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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    Oh gosh, set up to prove the reality of our society being primarily people who would fail to adopt a kill or be killed mentality... and I illustrated it without much effort. You certainly showed me. When you get in a fight, do you decree victory by bleeding on the other guy's knuckles too? But of course, this is about the walking dead, a show that has illustrated pretty well that not everyone can easily adjust to kill or be killed. The farm was an example of people surviving without becoming killers, until the group opened the flood gates on them, but it's more the exception than the rule. If the scum in the area had found them earlier, they'd probably have all been killed. Those that survive long enough start to adapt though, but it takes time - different lengths of time for everyone...
  2. The Walking Dead Thread

    Haiti the widespread problem is violence and rape of women and girls... And while the Japanese culture does seem to be more respectful in general, they too have had sexual attacks against women/girls following local disasters The few ruthless people do what they want while the majority would fall into the victim category. Then we have the Congo where 1100 women are raped daily, and who knows how many are killed. That may as well be a post apocalyptic scenario, people are being killed just trying to harvest their crops. Huge numbers of victims dominated by the smaller numbers of cold blooded attackers being a daily event. It is a hard switch to flip for most people, even when their life is on the line, and it's fight or flight, not everyone can go in the "fight" direction.
  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    People were shooting at the rescuers that came to help people in Katrina... Police officers and military personnel are more prepared for the possibility of having to take another human being's life than a typical civilian, it doesn't mean it's easy but it does make them more prepared than the internet warriors are.
  4. The Walking Dead Thread

    You can tell that to the people who were starving and being victimized during Katrina that - for them it was an end of the world situation. You're missing the original point which was every internet superstar automatically decrees that he would just turn into a stone cold killer, killing people in cold blood, no problem. That isn't the case. If the person is already a violent criminal then yes, if the person is trained to kill when needed (military or police) then yes, but every plain old guy sitting at his computer screen, no.
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    People in serious disasters don't all become rambo. Katrina was a very eye opening situation where, of the people that stayed in the city, a small percentage became entirely predatory (even attacking rescuers) while the majority were sheep to be herded, abused, and killed... The general populace, placed in an extreme and unfamiliar situation won't all convert into cold blooded killers and survival experts, most of them will be victims - whether that means eaten by zombies or abused/killed by killers, it's the far more realistic scenario.
  6. The Walking Dead Thread

    That is a typical internet mentality, you'd just have no problem at all killing other people in cold blood then go make a sandwich. Trained soldiers who are prepared for killing can end up traumatized by having to kill people, yet you think it would be easy peasy. Many people, put into the situation that Rick and the others are in, wouldn't be able to adjust and do those things to survive. Cutthroat killers would have no problem of course. Look back at the Katrina disaster and within a few days you had a small percentage of scum, killing others, looting anything and everything, and shooting at rescuers. Most of the people did not adopt that mentality.
  7. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    There are a number of rookies making impacts in the playoffs right now, one of the reasons is they were actually given the chance to play. AV doesn't seem to like to play young players much at all, and that makes it far harder for any to make an impact on our team. Some coaches excel at getting young players adjusted to the NHL, AV excels at killing their confidence.
  8. OMG Snow?

    Of course you can! You can probably drive better in a blizzard, speeding than anybody else could in good conditions and normal speeds. Human overconfidence and stupidity is what helps get rid of the unfavorable specimens, so I'm certainly not mad, just wondering how long till you become an entry in the Darwin awards. Funny how almost all of those things have stories about the guy who "thought" he could do this or that in dangerous conditions, and "thought" he was better than the others...
  9. OMG Snow?

    You've really got some sweet dance moves Wetcoaster...
  10. OMG Snow?

    More like "I'm that idiot who drives too fast in unsafe conditions because I overestimate how well I drive and how good my car and tires are." Was out earlier, watching morons going too fast, saw a few thud into each other, saw one do a u-turn and go into the curb... Even the best snow tires don't make the conditions optimal, but some people act like because they've got snow tires, they can actually go faster than in normal conditions. It is utterly moronic.
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    For sure, more hits equals more wins. It was great to show that and put that win in the books tonight... err, wait a minute... Oh snap, its GOALS that win games, not number of hits. oops. I would take a W over a higher hit total any day.
  12. I'm redoing wraiths site, and haven't got any of the explorations back live yet.

  13. Nice to see you coming around here more but more importantly what happened to wraiths? I couldn't seem to access any pics the other night. I wanted to show a few friends Pedova. YOU STOLE MY JOY.

  14. Good to see you posting more!

    Havent seen so many good users actually posting in the off-season as much as i have so far.

    ooops..not technically the off-season.

  15. Put him on ignore bro....put him on ignore!