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  1. OR we just suck.
  2. Management blows. What a $&!# product. Nothing to be excited about besides Bo who was drafted by the last regime. Willy's time is numbered. Not only will we start losing, it's a snore fest.
  3. Zzz's......
  4. Mediocre and boring. We're lucky to be 3 - 0. The L's will come if we keep playing this way and the goals are already dry.
  5. Mike Gillis inherited some great pieces in their primes but was still challenged to surround them with good talent. He did that. We were winning conference titles and made it to the Stanley Cup. It was obvious to keep that team together. He did that. In retrospect, it's easy to whine and moan about signings and trades but Gillis did a pretty solid job. He never had a chance to rebuild the team. If looked at objectively, he made solid moves. In comparison to what linden and Benning have done so far, Gillis was a much better president and GM. It was a mistake letting him go so quickly, we should've gave him a chance to rebuild. But, as usual, canucks nation is as impatient as ever and just know how to whine and whine and whine. Tiresome.
  6. Mike Gillis looking better and better by the day. Linden should be getting roasted as well but we all know he's bc's darling.
  7. Period. No ifs ands or buts. You put out an exciting product and win, they'll sell out and prices will rise. It's simple economics.
  8. You do not know how businesses work. Owners are greedy? Obviously they want to make money. The margins are slim in pro sports. You cry about how expensive ticket prices are and then look at the escalating salaries which are paid in us dollars, traveling expenses which are also in us dollars and you have no clue how much their over head is. All you fans who bitch and whine about greedy this greedy that yet you have no idea how business is run. You just think, oh he has money, he's ma king too much. Get the hell outta here. Typical.
  9. Not one racist comment? That's a first. I was expecting it to be like the comment section in the province or the sun in regards to anything asian related.
  10. Lots of insecure canuck fans around these parts. This board is barely bearable.
  11. So Linden gets a free pass? Typical Canucks fan. If the Canucks are headed for a long session of mediocrity, Linden is just as much to blame. He's the one with the final say on all moves made period.
  12. Yes we are. And that's a good thing. Next year we should get a lottery pick. Hopefully a top 3.
  13. Eddie Lack is so overrated it's not even funny. Watch him stink it up in Carolina. We're lucky we got 2 draft picks for him. Let alone a 3rd rounder.
  14. There's also a reason why Benning is the gm of the Canucks and you are whoever you are.
  15. Lol most of you don't know squat about hockey prospects or scouting for that matter. Stay happy behind your keyboards peasants. Benning is laughing at all of you.