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  1. Most are over-reacting, if you look what has happened objectively it's not that crazy. Eddie Lack... lots of people liked him I liked him too but he is a backup goalie (Miller was better in the playoffs). Kassian... had some small moments with the Canucks maybe but really was never very good for the team, and was not playing at the end of last season when all the most important games happened. Bieksa... Another fan favorite, but best years are behind him. Over-all, losing Lack and Kassian really probably has almost 0 effect on the team and losing Bieksa is a minor downgrade, the team is only marginally worse than it was at the end of last year and that's only judging it by a current on paper roster.
  2. It was a good pickup he's a goalie that's good enough to win a stanley cup. Thinking Eddie Lack can carry the team alone in net is just naive and even if Eddie is a freak of nature then he will win out the job naturally.
  3. Bieksa has been playing awesome. Maybe because it's its his first year in a while that he has been healthy. Either way I don't think he's on the trading block at this moment.
  4. Yale Grad 2010 ;)

  5. Apparently the UFC event is back on at GM place... from the mouth of Dana White.... source Team 1040
  6. The video game made me lol. "Press X to lie Kenny!!!!!" And also, the chimp with the money was pretty lulzy
  7. " I cant believe people actually think Russia could be beaten? Are you guys for real? Look at the Russian team, its one of the best over-all teams every assembled, ever in history of hockey and the NHL..

    NO one will come close to stoping them, not Canada not Sweeden, dont kid your self people.. This is RUSSIA's year.."




  8. Why you lookin' at my profile, dog?

  9. I think almost all the worlds wars have been stupid and pointless (maybe with the exception of WWII) and am really not a supporter of war or the military at all but still, I give my respect to the fallen soldiers on this day.
  10. Meh, I think it's more he's not playing with good players anymore. Let's face it he wasn't the most talented player on the Sedin, Sedin, Burrows line and now that he's playing with Bernier and Bolduc do you really expect him to keep up the same scoring pace? Bernier isn't bad but nowhere near a Sedin and Bolduc sucks.
  11. I am just waiting for the news to come out that the UFC is fixed *Puts on Flame Shield* *Runs*
  12. Thanks for the profile view. :)