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  1. Is it possible that Benning views Granlund as a potential Hansen replacement, allowing the Canucks to sell high on Hansen in the next 7 days? Otherwise, I feel like a young dman would have been a more appropriate target in exchange for shink. I certainly hope this is not the beginning of JB with an eye on the playoffs and becoming a buyer.
  2. I agree that there will not be as much turnover as maybe some would like, however at this point I almost think you are better off holding on to those vets until the TDL where they may hold more value. If the team is not in playoff position vets like Vrbata, Higgins, Hansen, Burrows, Bieksa could be worth a decent haul. We have seen teams overpay for players in the past at the TDL, no reason to believe that group could not provide a couple of first round picks from contending teams. Of course the delicate balance is to make sure holding onto the vets, does not put our younger assets at risk of being claimed off waivers.
  3. I think Canuck's management has become their own worst enemies with their recent transparency. It is great they are willing to engage the fan base through the media, but when Benning comes out and says he is not worried about not getting good value for his goalies because of the amount of interest, it creates an expectation amongst the fans that something more valuable than a 3rd and 7th round pick are coming back. Especially when the day before a goalie and cap dump were traded for a mid-first rounder. Maybe Benning and the rest of the management group should be a little less transparent and choose the information they disclose through the media more carefully.
  4. I think Franson is a good player, but I also think you are dreaming if he signs for 3 years. This is his chance to cash in. I would be shocked if he does not sign for minimum 5 years somewhere, and that I want no part of.
  5. I certainly hope Management passes on the FA market this year. There should not be a feeling of necessity to sign free agents every year just because we clear some, or have some cap space. Signing marginal free agents to inflated contracts does not help the team by reducing the cap space available to them next year when there are more attractive options. Keep the cap space available for better options and let the kids show what they got. If we were only a piece or two away from a cup I would feel differently, but we are so much further than 1 or 2 pieces that it seems foolish to get involved in free agency this year.
  6. Edmonton would be crazy to start offer sheeting RFAs. Problem when you draft so high for a long period is that those players are all going to get paid eventually. Pissing off other teams GMs is only going to set themselves up to have their own top RFAs poached in the future.
  7. No way SJ does this. 2 UFAs in a year, a fringe 5-6 NHL defence man that will not be waiver exempt and a mid-late first rounder won't get you the 9th overall or Hertl individually, let alone both. I am all for moving up, but there is a reason it does not happen often. Prices are just too steep. In today's cap world, young talented players are too valuable.
  8. Too many fans are wearing rose coloured glasses. If you are happy with mediocrity than so be it, but I am not. If that means we need a few lean years to put the team in a contending position annually, than so be it. It does not mean we cannot cheer for the team and the players as they develop, even if the results aren't there, but mediocrity will never win a championship and will be hard pressed to improve through the draft. Think the last few years of Iginla with the Flames and Sundin with the Leafs as prime examples.