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  1. Very pleased to have Nolan Patrick go second overall to the Flyers, just where we took him at, and we already knew where Michael Spacek (WPG) and Bokondji Imama (LAK) were as over-agers. We were disappointed to see that Artyom Minulin went undrafted today, but aren't too worried. The last time we took a Russian skater who Corey Pronman rated highly one year and was passed over, he was drafted the following year and is now in the NHL (Anton Slepyshev).
  2. The Habs now have the past two Flyers 1st-rounders in German Rubtsov and Nolan Patrick. I think I may have a new team to root for...
  3. Whoa. 3 early leaks of suspected Vegas expansion claims are current members of the Montreal CDCGML squad: Cody Eakin, Shea Theodore and Clayton Stoner.
  4. Going to be an interesting few weeks as the Habs watch what happens with our players IRL. With Alex Galchenyuk being a major name in the real-life trade rumour mill, as well as Cody Eakin to a lesser extent, and multiple of our players exposed in the expansion draft, we expect our lineup to potentially look a lot different by the time Free Agency rolls around in July. Habs players exposed in Expansion IRL: Cody Eakin Carl Soderberg Marko Dano Thomas Hickey Clayton Stoner Will one or more of these players be Golden Knights in a few short days, or could they flipped to other teams? Will Galchenyuk get a fresh start somewhere else? We're excited to find out.
  5. Montreal's 2017 Entry Draft Recap Out: Dylan Larkin, 14th Overall, 62nd Overall, 2018 MTL 4th In: Nolan Patrick (2nd), Michael Spacek (58th), Brett Connolly, Artyom Minulin (110th), Bokandji Imama (120th) (Nolan Patrick, selected 2nd overall) The Habs are very pleased with the moves they've made ahead of and during the draft, as well as the players selected and acquired. Adding Nolan Patrick is obviously the big news of the day, but the other three picks in Michael Spacek, Artyom Minulin and Bokamdji Imama have us very excited as well. Picking Spacek and Imama continues a trend that GM _arby_18 likes to do on draft day, and that is picking passed over players from previous drafts who's stock have risen. On top of that, bringing in a young player like Brett Connolly will give us another player in the age-group that we're targeting as our youth movement continues. We see him fitting in well with our group of forwards who are currently 24 years old or younger, including the likes of Alex Galchenyuk, Max Domi, Adam Lowry, Marko Dano, Matthew Nieto and a number of prospects including Nolan Patrick, German Rubtsov and Aleksi Saarela. All in all, a very good day in La Belle Province.
  6. Habs select Bokondji Imama.
  7. The Habs are pleased to select D Artyom Minulin.
  8. Pick is traded. Waiting for league confirmation.
  9. The Habs select Michael Spacek.
  10. Montreal would first like to offer our congratulations to MV and his Devils on their well-earned championship. And with the second overall selection, Montreal is absolutely thrilled to select, from the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL, Nolan Patrick!
  11. I noticed one when I searched for Henrik Borgstrom. It's Henrik Bjorgstrom in our files.
  12. Is there a league ruling on what happens if you accidentally draft a player who was already drafted? Say, you've searched and done your due diligence but the players name was spelled incorrectly/differently on the game sheets? I found one such thing while searching is all...
  13. Now that the expansion draft is over, and with the cap expected to go up to $75m, the Habs have $20m+ to work with ahead of the draft and free agency. Teams looking to dump salary should contact us as we'd consider taking on some salary to acquire some more picks in the draft tonight.
  14. Habs won't be moving the #2 pick ,but picks 58, 62 &120 are in play. We're looking to either move up into late 1st/early 2nd, or to drop down to acquire a few 3rd's and 4th's. Inquire within. Will have Discord on the go all day.