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  1. So what? You want a bonafide All-star? Not happening. I think depending on the cost, Granlund would be a great addition.
  2. If Jake's ceiling is a fringe 2nd liner and a great 3rd line winger for the rest of his career, I'd consider that a success. Right now he's playing like he belongs in the top 6.
  3. Coaching is part of the reason why we have 3 players in the all star game. Green is proving once again he knows how to develop and use young talent. WTH is a "true Canucks fan?" I'm going to assume that anyone posting on this message board during and/or after games is a fan. Whether the take is positive or negative. People who watch games are fans. People who buy merch are fans. Etc etc etc. People could be a fan for 50 years or 10 years, heck even after 1 year and still be a fan. Old or new it doesn't matter tbh. He or she could love the team as much as you proclaim you do. A fan is a fan.
  4. If you were expecting him to be some all star out the gate, you were setting yourself up for disappointment from jump. He's having a nice breakout season.
  5. You can easily see his confidence when he has the puck right now. Making better decisions and making plays.
  6. Hot takes FTW! We should not even be in the position we are in at the moment. The coaching has been good and are 1 of the reasons we are 1st in the division at the moment. Give credit where credit is due.
  7. This year just feels different from the last few "rebuilding" years. Kudos to Benning and the coaching staff. Who thought we'd be first in the division before the all-star break? Let's finish strong fellas.
  8. I'm probably in the minority here, but as much as I like Marky and his performance thus far, I wouldn't pay him more than 5 mil per.
  9. Miller was a fantastic trade. It almost doesn't get any better.
  10. Ring of fire is what happens after eating too much spicy food.