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  1. Jannik Hansen

    I do still understand where the OP was coming from, I just think he's early in writing off Hansen. I love Hansen. He's a hard working DEVELOPING player. I chuckled last year every time he worked his ass off and got the puck for a break out only to have every ounce of his hockey sense dry up the moment he crossed the opponents blue line. I am very happy to see him having some success and burn chicken in the wee hours of the morning in hopes his scoring development will continue. In the end though I just don't know Hansens skill ceiling. Burrows blew away my upper limit on what he could do, while Mat Cook never reached the second line player I thought he would. What I do believe is this year and the next are key years in Hansens entire career so he's worth giving extra rope to see what he'll do with it. On a side note.... How nice is it to have so many great key players who can prop our younger guys up and really enhance their development.
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