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  2. dont think he'll be scoring wristers like that in the NHL but im encouraged that he hit the net and didnt blast it in the shin pads or miss the net by 2 feet !
  3. imagine that..... our D-man hits the net on a shot and it generates a goal......
  4. Our D-men are the worst in the league at getting shots through...... that was a 4 vs 3 and Stectcher had 3 straight blocked shots
  5. I can see why Eriksson doesnt play with the sedins much , he looks so uninspired out there and doesnt compliment them in anyway. And i still say they need to get rid of Edler, he looked absolutely brutal on that second goal and he provides no offense at all. So many of his shots are blocked or miss the net. When was the last time youve seen him rush the puck up and create a chance like Hutton or Stetcher do ? Way too much money for what he provides this team
  6. There are alot more nations out there who are plenty worse than Trump and Canada has no problem doing trade or selling arms to them. . . .
  7. He has been given plenty of time with the twins and he looks lost out there. I dont blame WD for taking him off that line so where else does he play him ?
  8. what a pathetic effort... no hussle, no intensity they just dont care. This ship is a disaster right now
  9. This has happened a few times in OT where we have a great chance or a 2vs 1 and we miss the net and they come down and score. They need to bear down on those chances and at very least force the goalie to make a save
  10. This interview always cracks me up..... funny how it went from this to " clearly the russians were involved and influenced the election "
  11. why do people think a timeout would have been some sort of magical potion that would have turned the team around ? There was a long pause when they reviewed the goal was the same thing
  12. sure glad we passed up on Tkachuk. . . . his 15 points so far would only put him 3rd on our team in points. Playing on the 3rd line as well . I guess the good thing is that we can stop bringing up passing over Kopitar
  13. it wasnt a weak goal per say, but the puck slipped between his arm and blocker and he seemed to be in position when the shot came........ just one of those shots you need your goalie to come up with a save, especially on a penalty when Gudbranson was just trying to get a bit of revenge for the hit before
  14. is it just me or does markstrom seem to let a questionable goal in every game ?
  15. good grief Sutter....... 5vs3 and first you go offside then you high stick it. Wake up buddy