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  1. MONTREAL, QC - After what ended up being a very eventful week leading up to the trade deadline in Montreal, GM _arby_18 sat down with the Gazette to discuss many things, chief among them the trades that were made and the direction the team is going. On being a seller at 12th overall , a year removed from the playoffs Look, we know the team we constructed is a good one, and we had high aspirations heading into the season after last years foray into the playoffs. I mean, right now we're in the top half of the league, and that's with some injuries to important players and some sophomore slumps from some youngsters we were counting on. But look at the reality of the situation: in the beast that is the East, we are 9th with a huge mountain to climb. So we had a decision to make, and standing pat wasn't one of them. After much debate, we decided that our overall team is still trending young and that our depth was severely tested so we needed more of it, so the difficult choice was made to move some quality players for youth and depth. On moving pending UFA's in Rick Nash, Lars Eller, Sam Gagner and Jason Demers First of all, we'd like to thank Rick, Lars, Sam and Jason for their efforts this season and wish them all well on their path towards a Stanley Cup. But at the end of the day, these quality players were both playoff-bound players as well as pending free agents, and in what turned out to be a clear sellers market they were in demand as rentals. Consideration was given to extending them, and we would certain entertain discussions this summer with them as free agents if they're interested, but the returns for these quality players has us set up very nicely going forward we believe. These four players were turned into Matt Beleskey, Adam Lowry, Marko Dano and Thomas Hickey, as well as prospects Mitchell Vande Sompel, Nathan Bastien plus a conditional 2018 2nd round pick and a 2018 4th. The first four skaters mentioned are either under contract next year or beyond, or are pending RFA's. We feel the returns were quite substantial. On moving Marcus Johansson who still had four years left on his deal Yeah, this was a tough one. We traded for and signed Marcus last year and had big plans for him to be a part of our playoff-bound team going forward. But again, in this sellers market and with Marcus being a sought-after playoff-bound player, we felt that the offer that Toronto sent us was too hard to pass up. Coming back were Cody Eakin and Anthony DeAngelo, as well as prospect Adam Tambellini as well as our own 2017 MTL 2nd. We are very high on DeAngelo and think that him and Shea Theodore could be a formidable pair on our blue-line for a decade, and getting our own 2nd rounder back opens up some options for us, including offer sheets. We wish Marcus well and hope he doesn't hold any ill feelings. On using futures to acquire Matthew Nieto despite being in a selling mode Once we made the decision to sell, we knew we'd be bringing back some futures in some of our deals. As such, we saw that Nieto became available and still had RFA status after next year, so we figured this move was still future-orientated enough to move a 3rd and a 4th. He'll fit in nicely with our age group going forward, and like I mentioned earlier our depth was tested so acquiring young NHLers was the priority. On not moving a few other UFA's, most notably Thomas Greiss We have actually been trying to find Thomas a home for the bulk of the season, as he has demanded more and more of the net based on his play and we've been unable to give it to him with Henrik as the starter, but for whatever reason we couldn't find a match. So we'll see what the summer brings us in regards to Greiss as he's a pending UFA and will likely seek out a starting job elsewhere. But we did try, as he deserves that chance. He's been a fabulous player for us here and we hope he can put up some solid numbers down the stretch for us and help him boost interest in himself for free agency. As for some of the other pending free agents, the market wasn't looking for non-playoff-bound players so we'll keep our guys, put our heads down and strive for that 8th spot and then re-evaluate this spring. On what message was sent to the remaining veterans on the team, being a seller in the top-half of the league Well, we hope they understand the reasoning for the moves we made, and also notice that we didn't move players for solely futures and that our current roster today is actually full of more current NHLers than it was two weeks ago. While things are still looking tough, we know that we will have more point producers helping out down the stretch, and that if Brent Burns continues his torrid pace he could collect some hardware at the end of the year. Is there a late charge in the cards for us? Maybe. But to be perfectly honest, we may have moved some quality players but in return we received a quantity of good young players, so we'll see how things shake out. Regardless, we believe that we now have a much stronger foundation for the coming year, based on youth and depth, and what happens this year will happen. But again, for the veterans on this team, we hope that they can see that this year hasn't gone as planned and that these moves were made to get us back on the horse as soon as possible. If it doesn't work this season, we're confident that we'll be back next year and perennially after that going forward. Updated Lineup Below (in spoiler):
  2. In: Cody Eakin Matt Beleskey Adam Lowry Marko Dano Matt Nieto Anthony DeAngelo Thomas Hickey Adam Tambellini Nathan Bastien Mitchell Vande Sompel 2017 MTL 2nd 2018 ARI 4th 2018 CGY 3rd (conditional) Out: Rick Nash (50% Salary Retained) Marcus Johansson Lars Eller Sam Gagner Chris Wagner (claimed) Jason Demers 2017 MTL 4th 2017 CBJ 4th 2018 MTL 3rd
  3. ---- Disregard.
  4. Montreal is still looking to move some playoff bound pieces such as Lars Eller, Sam Gagner, Thomas Greiss and Scottie Upshall.
  5. I think it's great. Even if you don't want the app on your phone, the desktop version is top-notch. It runs smoothly on both and I'll use both, but if you're concerned about another app then don't bother. Just use it on your browser. I find it super convenient. Made one trade already on it, likely another few over the next day or three.
  6. REPORT: Looks like the Habs will be sellers, despite being 12th overall in the league. Stuck in 9th in the East, and about 200 points back of the 8th and final spot, Montreal realizes that they are in no-mans land as the deadline approaches. With multiple pending-UFA's, it's tough to throw in the towel despite knowing how good of a team they are, but reality is a tough pill to swallow. Pending-UFA's on playoff or bubble teams that are available for discussions include: Rick Nash (NTC but perhaps willing to waive) Thomas Greiss (starter on bubble team) Lars Eller (quality 3rd-liner) Scottie Upshall (4th-line depth) Sam Gagner (PP specialist) Jason Demers (top-4 d-man on bubble team) Other players available: Clayton Stoner (injured depth d-man) Blake Comeau (in rumor mill as potential trade bait) Willing to discuss other deals too. Inquire within.
  7. WAIVERS: The Habs place Chris Wagner on waivers with the intention of sending him to North Dakota. RECALL: Montreal recalls Joe Labate from North Dakota.
  8. Updated Habs Roster:
  9. Montreal is very pleased to acquire Matt, for many reasons. First of all, we needed a healthy body down the stretch due to some depth issues. But on top of that, we felt comfortable moving a pair of futures for a young player who still has a year left on a deal with RFA status at the end of it. We see him being a nice fit age-wise on our squad, and look forward to seeing what he can do for us down the stretch. He'll slot into the open spot on the roster made once Redmond is either claimed or sent to North Dakota.
  10. WAIVERS: Montreal places D Zach Redmond on waivers with the intention of sending him to North Dakota.
  11. I'm on there. Seems like it runs smoothly and quickly, both on desktop and on iOS via the app.
  12. This was a tough trade to make, as Marcus is a very good player that we had planned to feature prominently as the Habs headed back to the playoffs again this year. However, the ridiculously tough Eastern Conference didn't relent when injuries hit and our depth was severely tested, and we now find ourselves on the outside well back looking in. As Johansson is a playoff-bound player, he was a hot commodity and TOR stepped up with an offer that was hard to refuse. We wish him the best in Toronto. However, with another week until the deadline, Montreal is not quite ready to throw in the towel despite making this deal, as two roster players are coming back on top of the pick and a nice prospect in Tambellini. With Erik Johnson returning this weekend as well, things aren't quite over for the Habs, but we felt that making this deal would not only keep us alive this year but would make us stronger going forward. Recall: The Habs recall Anthony DeAngelo from North Dakota into the space vacated by Clayton Stoner (LTIR).
  13. RUMOUR: Could changes be coming in Montreal? Twitter was abuzz this morning after a grainy picture was posted that appeared to show Marcus Johansson arriving at the Airport with his gear and a pile of sticks at the Domestic Flights terminal...
  14. Assignment: The Habs send Shea Theodore down to North Dakota (does not require waivers). Activation: Montreal activates Erik Johnson from the LTIR.
  15. And what a difference a few days can make. The Habs have picked up about 50 points on OTT over the past few days, and Erik Johnson just took part in a full practice and his return is right around the corner. Perhaps Montreal will instead be buyers? Who knows, but being down ~150 instead of ~200 points with the return of a top d-man imminent has rejuvinated the Habs and their front office.