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  1. Phew. Rick Nash returns tonight and it sounds like Alex Galchenyuk could return tomorrow. Some healthy bodies would certainly bode well for us here in Montreal going forward.
  2. Ugh. More injured bodies. 7 at the moment. The slide continues in Montreal, and it's getting tough to sit here and watch it happen. Still, the toes we dipped into the trade market had us finding nothing other than expensive band-aids. Some health is majorly required for the Habs, but we're not going to overpay just to find some temporary relief from this injury bug.
  3. LTIR Activation: The Habs activate Alex Galchenyuk from the IR. Assignment: To make room, Montreal sends Anton Slepyshev (no waivers required) to North Dakota.
  4. After dipping their toes in the trade market to try and find some healthy bodies while the infirmary is full, the Habs found the prices to be a touch high so they've decided to sit back and see how things unfold. We're well aware of our drop in the standings over the past month, but some skaters are getting back on the ice so we're going to see how things proceed between now and the deadline.
  5. Just in time for Santini to earn his first career point in the NHL! Congrats!
  6. Assignment: The Habs assign Joseph Labate to North Dakota. Recall: Montreal recalls Steve Santini from North Dakota.
  7. Montreal is hoping for some bodies to get healthy early in the New Year, as the drop in the standings has fans worried in La Belle Province. Having said that, sticking around in the top-10 in the league while having Alex Galchenyuk, Erik Johnson, Max Domi, Antoine Roussel, Rick Nash and Clayton Stoner hurt for extended periods of time, as well as Anton Slepyshev, Chris Wagner and Joseph Labate in the minors, has this team thinking that this lull will end as soon as the crutches are cast aside. Teams with some excess depth should contact the Habs though, as some future picks could be moved for some NHLers who can help right now.
  8. Oh boy. Max Domi out week-to-week now too. The Habs are reverting to their old "everybody gets injured long-term" style. Hopefully we can hang on while Galchenyuk, E. Johnson and Domi are out.
  9. Oh boy. Max Domi out week-to-week now too. The Habs are reverting to their old "everybody gets injured long-term" style.
  10. Sigh. Recall: The Habs recall Shea Theodore (officially this time) and Joseph Labate from North Dakota.
  11. Ha ha. Yeah, please disregard this at this time, as both of the major injuries to two of my better players only have 'day-to-day' designations despite Erik Johnson breaking his freakin' leg and Alex Galchenyuk likely tearing his knee and considered to be out indefinitely. Yet somehow neither are on the IR yet. Ugh...
  12. Recall: Pending an LTIR placement, the Habs recall D Shea Thedore from North Dakota.
  13. Montreal is very pleased to bring Clayton as we strive for the top spot in the CDCGML. We needed to bring a player in that can play everyday, as a stubborn injury to Zach Redmond and the demotions of Shea Theodore and Steve Santini left us a d-man short, and feel that Stoner can compliment our team nicely with his veteran leadership and tenacious d-zone play.
  14. Assignment: The Habs send Shea Theodore to North Dakota (does not require waivers).
  15. He sure does.