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  1. Eskies got a hometown call there on that pass interference . . .
  2. From the information thats out there, his mother was the one pushing for the move back East. She 'disliked some of the Western influences'
  3. Those the same polls that had Hillary winning by 10 points ?
  4. Been to Cuba a few times and loved it..... As a previous poster mentioned, if you are touring Havana then go with a personal guide . They are cheap and can give you the history behind everything that you wont learn by doing it yourself. We did the tour with the old cars so we got to drive around in a 57 chevy. Depending on what resort you are staying at, the food is not as bad as you hear. Because of the embargo, Cuba cant import spices at a reasonable cost so the food can be bland. Because tourism is there number 1 money maker, they have been putting more effort into making sure the food is good. I brought down a bad full of sauces and spices just incase but didnt have to use any of it, then just gave it to the locals and they were extremely grateful . There is an airport tax on the way out and its paid in cash. Make sure you have this before you get into the lineup , otherwise you have to go get it and get in line all over again. If you decide to buy cigars, always always buy from the govt stores because anything else is a fake. No matter how plausable the story sounds from " someones cousin who works at the factory" its not true. The factory's watch every cigar thats made so there are no ' employee deals' Bring some bug spray because some of the beaches will have sand mites. You wont notice it but will wake up with little red marks all over. If you take taxis, make sure you have negeotiated the price beforehand. As far as places to see or things to do, that will be up to your own preference. Check out trip advisor for neat places to see and opinions. If you enjoy nature then 2 places we visited were El Nicho waterfalls and Saturno Cave and enjoyed both of them ( One is in Varadero and the other was down south )
  5. McCain couldnt do it because of problems with his fingers that was a result of his torture .
  6. ok, so how about when Obama mocked McCain for his disability from being captured and tortured in Hanoi ? Even his VP Biden was unhappy with the TV ad
  8. How about when Obama was on Jay Leno and referred his 129 bowling score to something from the Special Olympics ? Is that not mocking the disabled ?
  9. i think our PP would be alot better if we play Edler as a forward and tell him to pretend like he's defending the opposing teams goalie. He seems to screen our goalie so perfectly (like on the 3rd goal against), i think he'd be great for that role . . . .
  10. that first PP really does sum up Edler.... canucks had control almost the entire time and he had about 5 shots blocked . Hutton comes on with a few seconds left and his first shot gets through and we had a rebound chance as well.
  11. horrible game by markstrom and im i cant believe WD let him sty in the game. Should have been yanked after the first 3
  12. I think its only the violent ones who they are actively searching for but if i recall the story correctly she went in herself as part of her annual check-in.
  13. she had been convicted of criminal impersonation in 2009 so she would fall under the category of a criminal illegal immigrant
  14. After the birth of my first child, we tried getting a visitor visa for my cousin from Romania for 3 weeks because she wanted to come help us. The Canadian gov't denied the visa because they deemed anyone from romania a risk to try and stay in canada. The same thing happened with our close friend who has an albanian mother, she wanted her mom to come visit after the birth of her firstborn child but our gov't said no for the same reason. Our country is very hypocritical since we pick and choose who is allowed to come to our country as well.
  15. temp ban on white fench canadians ?