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  1. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Even if their best case scenarios were in fact similar, their worst case scenarios (excluding injury, etc) aren't likely to be. If Guance were to find a middling career as a bottom 6 player, or even a fringe NHL/AHLer, people wouldn't be nearly as surprised with that as they would if Horvat failed to be a top 6 player.
  2. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    Being cynical is easy, everyone can do it! I prefer to take a pragmatic stance on this; The situation had become an unhealthy distraction for far too long, even after Schneider was moved there were still rumblings that Luongo would push for a trade like after this season. Whether there was any truth to that, who knows - but the sheer fact that such beliefs became so standard among the media and fanbase means it was always going to be a tenuous situation here with Luongo. So a deal was finally made. For sure giving up a goalie like Luongo is a tough pill to swallow when you aren't getting a great player in return for what many consider a great or even elite level goalie. But the contract proved to be too big a hurdle. So we got Markstrom and Matthais. Markstrom hasn't done enough at the NHL level to instill blind confidence but he has shown his ability to improve at the pro level this season, and has continued to improve his numbers in the AHL each of the past 4 seasons. Remember, too, that the Panthers have been absolutely terrible over the last 3 years, finishing in last place twice and squeaking into the playoffs once due to being in the weakest division possible. Defensively, Florida has been atrocious for years and years now, having failed to be on the + side of goal differential since 2008! Markstrom has work to do, for sure, but he's a very solid prospect that should fit in well here, and force Lack to keep working hard to keep getting better and better. With luck, we'll have a much cheaper goal tending tandem for the next few years here. And also, he JUST turned 24...he's still quite young. And Shawn Matthais is exactly what this team has needed for years (one of many things they need, certainly) - a proper, effective 3rd line center. He's averaged 48.9% on faceoffs over the last 4 years, which isn't anything to write home about but it doesn't hurt you a ton, either. The one trait that's followed him everywhere he'd gone since he was in junior is that he's a tireless hardworker. With his size, and his willingness to go to the net and into the corners, we finally have a 3rd liner that will use his size to his advantage. He isn't a wrecking ball type of hitter, but he's not afraid to use his size, or go to the net. He's managed 9 goals so far this year even though he's been getting the least average ice time per game of any regular on the Panther's Roster. He was also top 10 on the Panthers for SOG and Shooting Percentage, all while netting only 14 PIMs. Is Matthias going to turn this Canucks ship around and send us straight to the playoffs? No, probably not. But he instantly creates competition for the guys on our Bottom 6, he gives us some much needed strength and size and more offensive upside for our 3rd and 4th line (he'd fit in tied for 10th in scoring on our team). He's also got work to do, but at 26 he should be reaching his potential in the next 2-4 years. No doubt, he took a step back this year from the potential he showed during the lockout season...but it seems like things were going poorly in Florida, and his enthusiasm for leaving tells me he wanted a change and a fresh start. Now he's got something to prove again, and I wouldn't be surprised if he works his tail off to net him a contract offer in the offseason. Things went pear shaped a couple years ago, and Gillis and Co. dropped the ball. So they were left taking what they could get and the solace of putting the Luongo drama behind them. I think this deal works well for everyone, The Canucks, The Panthers, Markstrom, Matthias and Luongo. I'm please with that.
  3. We're going to need 2-3 years for Horvat, Jensen, Shinkaruk, Guance and the players/picks that we acquire through any big deals to manifest into contributing top 6- top 9 players. By that point, I'm okay taking on an older Hawks team again.
  4. I know how you're feeling - but even as someone that owns a few Kesler jerseys and would be sad to see him go, I believe this is the single best way for the Canucks to get back on track and compete again, not this year, but for years down the road. Kesler is going to net us some serious pieces, Edler and him could turn this club back into a contender again when you also add in Horvat and Shinkaruk and Jensen. In an ideal world the Canucks move Kesler, Edler and Luongo and this team is instantly stocked to the brim with prospects, picks and younger players ready to play starting next year. It may still take 2-3 years before everyone is ready but I'd much rather see us turn around in a few years and have to give up some of my favorite players then to have to go through another stretch like 1995-2001
  5. Kassian making a case for himself

    You seem very fond of the big guy. That's great, I can't fault being passionate about your team. But I'm not exactly on board with you here. Frankly, Kassian hasn't earned a top-spot he's played good, not great and certainly not 'lights out'. He's played 39 games now. He played 39 games last year. 2012-2013: 39 GP 7 G 4 A 11 PTS -7 51 PIMs 70 HITS 4 BLKS .429% FW% 1 GWG 48 SOG 2013-2014: 39 GP 8 G 3 A 11 PTS -4 47 PIMs 53 HITS 3 BLKS .182% FW% 0 GWG 41 SOG On a pure stats level he's really not playing much better than last year. It's surprising, even, that BLKS are still so low considering the emphasis Tortorella puts on that part of the game.More concerning to me is that he's near 0.5 less HITS per game. As you mention, he's been put into a defensive role by being stuck on the 3rd/4th line. You applaud him for his offensive numbers, even though he's tallied the exact same points as last - when he didn't exactly light the world on fire. But now he's been asked to perform in a checking role he's got less hits, a worse faceoff %, less shots and, again, next to no BLKS. Granted, he's and has take slightly few PIMs. The Pims are negligible but the =/- is a good sign. Let me be clear: I like Kassian, and I have high hopes for him. He has the potential to be exactly the type of player the Canucks have needed, especially in the playoffs. He's got skill to put up great numbers, he's got the size to cause havoc in front of the net and make it hard to move him off the puck, he's a deceptively fast skater, and he shows a lot of creativity out there. But he makes a lot mistakes, too, and constantly over-thinks things resulting in too many turnovers. . Kassian is still young, which is great. He shows a ton of promise and has plenty of time now to learn and grow under a coach who's track record with developing young talent has been phenomenal. But I'm not sure what you think you've seen this season that leads you to believe Kassian deserves a spot in the top 6. Frankly, I don't see it.
  6. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    While I agree with the sentiment - the problem is that sports are one of the few professions where the easiest change with noticeable results often comes from Coaching moves. It's not even a matter of better coach or worse coach, sometimes it's just about the right coach at the right time..
  7. Jason Garrison so far?

    Yeah, moving to a new system, with a brand new team and teammates doesn't really allow for a speedy transition. That's why so many deadline acquisitions look terrible or 'lost' on teams. It's not easy in any sport to just switch everything around you and play well right off the bat. Yet, he's managed to put up points and he's got a great +/-...two things you NEED to have to have a successful defensive corps. If you're going to criticize him for anything, it'd be his physical strength in his own end...and even that is right on par with everyone else we have back there.
  8. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    True - but it's a console generation away. The next XBOX is already pretty confirmed to have Blu-Ray...and the thing is, they NEED Futureshops and Gamestops to sell their consoles. They need to get them in stores. So they can't completely cut out stores. But they'll definitely have more aggressive online offerings, like PS+ is doing.
  9. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    Not likely. It's likely they'll start around the 320 GB mark, maybe even 250 GM. A premium model could be 1TB... The thing is -- Microsoft and Sony learned that hitting the market at over $600 was a mistake (PS3) . SOn'y sales didn't pick up until they dropped the price and it hurt them. It'd be a mistake for either company to go over $500 again. Rumors have already said MS is going to splt their consoles; one TV top version for downloadable games and one regular gaming console. They'll take a loss on the console for awhile anyway, but I dont believe either is stupid enough to go higher. Furthermore, Sony is so hurting right now with their Junk credit rating that they can't afford to put out a console for $1000.... That said -- who knows. I'll be getting both virtually no matter what (I review games) but it'll be fascinating to see what they both do.
  10. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    I bet it'll be closer to GTA 4. Rockstar have shown a more mature sensibility with their story telling since games like San Andreas. Gta 4, Red Dead and Max Payne all have similar sensibilities. From a narrative standpoint they're also all much better, at least in my humble opinion. The flip side is that they're one of the few companies that really lets themselves go wild with DLC -- bringing more wild and out there ideas to the table with expansions like Undead Nightmare and Ballad of Gay Tony.
  11. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Nuck's have this year and next 'open' since their core is still signed - can't argue that. It's much of the same team that made it to the finals. Whether it's good enough to do it, who knows. Edmonton is in a similar boat to Chicago though - they'll be excellent for many, many years. But their prime 'window' is the next 2-4 before their team becomes too expensive. After this coming season they'll have some HUGE contracts to dish out, even more the year after and the again the year after. Now, if Tambellini earns his keep - he'll make some moves with the pieces he has and keep the real core of players he needs while adding cheaper, compliment pieces to surround it. He does that, the window stays open.
  12. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    It would be fine if there was only 3 players getting around 5 million, but it won't be - which was my point. Horcoff and Hemsky are getting 5 million right now, Whitney is getting 4 million. Hall, Eberle, RHN, Shultz and Yakupov (assuming he plays to potential) will ALL be able to get far more than we're talking 6-8 million realistically. So, it's more like 30-40 million on those 5 in a couple years, and sorry - but they won't be able to keep doing that. At some point one or more are going to have to move just to be able to keep the 'core' that they choose on. Mind you, it's a good problem to have. But it's also why we won't see dynasty's built strictly from drafts.
  13. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Salary Cap says it'll be fun too...If Hemsky is worth 5 million now - imagine what Hall, Eberle, RNH, Yakupoc, Gagner and Shultz will be worth in 5 years. Wonder if there's room for a goalie there?
  14. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    But they also come with a much higher price tag, especially in 2 years (maybe that's why Shultz went for a 2 year deal)...they won't have money to sign everyone. And at some point it's diminishing returns with all offensive players - there's only one puck on the ice. That's not to belittle the kids, they're all great players. But Edmonton isn't built to win right now. They don't have a Keith or Seabrook like the Hawks did when they won, and they were lucky they did when they did because they we're blown up right away.
  15. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Then one could also argue his agents are irresponsible - and not because he didn't sign in Van. What's Kruger done to impress agents and players? Isn't it more risky to go with a relative unproven coach han one that people know and regard as tough but straight up? If Coaching was a big decision - I'd have gone to Ottawa or New York (if Van wasn't included).