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  1. Anyone checking out the melvins lite tonight? (*Sunday*)
  2. Pm'd. Anyone else want it, just let me know. Pretty sure I cant post it...
  3. Great finish for WEC.
  4. ♣♥♣happy birthday♣♥♣

  5. Eh, Somewhat transit related I guess. Found a wallet on the Bus today, 700$ cash and a future shop gift card worth 200$. $900 for riding the bus... not too shabby if you ask me. Well -3.75 for a 2 zone pass. $896.25 Profit :D Oh, and if this is your wallet & you're reading this, LOL @ you, It's mine.
  6. I seriously doubt you will find even 1 other person who agrees with your opinion. Unless they have either Never seen a Canucks game, or have some type of mental disability... a severe mental disability.