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  1. double screw up 2-2
  2. time to bear down and put this one away
  3. gillis wasted a pick with this one 5'9 he'll never play in the nhl gillis loves em small shirokov, ballard, grabner, hodgson,
  4. http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/8/justene-jaro-shoot-984765
  5. we love burrows --you kidding
  6. how much are apps ?
  7. how much are the average cost per month for the plans. i mean total Im thinking of getting one. This will be my first cellphone.
  8. improvement he got like 9pts in the swedish elite division
  9. "if albert isnt the first star i will webcam myself eating my underwear"

    Go buy a pair of edible undies and git er dun.

  10. I love the way rypien fights so i thought id post his fights here. rypien v jansen was a classic. Ryp tore jansens up
  11. denguin I dont what your talking about ?

    I still dont know what you are refering to?

    I havent posted here in a year so i don't know all the rules.

    All i know is you post in the canucks talk for canucks stuff and OT for none canucks

    But my post is valid. Canucks are getting there donkey kicked by LA.

    so why are you calling me names/hara...