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  1. out of the league 3 years and now 40 years old....good luck buddy
  2. I highly doubt markstrom has a whole lot of trade value unless a team has a goalie or 2 go down long-term and the market tightens up a lot. I feel like Demko would have to really underachieve to not be protected in the expansion draft. Doesn't realy see like there is much of a debate about what to do with either at this point.
  3. MG is extremely overhyped and overrated by some, IMO. I find him arrogant and egotistical. I appreciate that he likes to think outside the box but I just don't think he has much talent at being a GM. I remember him being praised on these boards for asking the Aqs to quadruple the scouting budget. Asking for more money somehow makes you a great GM! His drafting record was terrible to boot.
  4. Or maybe you are just a bitter Canucks homer who will take any opportunity to take a jab at the Leafs / TSN. Something tells me they will be just fine next year with Matthews, Nylander, Tavares, Reilly, and Barrie as their foundational skaters. Problem for them is there are a lot of very talented teams out there. I personally have no problem with the article. I can't pinpoint 1 other Canadian team who improved more. Quantity does not supplant Quality. Barrie on the leafs > Myers, Ferly, and Miller on the Canucks... who I would agree were the team who improved the next most
  5. Barrie is elite talent. We did not add anyone elite. I despise Toronto homer media as much as anyone else here but I just dont see it in this situation.
  6. Tyson Barrie is a pretty nice addition.... one that our team was trying very hard to make. Y'all seem a bit mad.
  7. Ferly is dope. I hope there is nothing to restrictive in terms of NTC/NMC
  8. I think you only consider it at 4 first round picks....and even then its debatable
  9. To be honest it's probably better to start absorbing the recapture over the next two seasons than to have a huge recapture penalty for the last year.
  10. Tanev's trade value hasn't been this low since he was an undrafted free agent.... We should have traded him 2 years ago when it was sky high, or just keep him and hope his value increases to what it once was and he can be a serviceable shutdown guy for us.
  11. I think you are having a hard time gauging Risto's value as well.... don't think Buff would be too interested in that deal....