably be the best option, though. - Hjalmarsson - OEL - Paul Martin - Jordie Benn (could see him being made available - Jack Johnson - Alex Edler (if he’d waive) Buyers market right now.
  4. CDCGML 2017-18

  5. Happy to have Maroon on board for the next 3 years. While this extension doesn’t come without its risks, most notably where Maroon will be playing next year and on what line, I feel as though he’s a good bet to sign on a playoff team in the off-season, as he plays a style that’s sorely needed come playoff time. With this being the end of my UFA extensions, upcoming UFAs Patrick Marleau and Ron Hainsey are available to a team looking to bulk up on playoff help.
  6. Can see the Jets inquiring. While he likely wouldn’t extend with them, he’ll get decent minutes for sure and could see his point production increase on their team. While not top pairing minutes (Morrissey has that covered), he’d be competing against Kulikov on the LH side on the second pairing.
  7. CDCGML 2017-18

    Thanks to @canuck2xtreme for processing, and to @Mike Vanderhoek for the fun negotiations. Several teams were interested in Duclair’s services after the trade to Chicago IRL. Knowing the hockey minds in the league that far exceed my knowledge, I was hesitant to trade him. He’s young and now on a club that won’t be in a rebuild for a long, long time. However, my team is in its first year, and I need to build assets for the future. Adding a draft pick and a steady contributor in Dadonov helps me long term. While Dadonov is in his late 20s, I also feel as though the Panthers are not too far off from getting back in the playoffs. And if they don’t make it in the next few years, he’ll likely be a trade deadline target IRL in a year or two, then. And with that out of the way, still have lots of players available for trade. All my defensemen, aside from Ekholm, Andersson, Fantenberg, and Ozhiganov are available. So that includes the following: - Mike Green - Dan Hamhuis - Marco Scandella - Nikita Zadorov - Jake McCabe For forwards, all are still up for grabs. Recently acquired Evgeny Dadonov is not OTB. Alex Killorn has seen the most interest from teams, and discussions will continue to be had until either an offer seems attractive enough, or should I extend him. Fowards: - Spezza (willing to retain) - Ferland (tons of interest, may move soon) - Brouwer (willing to retain) - Beleskey (uh huh) - Tom Wilson (cheap contract and puts up lots of pool points) - Matt Calvert - Cody McCleod - Mark Letestu - Ryan Spooner - Chris Stewart For goalies, Mike Smith is available, but also not cheap.
  8. The Los Angeles Kings have re-signed Brian Boyle to a 3 year contract, worth $10.05M ($3.35M AAV). @D-Money @Nail
  9. Monty, was it I? I missed the warning after reading your half a day comment. I may have used the language again. I apologize if I did. 

    1. Monty
    2. PhillipBlunt


      It was the picture of those jets. Too phallic.


    3. Chicken.


      It's Hippys video look at the description

  10. CDCGML 2017-18

    Defensemen available in Vegas.
  11. Not come in here and continue what was happening over there.
  12. Happened again. Couldn’t make half a day. Timeout.
  13. CDCGML 2017-18

  14. *Warning* Have had to hide numerous posts over the past several days, due to quoting twitter feeds with swearing in them. Everyone here is well aware of CDCs rules against swearing and bypassing the filter. Next time this happens, thread will be taking a timeout.