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  1. There have been some defensive UFA signings in the modern cap era that have paid dividends (cups) for teams who were thought to have overpaid at the time. Stud dmen are such a huge part of your team that they can earn their keep even at a big % of the cap. Niedermayer and Chara are the two that stick out most to me off memory.
  2. i have no faith in jb's ability to pro scout then acquire at decent value
  3. When are we gonna be linked to an elite player?
  5. It would be nice if they could fix some basic word functionality before worrying about stuff like this
  6. man some of yall are pretty quick to judge without hearing all the facts. This parent just lost their kid by making the most effed up mistake and yall are calling for Crucifixion.... maybe a little bit of compassion is in order for these people who will probably be haunted for the rest of their lives. Go watch Manchester by the Sea.
  7. another example of quality drafting by the Gillis regime
  8. i am not a huge fan of Green but this comes across as really whiny / passing the blame off. Green wasnt there his first season and he shat the bed then too. Loui has got to go.
  9. When was the last time Eklund broke any news that turned out to be true?
  10. I didn't really like Botch that much but he grew on me the last few years. Sorry for his friends and family.
  11. Tanev was probly worth a 1st round pick at some pt in the last few years. I highly doubt that is the case now. My gut tells me we could maybe get a 3rd for him at this point
  12. hard no from me. MG was arrogant, disliked in the GM community, and simply not that great. He made a few good moves, but the main core was inherited from the previous regime.
  13. yea, well, I did say arguably. SJ has some amazing players. You could make the same case for Brent Burns. Karlsson was truly inspirational in the 2017 playoffs and I don't believe he is going to be regressing that hard any time soon. He has been playing hurt all season and still looks amazing. I haven't seen McDavid put the Oilers on his back like Karlsson did with Ottawa in 2017. Plus Dmen soak up way more time than forwards do.
  14. I think we have a lot going for us - cap space -promising future -great city -up and coming team -good history with swedish players -big need for a stud dman I just think the media crazy market is probably not what he is looking for. I think after what has gone on with him and his wife, he would probably prefer a market where he flies under the radar a bit more. I am just speculating, but feel fairly strongly about it.