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  1. the belief here it that a university degree should be worth $100K a year but its usually only good for $40K. Anything else should be 8 bucks an hour.
  2. Kind of silly for the skybridge to connect to only 4 stations in Surrey; Although connecting it to langley is kinda ridicilious. Priorities should be -Skytrain to UBC -Skytrain connecting Whalley to Guildford to King George/152th street. -Light rail from Langley to Surrey connecting cloverdale, Newton, North Delta, Scott Road. Instead of a 1 billion dollar price tag it could be brought down to $200 million. But Campbell seems to have a huge bias for skytrain.
  3. yeah except the fact that the person in Abbotsford has/would have no other option but to commute by car. The government sure has done a nice job by replacing a suffient bridge and increasing the highway by two lanes. What would you rather have: South Permiter Road, new Port Mann bridge and golden ears $5+ billion or UBC skytrain expansion, Evergreen line, Surrey skytrain expansion, Abbotsford-Vancouver Railink $5+ billion.
  4. the Liberals are a bunch of bozos and scum bags. Boo-hoo, what are they supposed to write? about how the economy is doing so well and about the great provincial surplus?
  5. How can they be playing hardball? It's the government decision to not fund massive transit projects. But its beyond me why translink is paying to build bridges. How will translink profit by pumping money in a bridge that it doesn't even receive tolls from.
  6. Whats in Fleetwood? Not many dense apartments other then townhomes. If you extend skytrain to Fleetwood you might aswell terminate it in Langley.
  7. I was being sarcastic, the price is comparable to building a highway overpass or opening up the interurban
  8. Hey where are the tolls? and if these pictures are recent doesn't look like its going to be done on time.
  9. well most people who were taking the bus wounldn't resort back to their cars if they had them. Of course they will think that the bus should continue service due to their inconvience but its not enough to justify keeping the routes. They have already sacrificed commute time by taking the bus so I don't see them resorting to any other option other then catching an earlier bus. boo-hoo
  10. when you factor in the gas, driver salaries and other costs for only 3 zone fare, those buses were heavily subsidized. A minor inconvience shouldn't be a major issue.
  11. You would think they would have thought of having increased platform size in the tunnel stations. How many hundreds of millions of dollars is it going to cost to dig up the roads and increase the platforms another 10m. And the interurban would net be set to fail, it would have cheap operating costs and start up costs. Don't underestimate the population of south of the Fraser. From Langley to Surrey the line runs through dense enough population that even your beloved BC Liberal failure government plans a skytrain route.
  12. they could always hire people pushers; pretty sad that the line is aleady inadaquate. The $1-2 billion needed to improve service would be better used on new routes such as surrey, evergreen and ubc extensions. Money doesnt grow on trees.
  13. probably would have been a good idea to transfer to the WHL like Edler, Moller and Backlund
  14. that and the interurban initially from Langley to Scott Road. No sense spending billions on skytrain in non-metropolitian areas.
  15. Its whats truly needed 1. UBC extension 2. Evergreen extension 3. Guildford extension 4. SFU Tram 5. Fleetwood-Langley extension 2025; probably closer to 2040 Surrey will be a bigger city then Vancouver in 5-10 years so the current 4 skytrain stations are clearly not enough. Downtown Vancouver should utilize streetcar technology.