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  1. If willie was coaching. Petey wouldn't make the lineup. Boeser would be a scrub and Hughes would be in Utica.
  2. I reckon goals will be hard to come by tonight. Our Top line will be the difference maker.
  3. Myers should get a shot at the 1st PP unit of Hughes is out.
  4. Team tank only works if your GM and scouts know how to evaluate talent or, there's a sure fire talent ala McDavid. Luckily for us, JB is the former.
  5. He was a good signing. This off season was an easy A grade for GMJB. Once Linden left, everything changed for the better imo.
  6. Benning has done a masterful job at drafting. He deserves all the praise.
  7. You can really tell the boys are having fun. What a great mix of youth and vets. This has been building for 4-5 years now. It's all coming together.
  8. God I love this team. Vancouver hockey is back. New era is official.