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  1. My girlfriend has only been to Prince George as well as flown to Hornby Island - I plan on taking her for a drive to Smithers so she can see just how beautiful our Province is. It's been tough living in Alberta after growing up in BC and now I am in Winnipeg. This country is so flat lol compared to Beautiful BC - I miss home
  2. Just moved to Winnipeg 2 weeks ago for work - looking forward to watching the Nucks play the Jets here as well as the Lions trounce the Blue Bombers :) Anybody else from the Peg?

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    2. Alflives


      @Monty lives there, and (on several occasions) talked about the cool stuff to do there.

    3. c00kies


      I live in Winnipeg too and have been to a few Canucks-Jets games, but they haven't won any of them lol. Judging by comments made about BC Place, you should find the Bomber games really fun too :P

    4. coastal.view


      sweet you now have a bit of time to get ready for winter

      buy a whole ton of extreme winter weather clothing

      brace yourself for the transition

      sleeping overnight in the freezer a couple nights a week will give you a good head start i think

      good luck with that town

  3. My fathers side is Metis - my great great great Grandfather (no idea how many times removed) was Bernard Constant who was one of the original signatories to the Treaty 6 for the James Smith First nations band in Sask. My mothers side is Irish. On another note made my way to Smithers a few years ago Joe - one of the most beautiful places I have every been!!
  4. Am I the only one who thinks this jackass doesn't know how to tie a tie? Or where to find a decent barber?
  5. Zero issue with this deal for McDavid - its the other contracts they have like Lucic - he isn't going to get any faster
  6. Definitely think if he plays decent we could possibly get a pick for him - I'm ok with this signing.
  7. Totally agree - glad to see someone on the same page. With all the young kids coming up in the next few years and teams like the Coilers having clowns like Maroon and Lucic we need couple guys to look out for the younger guys. Gudbranson is one - King would make an excellent addition and a great deterrent to any rough stuff with Boeser etc.
  8. Dwight King - that would be my only signing.
  9. Cap Relief for a year - Strome's an RFA next year - watch him light it up and get paid 6 million a yr next yr
  10. Isn't this the same as we were hearing from Flames fans last year when they got Elliott (We're a contender!!) I don't see Smith offering anything more than Elliott
  11. Guy was hurt last year - not in the greatest bargaining position. Canucks never got a really good look at him. Deal makes sense on both ends. If he proves himself to be a quality defender then we sign him - if negotiations don't go well move him at the TDL. Much easier to commit to him next year with Edler only have one yr left on his contract.
  12. Canucks need to offer him a position within the organization ....
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy0Z-xkIS3U remember this anyone???? (Kessel vs Henrik high stick)
  14. So a poorman's Lucic
  15. Bear spray does work if you buy the right stuff - however an aggressive bear on adrenaline may keep on coming. My son-in-law works in forestry and all of his crews carry bear spray and some have had to use it..... of course they have all been trained in its use as well as bear avoidance, bear behaviour/aggressiveness etc. And as a final solution he is licensed to carry his Mossberg Maverick shotgun with slugs as a last line of defense. This guy was a complete idiot and lucky to be alive.