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  1. Not sure why Grandlund wasn't flipped after his one good season. Seems like Canucks mgmt / fans have never known when to sell high on a player. Seen the same stuff with other players like MayRay too.
  2. [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    Jonathan Tavares? Last person I heard call him that was George Strombo, hockey extraordinaire
  3. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    more tweeners yay!!!!
  4. well what is the point of the poll then? To see who the next best option other than Bo is? OK then, my vote is Loui Eriksson---the epitome of heart and soul
  5. If you bothered to make out a well thought out post/poll you would have included an option for Bo in some capacity. To me, he is the clear cut choice to take over as captain of this team. The only other option is Tanev.
  6. also amazed there is no Bo option. Will not be voting.
  7. Unbelievable no one would give up a draft pick for him. Just our luck.
  8. Adam Gaudette has Arrived!

    I was thinking more of the drinking lots of water to prevent sunburns instead of wearing sun screen
  9. Adam Gaudette has Arrived!

    hopefully he isn't planning on bringing the tb12 method to the locker room
  10. agree with your sentiment. I don't know the rule all too well other than the general gist, but it really doesn't seem like that tricky a loophole to close so as to keep everything fair for both parties. Think its a damn shame that Fla can lose a 2016 38th overall that quickly (with no compensation) just cause he won't sign a contract.
  11. Toys R Us To Close All 800 Stores In U.S.

    I see you are from the great white north --- you aren't santa clause by any chance, are you??
  12. Newell Brown Appreciation Thread

    NB sucks...that is all
  13. Stop the Sedin Hate

    So what if they've been overpaid the last few seasons? They've been underpaid before too. We owe them nothing, and they owe us nothing. There is no way in hell they will sign any deal with us without a NMC. If they had any interest in getting flipped at the deadline, don't you think they would have offered themselves up this year? As UFAs, they hold all the cards. If they are interested in playing they will look for a contract. If the right deal isn't there from us or another team, I get the sense they have no problem returning home to Sweden and living out the rest of their days in extreme comfort doing whatever they want to do.
  14. Stop the Sedin Hate

    1) I keep reading you guarantee they are each putting up 50 points each next season which is far from a sure thing. Daniel put up 44 points in an 82 game season last year and could easily regress from that next season. 2) They are old and slow. Even if they do put up 50 points each that would require them to play 1st/2nd line minutes to do. If we give them that much ice time we are going to give up a lot of goals. We are better off signing/playing offensive guys that can skate and keep up with the play. They are only going to get slower the older they get. What good is 100 goals from 2 top 6 players if they give up 150. 3) As I've already mentioned, you act like if we get rid of them we will automatically have 100 less goals scored, which is such a silly statement. Guys like Virtanen/Granlund/Leipsic/Baertschi/ Goldobin / insert FA...etc could be slotted into their two top 6 roles, make less or comparable money to what you propose we pay the Sedins, and arguably put up more points. All the while we are developing younger players and giving this team a fresh look. Do you really think if we let Virtanen and Leipsic play 15 minutes a game each for an entire 82 game season they would score 0 points, thereby our team losing out on 100 goals? Give your head a shake. We have all these young up and coming players and have been so bad for so long. Maybe its time to let some other guys get a crack at top 6 minutes. Its not like we can get much worse. Your argument it so simple and asinine its painful to even try to debate you. I don't begrudge you or other posters for being dead set on keeping them. I just think you need to work on your argument if you want to have any hope of trying to persuade myself or others that they need to stay.
  15. Stop the Sedin Hate

    why on earth would they sign that deal? I have a feeling any deal would be for one year, and would contain 2 NMCs no matter what. Canucks can't afford to give them a multi year NMC as Seattle expansion draft is coming up.