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  1. That's a good point Hugo, at the end of the day I see this as a non event. ZK was inconsistent and injured, and if he was a problem in the locker room or off the ice as we are hearing (rumors I assume?) we have no use for him here, just as we probably won't have a use for prust past the next couple of years if he's even here at the end of the year. We have seen teams drop these types of players in the past. I also think there was probably a better way to go but i don't see it affecting the team on a significant level going forward (how long can you wait for a player like kassian?) People lost their minds when we lost erhoff and hodgson, where are they now? What did they accomplish? Many observers, myself included find it funny how everyone thinks they could do a better job, run the team better, get better returns in trades, etc... they do this by saying, "I would have traded Kassian for a second round pick". Simple right. I am sure benning canvased the league and knows Kassian's trade value around the league as well as the player issues, larger overall plan and fit etc... at least more than anyone who isn't in the industry which would include myself and everyone here. I am also sure if someone offered him something better he would have taken that. Even if it's a bad trade in your eyes, at most it could have been probably a bit better but not overwhelmingly so. We are not worlds apart in terms of evaluating his value.
  2. You're right, it doesn't matter, which I acknowledged in my post stating that I am not saying it was a good idea, just trying to calm people down who are freaking out over a 5th round throw in. Thank You
  3. I find it hilarious how people are saying that giving up a 5th round pick is such a disaster. I'm not saying giving it away was a good idea but people are exaggerating tremendously; its value, could we luck out and get a 5th round stud, sure, but the chances of that happening are not good. Here are some fun facts for you. "From over 2,000 players selected in the third round and beyond during 1990s, just 261 made it as NHL career players. That's about 12 percent." From 2005 - 2010 --> Number of total picks: 187 Number of picks to play at least one NHL game: 59 (31.6 percent) Number of picks to play at least 100 NHL games: 16 (8.6 percent)
  4. LOL!! What physical mean streak? You have 13,000 posts on the forums, have you watched a hockey game? One of the main problems with Kassian is that they wanted him to play a POWER FORWARD ROLE, where he wanted to play a skill player roll with no physicality. He wasn't physical. I think most of the frequent posters on these forums don't know SH*T about hockey. Another hilarious post "hey, we could have got a 2nd rounder for Shawn Mathias at the trade deadlinel" Give me a break people