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  1. He could be sent back to Calgary, but the WHL trade deadline was Jan 11th, so he couldn't be traded to Kelowna.
  2. Burrows salary is $3m next year, his cap hit is still $4.5m. This would possibly be attractive to a bottom feeder team looking to get to the cap floor without spending a lot of money.
  3. He spoke at our Chamber of Commerce luncheon today, and to quote him "we won a lot of games we could have lost last year, so we have to work hard to move ahead next year"
  4. Maybe he would sign in Vancouver. He played junior A in Penticton.
  5. My guess would be Bure
  6. They had 3 years in a row, ending 3 years ago. Last year they picked Draisaitl 3rd overall, and two years ago it was Nurse at 7th.
  7. The 9 games only applies to 18 and 19 year olds, Shinkaruk burns a year off his contract by playing in the AHL.
  8. No, junior players cannot be called up until their season is over, except in the case of the Canucks and their farm teams having so many injuries that they are below roster limits
  9. When your 23rd best player challenges management, he will be gone one way or another.....
  10. Second pair?
  11. It wasn't overtime, hard to win by two in overtime! Montreal scored an empty net goal right at the buzzer, don't think it counted.
  12. What does PK stand for? PunK?
  13. Anyone who thinks any Canuck prospect has "been a beast" or in any way been dominant in the two games so far obviously hasn't been watching the same games as I have.
  14. I bought the same tv, I call it the "big unit". Watching games at home is no sacrifice!