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  1. Trudeau accused of groping young FEMALE reporter..

    what could ever go wrong with those topics ?
  2. lol, calgary tried to peddle Bennett all of last year but there was next to nothing in interest for him.....
  3. anyone else getting sick of them showing Cam Neely's reaction 10 times during a game ? Why are we supposed to care that he gets angry after a goal against or jumping around when they score
  4. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    was that the card where he had no logo on his jersey ?
  5. her facebook account took it pretty good..... and ofcourse she is playing the victim card now
  6. Its being reported that the death toll has risen to 15
  7. This was one of the first people to arrive on scene
  8. Cutting taxes isnt the problem..... government spending is. Right now our system is set up with no accountability so the spending is reckless and damaging.
  9. if that is the type of player he is looking for then he should have drafted Tkachuk . . .
  10. Who is to blame for the Palestine/Israel Conflict

    i voted "other" clearly Trump is to blame for the mess over there.....
  11. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    lol, i love how the panel was questioning Edler and why he wasnt passing the puck to Boeser when he was wide open...... dont worry fella's, he is just as bad defensively as well. Case in point, he didnt take the puck or the body at the end and it allowed the blues a 3v1 on an empty net.
  12. Whats really sickening about this are these are people who were burning people alive in cages, raping little girls, destroying and killing everywhere they went and they get welcomed back even better than our war vets. These people arent turning away from ISIS because they are changed people but because they have lost and have nowhere else to go. This decision has to be one of the biggest slap in the faces to law abiding citizens that ive ever seen . How Canadians arent outraged over this is beyond me
  13. but but but Harper ...... but but but Trump......
  14. Edler already in fine form..... bumping into his own players, getting walked around , taking penalties.....
  15. Photography chat and shares

    Tonight is supposed to be a great night for the northern lights. Hopefully the smoke isnt too thick so people can get some good pics