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  1. There is something in the water here in... Alberta!
  2. Back in the day I was hoping we’d get him somehow. He has a good skillset and I remember him breaking out from behind the net and make plays on the other end in no time (world juniors). He just doesn't seem to make it work at the NHL level. Too bad.
  3. I'm guessing Benning is just winging it and not giving a crap about cap space. He likely has no clue as to how he'll get Boeser signed now and how he'll get the team under the cap to start the season. He is just that bad I promised to stay away for the summer but I just had to come out and look at stuff as I saw the news. Great signing and just what the doctor ordered! I have been nothing but impressed and happy about our signings this summer. I'm excited and energized by all this stuff going on.
  4. Aaaaaand this is where I have to start my summer vacation away from CDC. CDC members, why don’t you try some mindfulness exercises while I’m gone and try relaxing a bit. It’s a long summer and nothing you say or do will chance the outcome. JT, EP, JB, BB, OJ and Jay-Z will all be here when camp starts and all you do is tarnish real Canuck fans reputation in between now and then. Jim Benning is doing a mighty good job and we’ll have a terrific team this fall! Have a real good summer!
  5. Great stuff! Really happy we have Motte back!
  6. Never been a fan of Nazem Kadri or his style of play. But overall I think both teams got some good pieces in that trade. Even if Barrie walks next summer, I still think they got a good guy in Kerfoot. With the group they have in place, I'm sure Barrie will be interested re-signing if the numbers match. In my mind Kadri was expendable in Toronto.
  7. This was a great deal both ways. A feel good -theme all around this. Jason gets a fresh start and Toronto needs a stable and cheap player. A good player and you know what you are getting. He is a pro and he knows he might play less and even sit at some point.
  8. Confirmed by Anders Lee himself. "I'm not leaving"
  9. I'm sure someone thought that through before they made the deal. I doubt CDC was the first one to think about that...
  10. Hope he can find his game and a spot there at some point.
  11. Vintage is snoozing. He should have had this up here an hour ago. Maybe he is sleeping on the job?
  12. Numbers are true, but I don’t believe a team can contend with contracts and cap space in the NHL. I bet it’s up to the players and staff.