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  1. fans threatening canucks players in DM

    LOL you really don't believe Canucks fans are doing this stuff?
  2. seems like an excuse to implement socialism in the name of saving the planet
  3. Think speculation would be a better tag for this one.
  4. Boeser playing scared?

  5. Shanaplan update

    you know that Shanahan and Dubas' salary does not hit the salary cap....right?
  6. Flames unveil third jersey

    Im confused why fans love making fun of this color scheme but refuse to acknowledge how bad ours have been historically
  7. We couldn't beat this? Seriously? Sorry, I know I'm late to the party but I feel like we have the secondary assets available to match this without giving up any key cogs to our core and getting a future HOF dman who could play another 10 seasons.
  8. Canucks and Sportsnet Announce 2018-19 Broadcast Schedule

    i get your point but this is nothing new and people are or ought to be used to it by now. Leafs game is always a hot ticket. My dad splits games with his friends and he always drafts the leafs game and re-sells it. Lately its one of the only games that he can sell for a profit. Most games he can barely get 50% of face value for.
  9. our fans love to get mad when guys are never given a chance to play in the big league. What they often fail to realize is there is a reason they were never given that chance in the first place.
  10. Ottawa plans to announce new stat holiday

    I bet this is one of JT's pet projects
  11. lol.... DiPietro didn't even start in Canada's final game at the showcase. I don't see him sticking with the big club to ride the bench when he could be getting every game starts in Windsor
  12. this. We've had the same main blue jersey and blue alternate for years. They haven't changed it once. I bought a blue jersey back in 07 and would have bought another one years ago if they just came up with something different in color and design. Alas, I am not parting with any cash to buy an ugly maroon millionaires jersey or a retread black skate jersey.
  13. forget symbolism or whatever... I just think its visually ugly. I don't despise black and yellow. I think the steelers, pens, and others make it work. I just think our color combo and weighting with the ugly skate in puck logo makes for a hideous jersey. I agree with Vintage Canuck that the white jerseys are way nicer than the black. I also think our current whites are way better than the blue on green (which to me is a bit too busy). I would much prefer this team just make a new 3rd with green as the primary (similar to what Utica has). And for god sakes get rid of the "Vancouver" lettering which is clunky and cumbersome and was a money grab for the Vancouver Olympic visitors in 2010. I sure hope they aren't waiting for the next Olympics in 2040 to make a new jersey.