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  1. What a shock - we once again are labelled Losers on Free Agency - embrace the hate :)



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    2. Undrafted


      What did you expect?  McIndoe doesn't even hide the fact that he's Leafs fan, so it's not like he's ever going to be objective about anything

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      anyone that doesn't understand the value of a strong bottom 6 for the development of our next core group doesn't know what they are talking about. So no surprise there are lots of media yapping heads lining up to criticize Benning. 

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I've been around long enough to have seen at least a decade's worth of these lists. Nobody really remembers them when it's all said and done.


      Let people write what they want. What matters is how the team performs where it matters.

  2. Whattttttt???? Lebron to the Lakers - WOW!!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      It was all over the media that it was going to happen. 

  3. One thing I love about CDC - whether its Draft Day or Free Agency you can expect the armchair GMs to jump in and whine and complain how we overpaid etc while everyone else made out like bandits. CALM DOWN - let the season start at least

    1. Alflives


      And the Leaf’s fans to infest our board with their tentacles too.  :lol:

    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      oh tentacles …..


    3. combover


      Ufa day one I think everyone over paid. They almost always do. 

      Regardless of how many lockouts there are it’s the nature of the beast. 

      Vanek signed late and cheap and was one of the best deals in the league rarely if ever is that said about guys signing in the first day.

      Like today the analyst were already talking about just buying guys out in the last years lol and they just signed. 

      Owners/gms can’t control,themselves and Players/agents live for it. 



  4. Jay Beagle - 2 yrs younger Stanley Cup winner - leader. Remind me again what Brodziak has done?
  5. [Signing] Oilers sign Tobias Rieder

    Hey all they need is Talbot to start 70+ games win 50 of them - sneak into the playoffs and watch them roar
  6. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Don't kid yourselves folks - even if they didn't get Tavares Leaf fans would still believe they are Cup contenders. Honestly though Tavares will make them that much better. Marleau's contract becomes a bit of an anchor though.
  7. Anyone else ok if we ended up with Maroon too. Would be an awful greasy lineup to play against :P

    1. 48MPHSlapShot


      Maroon would have been great.

  8. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    So how big does Ryan O'Reilly become for those who missed out on Tavares?
  9. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    And so it begins on TSN lol
  10. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    This just in TSN has changed their name to the Tavares Sports Network. All Tavares all summer long!!
  11. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Again - not so sure - how the hell do they pay Matthews and Tavares?
  12. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    And Cue the Edm-Tor Stanley Cup Final talk once again this year haha
  13. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Can you say Cap Trouble in a year or so
  14. As I mentioned in a different post - what I like about this is unlike the Coilers we are not throwing the kids to the wolves - I know some fans are upset that this takes away spots from the young guys but lets be realistic - we need some veterans to play with the kids and Benning has talked about this before - he does not want a losing culture to develop. Yes we are going to lose games but its about learning from the loses in a positive way, Also having Schaller and Rousell means Guddy isn't always having to drop the mitts. With those 3 in the line up teams will now think twice about trying to rough it up when they play us.
  15. I like what these signings say - "We are bringing in some veteran leadership and we also are getting bigger and tougher so the young kids don't get pushed around"