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  1. Not sure if im reading that correctly but are you saying that Christians who build super churches are equally as bad as Islamic radicals who are blowing themselves up and killing innocent people ?
  2. a great comeback win in a tough place to play on the road
  3. Not only the media but most of the posters in here who were quick to blame Americans, or 'racist' white Canadians havent bothered posting in here again now that its known that it was a fellow muslim who was the attacker.
  4. That is also on the assumption that Benning is telling us the truth when it came to the negotiations...... I remember one report that came out said that we were offered the same deal but Benning turned it down thinking he could get more. Nill decided not to wait and gave the same deal to Calgary. Even at the time it seemed really fishy that a team would overpay for Russell but then not give a decent offer on a better player in Hamhuis.
  5. and he bought a house right beside Gaboriks . . . .
  6. Alberta knows all about that...... so many people threw votes at the NDP because they didnt want to see a PC majority and werent too sure about the Wildrose. Sadly it resulted in a majority for the Orange
  7. We would also be pissed if other gm's came out and started confirming they were gonna call our UFA's or RFA's . It gives the players an advantage over the teams and its not right. No matter how innocent JB's intentions were, you have to punish what he did.
  8. BDA

    Juolevi played on the same team so the argument can be made both ways . How many points did he get by getting the puck to Marner, Dvorak and Tkachuk ?
  9. BDA

    Here's what i dont like about this pick..... we just gave up alot to get Gudbranson , plus we have tanev and edler making big money and signed for a few more years and Hutton was our best d-man last year. How does he fit into our top 4 ? We needed top end scoring just as bad and just passed up on Tkachuk
  10. one move ? step down as gm . . .
  11. I have a buddy who works at the rink so needless to say , ive taken advantage of it....... probably 60 jersey's signed all together
  12. sad how every 2nd team on that list is interested in Hamhuis, but we just cant be bothered with him even though he would love nothing more than to stay here
  13. This guy could replace Johnson for sure
  14. wont this conflict with his GnR reunion ? Other rumors were floating around that GnR were planning a full tour after these shows so it seems unlikely he would scrap all this to sing in 10 shows for ACDC