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  1. Don't you just hate it when you're about to go to bed and then you see a huge wolf spider run between your feet and into your mattress?
  2. This is the face I make when I look in CT.
  3. Whoa guys, let's not spam up the OMG Windy? thread with stuff that belongs in the OMG Snow? thread.
  4. Screwed as in they make millions of dollars each year to play a game? Yeah if their team is in Canada they pay Canadian taxes, so you can take a hefty chunk off their nominal salary to approximate their take-home.
  5. + a little constipated.
  6. How do you feel?
  7. Ahahahaaha! What a massive fail

  8. I like your style.

    I like the way you move.

  9. Ray Emery should be able to play just average and still put up pretty good numbers in Philly. If he plays well, he'll be among league leaders.
  10. Laura - Every Light Radio Swan is Down is such a great album to listen to when you're out for a walk or something like that.
  11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dull Life Generally I'm not too hot on the new album, but there are a few songs I'm getting into... ...I just normally wouldn't slot them into my easy listening category, and I think her vocals really reach their full potential when they're edgier a la Bang:
  12. arcadhianonstabian - tiempo indefinido por tiempo limitado The video and sound quality on the YouTube one is pretty crap.
  13. Hey dude, your sig is priceless!

    I was wondering if you could please send me the original pic if you still have it :P

    That would be awesome of you, thanks.