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  1. Syntax Left CDC :( i didn't know that..

  2. Syntax

    Name That Goalie!

    #1 Trevor Kidd #2 Jeff Hackett #3 Trevor Kidd #4 Jeff Hackett #5 Pasi Nurminen
  3. Syntax

    [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Wow, I'm surprised people are still somewhat following the rules.
  4. Syntax

    [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Can people shut up and stop posting in this thread?
  5. How did you record that video for your sig? Are NHL Clips copyright?

  6. The old one has gone on for 127 pages, time to give it a fresh new start. Old thread can still be accessible here: Rules: In your post, enter what kind of render it is (eg. I have a Martin Brodeur render, put in the post some where "Martin Brodeur"). This will make searching for renders easier. If it is a large render, post a link or use the thumbnail code. It will make the page load faster for everyone. Post only renders. Post your render requests in the Request Forum with the tag [RENDER]. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be removed. Doesn't seem like anybody reads the rules, eh?
  7. lol...thanks for saying im cool?

  8. How can you moderate/change ppls sigs but not reply to PM's?

  9. Thank you so much Syntax!

  10. you have a small friends list! :blink:

    did you do anything about osmun? =[