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  1. He's done a fantastic job with our youth and has been doing a good job with the pieces he has.
  2. Yup. I think he gets a solid B+ to A- this off season. His best off season to date. Just need to lock in Boeser and we are good to go.
  3. If we stay healthy, we should make the playoffs. A good mix of vets and youth. Imo, goaltending is still a long term issue but Markstrom is fine to hold the fort down. I am still not quite sold on Thatcher Demko but I want to believe in the kid. One of the biggest x factors on defense will obviously be Hughes. There's a lot of pressure on him to perform but if he lives up to his expectations, our defensive unit will be solid. Exciting season ahead of us. It has been a minute.
  4. It's okay to have an opinion.
  5. Not really. Character is very imprtant not just in this case, but in life.
  6. Baby steps. We've made some great moves but let's temper expectations. We still have glaring holes and there are a lot of question marks. However, I think we all like the progression we are witnessing.
  7. Pretty much. I would say Beagle isn't the greatest either but I get his value to some extent.
  8. Let's be real here. More importantly be real to yourself. No matter who we signed, you'd piss & moan. Keep on keeping it real though.
  9. A fair criticism of Jim is quite easy. Great at evaluating young talent and drafting that talent. Mediocre at trades and average at free agent signings. As mentioned in the Ferland thread, he nailed it this off season. Also mentioned previously is how Benning found his stride once Linden left. I think there is a correlation between the 2. I hope we give Jim more time to build this team and Aquilini extends his contract. He's done a decent job rebuilding our team.