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  1. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

     we need Vrbata in the line up to get as many points as he can so we can get a good draft pick for him at deadline day
  2. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    he is lucky they didnt shoot him first then check after to see if it was a bomb . . .
  3. Calgary laughed them off as well which doesnt surprise me since they asked for Brodie ... the Islanders need to realize they arent dealing in a position of strength. There player asked for a trade and gave a limited amount of teams to be traded to. You cant go in asking teams for there best D-man
  4. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    Not sure if you watched the Toronto game , but during the intermission the panel showed 4 turnovers by canuck players and 3 of them were by Edler. Then they laughed because they said that the NHL stat guys only have Vancouver with 1 official turnover. its not a stat that they pay close attention to and its very subjective as compared to +/- where its black and white. You were on the ice when a goal went in or not.
  5. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    He's been making the same mistakes his entire career and there has always been an excuse for him. People look at his point totals ( which are inflated thanks to playing with the Sedins ) and they think he is a great offensive talent but his offensive skills are very limited. Edler should have been traded years ago
  6. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    besides hutton and tanev, i really hope they trade the rest of our D-men ....... 
  7. gonna be so glad when Higgens is done with this team....... he misses a glorious chance by missing the net but then he follows the shot behind the net while puck is already rolling at the hashmarks giving the habs a 3 vs 2
  8. Higgens has to atleast hit the net on that 2 vs 1 .... so pathetic
  9. lol... first a cough up by edler at the offensive blue line, then he gets bodied off the puck by the smallest guy on the ice Turris that leads to a goal......     way to go edler !
  10. wow, there's a shock... edlers screws up on the PP that leads to a scoring chance
  11. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    His head is clearly not in the game and it once again cost us a goal. How many times has a forward got behind Edler this year and its led to a goal ? i can think of 3 for sure yet he never learns and the coaches dont do anything about it
  12. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    yet he doesnt miss a shift... McCann or Virt make the slightest mistake and they get planted on the bench. Edler has made mistake after mistake and continues to get rewarded with ice time
  13. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    Cant be blaming Torts for Edlers bad play, Torts was finally the first coach to call him out instead of babying him.
  14. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    can they please bench edler... he has been horrible out there.
  15. [PGT] Penguins 3-2 Canucks

    Someone needs to explain to Edler that if he isnt gonna block the shot, then he needs to stop screening Miller. He was standing directly infront of him on that first goal