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  1. I think it's sad that people think the Clinton foundation is a good cause and money well spent.
  2. McDavid says hi
  3. Pratt is insufferable. And the best part of it all is he fancies himself some kind of hockey media god.
  4. lol @ fans saying this is over. You know its going to start rearing its ugly head again once the season starts. By the new year it will be the talk of Vancouver media.
  5. all squares are rectanges. Doesnt mean all rectangles are squares. Sure, you can infer that me saying it "doesn't paint a great picture of the organization" could mean " doesn't look good". But you made that leap and then attacked that point from a different angle. Again, this is a strawman argument. You even threw in other elements like "didn't give anything away". I never suggested they gave any information away....although, ironically, they have in the past with these past draft videos (perhaps another reason why they shouldn't release them) And ya...I was commenting my thoughts on what I felt an organized draft was relative to my expectations. I am at peace with you disagreeing. But don't act like you know what an organized draft is, cause you have never been apart of one either.
  6. you know you are truly the winner when you keep proclaiming yourself the winner over and over again. Whatever helps you sleep at night. As for my insult being petty... I don't think that word means what you think it means. There is nothing petty about telling someone who fancies themselves an online-debating wizard that they have poor reasoning and reading comprehension. Me: "I really don't know why they show us this. To me this doesn't paint a great picture of organization." You: "ya giving the fans an inside look at one of the most important events of the year for the team a week after its happened and doesn't give anything away doesn't look good." I never said it didn't look good. I said it didn't paint a great picture of organization. You are using a strawman argument. And then when I noted that you misunderstood me you kept denying it over and over again whilst proclaiming yourself the winner. Sorry. You aren't. I may be wrong in my initial assessment about them being disorganized. I don't know how organized draft teams operate. I have never been to one. Frankly, I don't really care all that much either. By all accounts we had a good draft and that's all that really matters. I hope each and every one of our picks work out great, and I sure as hell am not going to judge them until they've all had a few years to showcase their stuff.
  7. yes.... you misinterpreted. You misunderstood my statement and then replied by twisting my words. You have poor logical reasoning and reading comprehension skills. I wouldn't sign up for the LSAT anytime soon.
  8. yea... you won the war of attrition... congratuations. I no longer care to bicker with you. I stated my opinon. You misinterpreted it, then you asked for more of an explanation which I gave. You disagreed....great. I don't really have time to keep going back and forth with this. I am not a poster that likes complaining for the sake of it. If you don't hear that as a question I don't really know what to tell you. His voice clearly rises as if he's asking a question, and Weisbrod answers him as such.
  9. Cool.
  10. .... yes.... I realize that the entire draft weekend didn't take place in a 4 minute video, thanks for clearing that up. Starting at the Gadj pick, JB didn't really seem to know much about Jonah. "He's tough too?" I understand JB doesn't have time to know everything about everyone, and that he has to delegate some of this work to his scouts. But I'd have thought at least for pick 55 they would have had a master list and JB would have had a very good idea about who they'd be picking the night before the draft.
  11. I said that they don't look very organized in the video. Not that showing the video was stupid. I love the fact that they gave us an inside look, however, I didn't really like the look I saw.
  12. that's not what I said
  13. I really don't know why they show us this. To me this doesn't paint a great picture of organization.
  14. Canucks are not really in a position to accept offer sheet compensation for Bo, even if a team drastically overpays. They are gambling by not getting him signed. I am a bit surprised it has taken so long. Just lock the guy up or sign him to a bridge deal.... I really doubt he could be asking for that outrageous a salary.
  15. I thoguht sporstnet did away with this. Living in BC, Sportsnet west and east Oilers/Flames/Leafs games are not blacked out so I really don't know what to say to this. I guess my advice would be to wait til the season starts and do a free trial if you are considering. it appears I am wrong I didn't understand the concept of only some games being regional blackouts. So yes, they do blackout some games if you are not in the right region