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  1. words like 'dynasty' are a little dramatic. Lets focus on the playoffs first. When we get good at that maybe we can talk about winning a cup. A couple of those, and you can start throwing that word around.
  2. My guess is Aqs dont understand concept of a sunk cost
  3. I (and I would imagine many others) have no problem with him wanting out. It is the way he did it. He took the cowardly way out. During the olympic break he told everyone who would listen that he wanted out. Then when the rumors started swirling he denied. Then he hogtied us by limiting his trade list to (effectively) 1 team, which substantially diminished JBs return on him.
  4. Perk of saving your company millions of dollars by way of effing your former employer!
  5. I wasn't super happy with the trade when it happened given JB's prior trades and the fact that the 1st was unprotected in 2020 (potentially). However, it looks great so far. I hope he has a long and successful career with the Canucks and that the pick we gave up doesn't end up being super high.
  6. Canucks have always seemed to have trouble gaining the zone. Last night was a disaster. Fire NB
  7. when i heard Craig Button talk about it he made it sound like the linesman was completely in the wrong. However, watching the video makes me think Kane was moreso. He slashed the linesman and wasn't letting up at all. The linesman does not appear to 'manhandle' Kane, rather, he grabs him and they fall. He brings him back up nicely and Kane pushes him a little too aggressively. Do I think he should have the book thrown at him? No. Do I think it should be fined or suspended? Yes.
  8. Why isn't this thread labelled differently? Baer and Goldy going on waivers should warrant a separate thread or at least a mention in the thread title. I've found this forum is so worried about condensing everything and rushing to be the first thread in that posters don't even originally label or update labels on important threads.. Over the last 15 years, I've gotten in the habit of coming to this forum for news updates. There is rarely any big Canucks news that happens in the T/R/S sub-forum so it frustrates me when I see thread titles like this. '[Waivers] September 30 - 39 Players' doesn't exactly scream "we just cut two notable young roster players"
  9. not stoked on the fact that it is a bridge - potentially forgoing a lot of team control edit: didnt realize salary was so cheap - take it back - this is a great deal
  10. you know there is a white noise forum for this type of thing right?