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  1. he deserves no such ovation -- heartless traitor who embarrassed this organization before embarrassing himself with his diva antics and lack of play to back them up
  2. You could always modify the jersey name....
  3. Ok well if you agree with most of what I wrote I dont really see where our main difference lies... JB should have played hardball with Kesler and gotten him to expand his no-trade list. If Kesler refused.... he should not have been traded. I am very familiar with other nuances that were going at the time (agent putting pressure on JB; JB entering a $&!#show situation where this team was a joke; luongo situation dragging on far too long). At the time, I understood why he rushed the trade.... I didn't agree with it, however. I decided to give him a pass until I saw how his return panned out. In the end, we hardly benefited (if at all) from this trade due to other poor trades / asset management. I think JB would have won in a showdown with Kesler. All we needed Kesler to do was open that trade list up to 6-7 teams that would have allowed for a bidding war to get going. You can't get a juicy return without a bidding war. JB missed the mark with this trde.
  4. Well you can read why I think I'm right. Ive written it many times over the years but I cant expect you to know unless I explicitly restate: - Ryan Kesler (while he has since turned out to be a complete dud) at the time of the trade had immense trade value. Look at the type of return similar players (ROR is a good comp) have gotten over the last few years as a comparative. The reason JB couldnt get much for him was cause of his NTC which was limited to Ana / Chi. Chicago had no interest/means of trading for him. -Gudbranson was a swing and a miss. He had high draft pedigree and seemed like he could be a big mean shutdown dman when we got him. At the time of acquisition there was also talk that maybe he had some offensive upside that went untapped in Fla. None of that was true and we were lucky we gave him away at the deadline for a similar contract in Pearson. - Bonino (part of return for Kesler) was not a very good asset to get back in the first place, but he was a useful trade chip in that: - he had no NTC - he had decent scoring potential on a great cap friendly contract (I think when we got him it was 3 more years @ 2 mill) - dont have time to verify that as Im busy at work He was the PERFECT fit for a team like Pittsburgh who had constant cap issues with Crosby/Malkin/ Fleury/Letang ...etc. I dont doubt JB exploited this when he acquired Sutter (by adding to trade, no less)... however, Sutter (who also had good draft pedigree) , like Gudbranson above, has also been a lemon Pedan and Dorsett were useless draft pick throwaways. What makes these trades far more painful is fact that JB is great at drafting and terrible at pro scouting --- so we should never have engaged in anything like this. He was in a big hurry to "retool" however. Perhaps this was mandated by ownership and not his fault... I get the man has to do what his bosses order at the end of the day.... but they were horrendous trades nonetheless. Dorsett had $&!# luck with his neck. I have heard all the JB interviews about the culture he was trying to develop with guys like Dorsett...yadayadayada... great. I still think a 3rd round pick in that draft would have been better than what we got for him
  5. wow... great reasoning skills.... i never once said we would be better with them. His return he got for Kesler/Bonino was putrid. He should never have traded for Pedan or Gudbranson or Sut
  6. From OP list: Kesler Trade - Horrendous Sutter Trade - Horrendous Gudbranson Trade - Horrendous Pedan Trade - Horrendous Dorsett Trade - Bad, but whatever... Forsling Trade - Bad, but whatever... Baer trade looks pretty bad right now too... What are his good trades? Leivo?
  7. The OP is not wrong... both his asset management and trade record has been absolutely horrendous
  8. Phaneuf is even rated by players? maybe he was overrated in 2004.... Karl put Ottawa on his back 2 seasons ago and took them to the conference finals.....don't really know about overrated there.
  9. except their own 1st. Do not use Dorian as an example of a model GM.
  10. Benning has been an extremely underwhelming GM in every category aside from amateur scouting... which has been very strong. People have a right to complain about the other stuff. He has had some bad luck, and didn't exactly inheret an ideal situation coming in. However, I don't think he's done enough to deserve to keep his post. If it were up to me I'd offer him a lateral promotion to VP / head of scouting and let someone else come in and handle the other stuff... I doubt that option is on the table for him tho
  11. is Dahlen expansion draft eligible? One positive is Karlsson won't be
  12. i love the new sig! First time anyone on canucks dot com has ever listened to me.