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  1. Bieksa only fights people that don't know how to fight.
  2. Most are over-reacting, if you look what has happened objectively it's not that crazy. Eddie Lack... lots of people liked him I liked him too but he is a backup goalie (Miller was better in the playoffs). Kassian... had some small moments with the Canucks maybe but really was never very good for the team, and was not playing at the end of last season when all the most important games happened. Bieksa... Another fan favorite, but best years are behind him. Over-all, losing Lack and Kassian really probably has almost 0 effect on the team and losing Bieksa is a minor downgrade, the team is only marginally worse than it was at the end of last year and that's only judging it by a current on paper roster.
  3. His injury this year was kind of frusterating. They should at least give him the start of the year with the team next year, I feel like it's still a tad too early to completey give up on him.
  4. What exactly are the Sedin's pathetic at? They aren't bad defensively the only knock against them is they don't fight, but there are lots of guys around the NHL that don't fight. And to say Luongo was rarely a problem in the playoffs is just wearing blinders. I'm really not a blame the goalie kind of guy but just off hand I can think of 07 Game 5 Loss to the ducks where he let one in to end the series because he was complaining to the ref about a Rob Neidermeyer Hit 09 (I think) Game 6 Meltdown vs Chicago where he let Patrick Kane get a hat-trick and subsequently cried during the post game 10 Game 6 Meltdown to Chicago where he was good in the first period got beat on a nice goal and turned into a seive en route to a 5-1 Loss 2011 Games 3 4 6 and 7 vs Boston he flat out sucked This is not even including the amount of times he's allowed the late goal in the playoffs. He is a textbook head-case
  5. What is wrong with WD though? If Jaques Lemaire or Scotty Bowman were available then maybe you think about it but an organization with a revolving door of coaches is going to be a bad organization.
  6. I thought I was going to agree with your post but the Sedins are most definitely not holding the team back the numbers in their previous 10 playoff games are actually pretty damn good. The problem is the Sedin's can't do it on their own and the team needs more legitimate top tier scorers to help carry the offense. And I'm sorry but Luongo was a freaking drama queen we gave him the "C" the ONLY TEAM in NHL history to do that... what a joke. Plus whether you like him or hate him it can't be denied he has a moderate history of choking in big situations. He's a good goalie but I truly 100% believe that Lack and Miller are just as good and even Schneider.
  7. If I was betting money I'd bet the Flames win in 5 or 6, but anything can happen. Even in the last 5 years or so there has been more than 1 comeback from 3-0. The series is never over until it's over
  8. Firing the coach would be the stupidest things they can do. When they fired Vigneault I was behind that decision (Albeit Tortorella was a horrible replacement and over-all that looks like it was a big mistake). At this point the fault rests with the players, our core guys aren't getting it done and it's them who need to pay the price. Too bad most of them have NTC
  9. I don't think anyone would be shocked if the Canucks lost to the Ducks or something but honestly, I think most people thought they could beat the Flames, or at least put up a fight. I mean this series isn't over yet, but it's hard to pick out who the Canucks heroes would be in a comeback. And I mean give credit to Calgary and I'll even be going for em if they move on (Just wanna see Canadian teams do well) but seriously they aren't that good and Vancouver should be putting up a better fight.
  10. I feel that they are anti-canuck at times. They seem to talk about the other team's bright spots more, and I hate when a guy like Hughson is talking about suspensions. Hughson is kind of a hack, but CBC seems to be a boys club. It mostly stems from back when Ron MacClean did that expose and totally attacked burrows, that was disgraceful.
  11. It's true. The last few games I've been too I feel like there are quite a few people who seem to want to cheer but their is a weird stigma that it isn't cool. I really hope it livens up for the (hopefully) playoffs. If Van can play Calgary first round that should stir up a lot of interest then maybe they get a St. Louis in the second round and who knows what could happen. You don't have to be the best team to win the Stanley Cup
  12. It was a good pickup he's a goalie that's good enough to win a stanley cup. Thinking Eddie Lack can carry the team alone in net is just naive and even if Eddie is a freak of nature then he will win out the job naturally.
  13. Bieksa has been playing awesome. Maybe because it's its his first year in a while that he has been healthy. Either way I don't think he's on the trading block at this moment.
  14. Yale Grad 2010 ;)