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  1. OMG Snow?

    I don't have a source as I don't recall where I read it, but I do remember reading that lower mainland BC is one of the hardest places on earth to predict weather. Due to the Pacific the Island and the mountains. Systems don't always move the way they predict nor to they always move at the speed they predict. Also our temp in the winter varies from plus 10 to minus 10 for the most part. And it seems to sit around zero to plus 8 most days of the winter. That makes it hard to call for snow as you can get rain or snow in plus 3, Most of the country the 5 day forecast is very accurate.
  2. OMG Thunder?

    Just the rare to lower mainland BC kinds I think. That said its been quite a normal year. Most years we seem to be in a near constant state of spring/fall with a few weeks of winter and a few of summer. Winter was almost a real Canadian winter and this has been an amazing summer
  3. Happy Birthday=]!