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  1. "As the poll notes, results should be interpreted with caution, given the sample size of 507 " I guess we'll leave this part of the article out of it right ? Much easier to go with the conservatives are racists mantra despite only 507 people in a country of over 30 million were asked
  2. A team wont give up anything to take on cap space. It usually involves the team having to offer a prospect or high draft pick to entice the other team to take on dead weight. I suggested Kovalchuk because he can still score which is something that Vancouver could use. It may not be ideal but at this point id rather have Kovy than Loui in the lineup.
  3. wonder if we can offer loui to LA for Kovalchuk ? He is a healthy scratch in LA, both have bad contracts but id prefer someone with the skills of Kovy.
  4. Can oil ever be phased out ? It will always be needed...... And there is no denying that you can find dirt on every political party and every politician, but JT campaigned on being different and transparent. id say he has failed on that promise
  5. so when the saudi's basically wanted nothing to do with us, except still sell us there oil, why didnt he tell them we dont need there oil and just get the oil from Alberta which would have saved 10 times the amount of jobs that he is claiming to do with SNC ?
  6. and where has that got them ? Trudeau himself admitted he wants to phase out Alberta's energy sector which means a loss of jobs. He cared about these 'jobs' because its in Quebec and he knows thats where he needs his votes. He pretty much admitted this when trying to change her mind on the decision.
  7. When Alberta had enough of what the Conservatives were doing ( provincially ) they voted them out so I disagree there would be no complaining. So its ok to do whatever possible to save 9000 jobs ( which in reality would probably be alot less because the contracts SNC lose out on can be picked up by other Canadian companies ) but Trudeau barely blinks an eye when over 120,000 jobs were lost in Alberta . After hearing her testimony do you consider what they did to her unethical ? Do you agree she should have lost her position because she didnt give in to there pressure ?
  8. Whether it was a legal option or not isnt even the question here. The issue is that JWR had made a decision and then was contacted atleast 11 times requesting her to get involved and change her mind on the decision. She stuck with to her guns and was then demoted for her decision. And for Trudeau himself to get involve and make mention that he was concerned about the Quebec election and to remind her that he was an MP there is ridiculous .
  9. Especially when this gets spun that he was trying to save the 9000 jobs based in Quebec. He will be a hero to them
  10. hahah! TheAce strikes again. Poor Flames fans.