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  1. Indoor soccer league

    Any women out there looking to join a team?!
  2. Indoor soccer league

    My team plays at Sportstown Tavern - 4991 Number 5 Rd. Games are on Sundays/Mondays, sometimes Tuesday, but rare. One game a week, 14 games total, plus playoffs. Private message me if you are interested.
  3. Indoor soccer league

    Anyone know of any sites/forums to find people who want to play indoor soccer? I've used Craigslist and Urban Rec's Facebook page, but I'm having trouble finding both males and females to join my indoor soccer team in Richmond.
  4. Youtube thread 2.0

    I'd like to create a channel where people visit on a regular basis for their reviews and what not and hopefully turn it into something where YouTube will pay me. A lot of people do it as a living and I know it's not something that happens overnight or even after a few months, but it would be nice to get to that point.
  5. Youtube thread 2.0

    I know this is a thread where we all post videos, but I figured someone here would own a YouTube channel and I had a question: How do you get more views? Other than the obvious - making something "viral" or being different than others and the whole SEO in title, description and tags, are there any other tips you could give a noob?
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I saw an advance screening of 'Gangster Squad' on Wednesday night. I really enjoyed it. I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews on it though and the main theme is, "too much violence". It's a gangster movie, but I promise you that movies like 'War' and 'Inglorious Basterds' had more violence than 'Gangster Squad'. Just look at Rotten Tomatoes audience percentage and that will give you a better indicator.
  7. OMG Earthquake?

    Yeah, I just felt it. I thought I was getting sick or something when my monitors were shaking, but then I looked at my Dwight Schrute bobble head and I figured it was an earthquake.
  8. hey, its gianluca

  9. Happy Bday:P