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  1. I would just let it go for now. 15 mins is not too much. I recently started a new job and would come in 5 mins early. My boss told me after my 3rd shift that i need to at least 10mins early. That was okay BUT I have been staying 30mins to 1 hr after work everyday (no pay) to close up and make sure things are in order for the next morning. If i dont do this then my boss gets pissed that things were left undone from the night before. I gave them my notice a few days ago. Counting down 12 days to go. That's life.
  2. Lol at EARN the summer off. As i said before, we all work hard yet teachers are one of the few (actually I can't think of any other) where they get all that time off. Sure decreasing class size would get your wife a full time job. Unfortunately the government isn't here to give your wife a's job is to run the province. Money isn't important? Sure it is. Otherwise take half or better yet decline the raise, whatever the salary increase was going to cost the government should be put entirely to smaller class size. No more money needs to be put in by the tax payers. I'm sure a deal will be done very quickly. But it is about the money. It's okay to admit that. We all want to make more.
  3. Teachers should take the deal and get back to work. They're in the wrong profession if they want to make the bug bucks (engineers, accountants, other professionals). You work 9 months, Monday to Friday (for the most part), home every evening, safe and clean work environment, great benefits, make more than the average Canadian...and there is an oversupply of teachers. This is not the time to be demanding any salary increases. Just be happy you have a great job and get to work. I have a bachelors degree and I work 6-7 days a week, shifts can be 7 hrs one day and 12 hrs the next, few benefits, lucky to get a 15 min break some days. I'm on my feet all day. I have had 2 days off in the past 4 weeks. But I'm thankful I have a job, I don't complain...just work hard. Just my 2 cents. It's annoying hearing teachers complain how hard their job is. Well it's a tough world. We all work hard. Get over it.
  4. holy shat james cybulski is annoying! please send him back to tsn

    1. canuckbeliever


      Way better than Taylor. He is informative and knows what he is talking about

  5. You have to have a second full time job if you want to be a longshoreman. I have a friend that got in about 7 years ago but he still has another job. I think he gets about 3 shifts a week now. It's good to just have it on the side until you move up but don't rely on it to be ur main source of income.
  6. asian fu manchu and french fork are outta my league lol. i'll go with the regular fu manchu.
  7. yeah i know what you mean. i guess that would be the "fu manchu". i'm between that or "the zappa" edit: or like BananaMash said.. aka handlebar
  8. can't decide what to do wit my facial hair for the rest of movember. help me out cdc! this is what it looks like now.
  9. Happy Diwali CDC!!!

  10. beach volleyball in full body suits?! we're not in the middle east girls!

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    2. Karlsson`s Flo

      Karlsson`s Flo

      Or you could try to not be such shallow d-bags

    3. stexx


      nothing wrong with admiring the scenery within the sport. There is a reason the IOC makes them wear bikinis as "uniforms"

    4. CIA


      bikini's should be mandatory

  11. we just traded away a future naslund (skill, leadership, captain) for a future stojanov (size, short ahl career). let's hope i am wrong.
  12. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  13. blackberry is on its way down. my current phone (bb 9700) will be the last berry i use. Best to switch to android or iphone.
  14. to the luongo bashers: canucks scored 6 goals in 5 games yet we're 1 win away from the cup.