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  1. He might when they play the Oilers :D
  2. My girlfriend and I have what would technically be classified as a Dangerous breed dog. She is a 1 yr old Pit/Lab Cross.We also have a Lab/Bloodhound Cross. They are both amazingly gentle and loving dogs. My issue with a lot of the rhetoric around dangerous dogs is the fact it is usually incompetent owners. How a dog is raised plays a lot into its behaviour. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cherry-garcia-rehabilitated-michael-vick-fighting-pit-bull-gets-best-day_us_579626dfe4b02d5d5ed2329b Amazing article on one of the dogs Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring used who has been fully rehabilitated. It's my understanding that a lot of them have been re-homed. Irresponsible ownership leads to the majority of dog attacks as well as how they are raised. I have been bit by more "small breeds" and seen more agression from them than the socalled dangerous breeds. If the solution is muzzling a dog then all dogs when in public should be muzzled regardless of size. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Interesting debate - if you get a chance google "Sports on Fire - All the rage" - its a HBO documentary - very informative
  4. Looks like the Chinese team needs NHL All-star MVP John Scott on their roster
  5. Glad someone mentioned Justified! Fantastic series with Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshall. It's a must watch. My other favorite is Californication with David Duchonvy.
  6. Any other Canucks fans going to be at the game in Cowtown on the 7th? My daughter, her fiancee, his dad and myself will be there for the game and looking for other 'Nuck fans at the game
  7. Is 11 his IQ or his age? I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  8. Its funny _ I live in Edmonton (Well Sherwood Park) and a lot of co-workers are big Oiler fans. The worship they have for Hall is unbelievable. I truly think he is part of the issue as I have the unfortunate luck to watch a lot of Oilers games. Yet the majority of fans I know crap all over Eberle who I think is magical with McJesus. Have to agree with Rupert - move Hall and get a hell of a return for him.
  9. You don't pay a guy $6million a year to be a back-up. Nothing against Eddie (honestly I would love to keep him and move Miller for next season but doubt that happens) but you go with your starter - although I agree if he's not 100% why not stick with Lack. And as others have said unless Miller can start scoring goaltending is not the issue. plenty of teams do this in a series (go with a different goalie) - it may motivate the team and it may not but like I said you don't lose a series with your number 1 sitting on the bench.
  10. As much as I despise the guy a lot of credit needs to go to Hartley. He has his team believing they can win every night and he has the right mix of players. What we lack is the Bollig, Ferland and even Engelland type players. Lets face it folks our D core isn't getting any younger. Its great to talk about rebuilding like Calgary did but the fact is we won't be getting anything for the Sedins - they signed to play here and they deserve to finish out their career with this team. We have to continue to build our team through our prospects (which we have some good ones) and I think we are taking that step with Utica and Dallas Green and a winning environment. I didn't think we would make the playoffs this year yet we did. Series isn't over - teams come back from 3-1 but as unlikely as that seems if the season ends tomorrow night so be it. As others have mentioned its a changing of the guard in the West and at this point we as fans may have to suffer through some lean years (as we have before) until we see playoff success again.
  11. Ferland did take a run at a few Canuck players in what could have been called charging. The Sbisa hit was far worse than Burrows on Johnny Boy and it didn't get called. People can hate on Bieksa all they like but Ferland stuck his nose in the wrong Hornet's nest and Kev made him pay.
  12. Ferland has been playing a very effective game so far - in all fairness though with the exception of Bieksa and Dorsett there is no one on the Canucks willing to do something about Ferland running around hitting everything in a Canuck jersey. Again I'll say this - if Kassian was able to play Ferland would have thrown one hit and then had to answer to Kass. Also its easy to run around like a train gone off the tracks when you have guys like Bollig on your team to back you up.
  13. Watching the Ottawa-Montreal series the refs have been calling it tight and there has been very little shenanigans - last night's game there were plenty of opportunities for the officials to get a handle on the game and avoid the ruckus near the end of the game - especially the crap after the whistle around Lack. I'm so sick of bush league run the goalie hockey (both sides were guilty of it at times) NHL is so desperate for goal scoring that players can stand in the crease, shove the goalie, lay on top of them after the whistle etc. It happens every playoffs and I for one don't see the need for it. I enjoy "old time" hockey - you know back when there wasn't the instigator penalty and players enforced the game themselves. But I digress - Russell seemed to handle himself perfectly fine with Burrows during that fight and he sought out Burrows so please stop acting like Burrows suckered Russell into a fight.
  14. Have to agree with Rupert - I liked the fact Bieksa grabbed and pummeled Ferland - what the hell was he doing out in the dying minutes of a 4-2 game running around. Typical Hartley hockey. As for Burrows that would be the weakest suspension ever - Russell came right after him after the hit on Johnny Hockey and Burrows obliged him with a dance. I am far from a Burrows fan however if he gets suspended for that there's definitely an agenda against him by the NHL.