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  1. werent we in on Ladd too...
  2. man ususally I think CDC overvalues our players but I'm pretty sure the avs would do him for Bo straight up.
  3. is hutton / baer the new ballard / raymond?
  4. Why did Taylor even get let go from sportsnet...? he was legendary on sportsnet connected. He was a Vancouver guy and losing him once sportsnet became the main hockey channel was a slap in the face to canucks fans IMO
  5. you must be a marxist if you think mainstream media in BC / Canada is right wing...
  6. I think most of the posters here agree that Sekeres was unwarranted in his claim. To me, bolting means to leave quickly, or unexpectedly. Tryamkin abruptly left Vancouver. As did Nichushkin with Dallas. The guys you mentioned (Moller, Repik, Sweatt) did not shock the league when they chose to leave. They did not cripple their teams by losing a key asset. Nichushkin was drafted 10th overall. He looked like he would be a good NHL player. He left cause of the Russian factor. Again, I hold no ill will to him or Tryamkin, but to claim that this factor doesn't exist is simply wrong. I think there is no merit to Goldy wanting out. He stuck it out in the AHL before and he looked good in Vancouver. He reported to Utica (Tryamkin had clause in his contract saying that he didn't have to report---and he refused to do so early in the season when JB insisted he do a brief conditioning stint) and produced at a prolific pace in his few games there. I am sick and tired of the TSN hacks and their shoddy journalism. I just took exception to some of your points about Russia being no different to Sweden and Finland with respect to hockey leagues, and the risks of Euro hockey players 'bolting' to them.
  7. those guys bolted cause they couldnt get NHL deals.... Tryamkin bolted cause he didnt like Canada. Russia is a mess. KHL is a mess. Countries like Sweden and Finland are first world. You can trust their legal systems and they aren't riddled with corruption and economic instability. You can trust their teams to pay players on time and to honor transfer agreements with the NHL. Can't say the same about Russia (who doesn't currently have a transfer agreement in place). I don't resent Russia or the KHL. They are trying to do what is best for them. But no, there is not the same stigma (as mentioned) associated with the Finnish and Swedish (and other Euro) leagues as there is with the KHL. MG had a no Russian policy. He did not draft one Russian in his time here. What does that tell you? Do you think it was sheer conicidence? There is a greater risk with drafting Russians. That is a fact. Some teams seem better at developing and retaining their Russian players, but if you are denying that other GMs are hesitant on the issue, I don't know what to tell you.
  8. Bolt can mean many things. It can mean leaving for the KHL while you still have an opportunity to play in the NHL. Tryamkin just bolted. Nichushkin did just a few years ago. At the time, I wanted Nichushkin over Horvat. MG had a no Russian policy. I always thoguht (and still think) that policy was stupid, however, I sure am glad that he had it in that instance.
  9. What are you on about? There are transfer agreements in place with these leagues. The KHL is notorious for poaching our players away and not honoring NHL deals. But this is not the point of this thread. I don't deny that the threat of Goldy leaving is not real. I deny that there is any specific reason to believe he will leave. Sekeres just wanted something to talk about and so he claimed Goldy wants out based on the weak premise that Utica is not as exciting as San Jose.
  10. what you find too, is they will be interviewing someone with actual credibility. In the interview they will repeatedly be asking hypothetical questions in an attempt to corroborate an agenda they are trying to push. Once an insider finally bites on an issue, they then feel they've added some credibility to the speculation and can start treating it more as fact. Pratt is notorious for doing stuff like this around TDL and draft day.
  11. These guys have no sources and are all speculation. They are lucky enough to work for TSN which employs people with actual sources, who they get to talk to on a weekly basis. I'm sure they get bones thrown to them every now and then with a scoop, but for the most part they are left to fend for themselves. The year is long and there's a lot of airtime to kill. Doesn't excuse them from creating fake news stories and panic where it isn't warranted. Rick Dhaliwal is fast becoming the premiere Canucks insider. I hope he is given a bigger platform to comment on this team, as he seems a lot more level-headed (not to mention informed) then the doofuses on local TSN radio. I haven't heard him speak, but I imagine he is more pleasant on the ears than the nasaly Sekeres to boot.
  12. Hey guys, looking for 1 more team for 7th year fantasy football league. Draft is tonight at 6PST. All league rules/settings can be seen in link $100 USD buy-in. Can pay with paypal, venmo, or square. Winner takes all except 2nd who gets money back Any questions, feel free to PM.
  13. He fetched a 3rd and Dylan McIlrath at the TDL last year....
  14. I really don't get all the media hate on Vanek. I am not the biggest fan of ownership but I applaud them on being willing to spend extra money to sign depth guys that have deadline appeal. I heard Tony G use the "all the top teams passed on Vanek so what does that tell you" what? Every year these teams pass on guys like him because they don't have the roster space / cap room/ extra money to spend. That doesn't mean they won't be willing to part with picks and assets at the TDL to beef up their rosters. Injuries happen. Players underperform. GM's are pressured to make their teams as competitive as possible heading into the playoffs. Once March comes around, it is a lot easier for teams to take on his remaining salary. Maybe Vanek will be bland, steal playing time from our developing young players, and not fetch us anything in March. However, there is also a fair chance that he livens up a stagnant offense. He has the potential to be a dynamic scorer who could fetch us a haul at the deadline if he plays to his potential. Young players who deserve ice time in the NHL will get it, regardless of this signing. One problem we have run into in the past at the deadline is having players with NTCs who veto deals. This is not the case here.
  15. I think it's sad that people think the Clinton foundation is a good cause and money well spent.