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  1. That are more Successful in life than you already.
  2. Next year yes, this year no.
  3. You're crazy to think that JB will just throw him on waivers especially after this year how Vey was given a really long leash.
  4. Best Player of his Draft Class..........
  5. RyJo was speaking with someone who works for SNET, and he flatout said Canucks got a steal of a deal.
  6. Well we didn't pick Baertschi, but yes we do have 6 1st Round Picks in the past 3 years. So far we are 1 out of 6 which isn't bad considering 3 out of the 5 remaining are 20 or under.
  7. While you're partially correct, we have an abundance of youth that are / were more developed in terms of having a two-way game. At this point in time we have Horvat, McCann, Cassells, Gaunce who all have more polished defensive attribute compared to Schroeder. I also believe that being a C you must have a more polished defensive game and strong enough to handle the middle of the ice. Schroeder, while talented, was never going to be able to play the type of game we expect out of a C.
  8. And if they want out, by that time our young kids like Horvat, Kassian, Virtanen, Vey, Baertschi will have learned how to be a pro. The problem with the Oilers is they don't have grizzled vets that are able to show them the ropes on how to train, how to play the game, how to live the game at a pro level mind set. I don't know how some of you are NOT excited. Baertschi is a stud.
  9. Exactly. Even then Bonino has been a breath of fresh air. If you put some guys who have more of an offensive upside with him, I can see him turning into a 50 PT two-way forward. I'm willing to give Vey and Clendening a pass right now. Let them learn, but this experience is invaluable.
  10. You guys are hilarious....WE NEED TO SCORE MORE!!! WE NEED MORE SKILL!!!! (gets a small'ish skilled guy....) WTFFFFF WE DO NOT NEED THIS !!!!!asfdsafsa CDC You guys are hilarious.
  11. Green coached him. A lot of people seem to have forgotten about this....Ridiculous how some people just go on thinking coaching has nothing to do with a deal. Calder Cup run shall be good exposure for him as well.
  12. You guys who are all doubting how good Baerstchi can be need to talk to our AHL coach, you know the same guy who coached this kid while he was a stud in the WHL. The same coach who has done an admirable job in developing some of our prospects and gotten the Comets where they are. His name would be Travis Green...!
  13. You don't. It's for a 2017 pick both reported by local stations which I trust over Dreger. It's in 2017.
  14. You know that skill also matters? Last time I checked, the big bad sharks were out of the playoff picture. Conacher and Baertschi You know that one of the goalies are going to be moved right? *gasp* guess for what? HERE'S A SHOCKER....PICKS?! You'd be rather foolish to THINK that we are keeping 3 goalies again...
  15. In case if no one knows, Sven has a solid pair of mitts and was one of the Flames more talented prospects. He was rushed. Trust me when I say this. We won this deal.