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  1. Good Ol' Edmonton - falling farther behind in the playoff race. What a joke of a franchise - if they end up with Hughes I hope he declines to go lol

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    2. 6string


      Like last year it's about Connie winning the scoring title for some bragging rights about having the best player in the blah blah blah. They will pick in the top five and blow than one too!



      Edmonton will not make the playoffs and not only that but they have Cap issues because of 4 players making around 33 million.Do I feel sorry for them,NO I DO NOT.

      This team has gotten 4 first overall picks at the LOTTO DRAFT in the last decade or so,  when the Canucks have never ever had one in fifty years or so,this is one of the reasons I do not feel sorry for the way this team has stunk for sooo long,another reason is they have many Stanley Cup wins when they has Gretzsky etc. BOO HOO for Edmonton.



    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I wonder how much being a Soiler is holding McDavid back.  Look at how Eberle and Hall exploded when they finally escaped that dump of a city and joined actual NHL franchises.

      I wonder what kind of garbage return they'll get for McNuggets when he's finally had enough of embarrassing himself by playing for that joke of an organization.  Edmonton would struggle to make the AHL playoffs even if they were forced to play in the league they belong in.