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  1. some pretty funny meme's going around right now.... just seen one where they are pressuring Faith Goldy to apologize for having drinks with a racist and then shows a picture of her and JT together
  2. Full out groping a girl in the picture as well ..... 2 strikes in 1 picture
  3. I cant stand Trudeau at all but these kind of things are getting ridiculous. Pulling out a picture from that many years ago and trying to hold them to the cross now is not very fair regardless of who it is.... The only thing that Im happy about is that hopefully this will stop the left from trying to dig up things from the past and use it against people.
  4. I find it hard to give him credit for owning it when he originally lied about it then tried denying doing anything wrong and tried throwing his AG under the bus. He is only 'owning it' because he has been found guilty but even then he tied finishing it off with a " im not going to apologize for trying to save jobs " comment. My biggest gripe about all this ( and this isnt just because Trudeau is PM ) but there is no accountabilty in our government. I did see the RCMP are investigating this now but I highly doubt anything will happen other than another $500 fine. We need to get laws in place that can punish politicians for this kind of behavior
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    Or how after a trade they can force a team to buy them out so they can go play for a team of there choice . Why should a team have to give them money so they can go elsewhere to play ?
  6. I drafted Miler in my hockey pool so I would watch Tampa games a fair amount. He originally started on a line with Stamkos and Kucherov. When they started to struggle the lines were shifted around but he played a fair amount of time on the top line and on the PP.
  7. So i post a video of Justin making a fool of himself for the umpteen time and you come back with " but but but Scheer ! " and then to top it off you then tell Strome that he needs to stay on topic ? If you want to debate Scheer, sure no problem but im pretty upfront that there are things i dont like about him and he has done some questionable things. I didnt think he was the right choice for leadership and actually was hoping Rona Ambrose would have stuck around . Even though i lean right I have no problem being honest about the individual or the party policies, I dont understand why people on the left will blindly defend there politicians no matter what ? As far as the video goes, its just another example of why Justin is a terrible leader. He is constantly embarrassing himself in public and has been far from being a leader. People in his own party have complained about him or quit, he has been called out for being a fake feminist, he has looked weak on the international stage and has lied just as much as Scheer has ( changing the voting format, balancing the budget, not fighting vets, etc ) . All of our PM's are biligual, have you ever seen someone look as silly as Trudeau when he speaks or tries answering questions ? This guy is supposed to be the representing figure of Canada
  8. I would like to see something like this when it comes to foreign aid. Im all for generosity and helping other however it should be an individual choice as to how much you give and to where you want to give it to. Its not fair that the government takes your hard earned money in the form of a tax and then gives it away to other countries only to turn around and then cry that they need to raise our taxes because there isnt enough for roads, medical, etc. The government can set up a foreign aid charity and every dollar donated has a 1.5 dollar ratio deduction towards someones tax receipt . That should help encourage people to donate and allow Canada to continue to help.
  9. I think before we continue to raise or create new taxes, we start becoming accountable and fiscal with the taxes that are already getting collected. Its become a joke how badly tax dollars get wasted or thrown around.
  10. and the joke that we call a justice system has struck again..... apparently the rcmp didnt have a proper warrent to seize the ipod that had the recordings of the murder plot so it couldnt be used.
  11. cant help but notice the Eisbaren logo
  12. add pedophiles and human traffickers to the top of that list
  13. along with some of the other complaints on here, I found it odd how the dead breached the castle and it showed a continous stream of them charging in, then we have about 25-30 minutes of Arya tip toeing around some dead in that room, then running for her life , then some dragon fighting , the knight king getting defeated and when they show the dead shattering into ice they still showed that the steady stream were storming the castle.. How is anyone still alive inside ? That castle should have been filled with the dead out numbering every human 10-1
  14. "As the poll notes, results should be interpreted with caution, given the sample size of 507 " I guess we'll leave this part of the article out of it right ? Much easier to go with the conservatives are racists mantra despite only 507 people in a country of over 30 million were asked
  15. A team wont give up anything to take on cap space. It usually involves the team having to offer a prospect or high draft pick to entice the other team to take on dead weight. I suggested Kovalchuk because he can still score which is something that Vancouver could use. It may not be ideal but at this point id rather have Kovy than Loui in the lineup.
  16. wonder if we can offer loui to LA for Kovalchuk ? He is a healthy scratch in LA, both have bad contracts but id prefer someone with the skills of Kovy.
  17. Can oil ever be phased out ? It will always be needed...... And there is no denying that you can find dirt on every political party and every politician, but JT campaigned on being different and transparent. id say he has failed on that promise
  18. so when the saudi's basically wanted nothing to do with us, except still sell us there oil, why didnt he tell them we dont need there oil and just get the oil from Alberta which would have saved 10 times the amount of jobs that he is claiming to do with SNC ?
  19. and where has that got them ? Trudeau himself admitted he wants to phase out Alberta's energy sector which means a loss of jobs. He cared about these 'jobs' because its in Quebec and he knows thats where he needs his votes. He pretty much admitted this when trying to change her mind on the decision.
  20. When Alberta had enough of what the Conservatives were doing ( provincially ) they voted them out so I disagree there would be no complaining. So its ok to do whatever possible to save 9000 jobs ( which in reality would probably be alot less because the contracts SNC lose out on can be picked up by other Canadian companies ) but Trudeau barely blinks an eye when over 120,000 jobs were lost in Alberta . After hearing her testimony do you consider what they did to her unethical ? Do you agree she should have lost her position because she didnt give in to there pressure ?
  21. Whether it was a legal option or not isnt even the question here. The issue is that JWR had made a decision and then was contacted atleast 11 times requesting her to get involved and change her mind on the decision. She stuck with to her guns and was then demoted for her decision. And for Trudeau himself to get involve and make mention that he was concerned about the Quebec election and to remind her that he was an MP there is ridiculous .