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  1. That is what I think. They will want to fill that season with great moments and they are in no rush to make it this year.
  2. I’m happy with the day so far. A lot to be done and surprisingly much added in terms of offense, but no d. So we are not done yet.
  3. [Signing] Ducks sign Anton Rodin

    Nice. Hope he gets a good start over there.
  4. Could be good, but not what I had in mind coming in to this summer and July 1st. If we have the money to spend, we need to get a Tavares -kinda guy.
  5. Fine. Still looking for that Karlsson to Vancouver trade tho
  6. [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    I'm pretty sure that with the result we had last year, we won't be starting the season with exactly the same 8 d-men. We will add at least one in FA and hopefully make a trade to swap out another one.
  7. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    At 35, I've lost my chance of actually winning the trophy - So puck yeah ,I'd hug it! Not if there was a crowd in front of it though wouldn't wanna be rude. To see it live would be enough if I couldn't reach it.
  8. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    I was hoping we’d see what he could so next year.
  9. I’m pretty sure we at least made a move involving Gustav Forsling with them a few years ago. Can’t remember if there have been other occasions but I would think there have been more that just that one.
  10. Very exciting stuff. One more year of grinding away for the Canucks and then BOOM
  11. Does anyone have enough energy to scroll through all these posts and give us a number on how many people 'hated the trade', 'JB sucks', 'should have gotten more'. So much in here between page 1 and 32 that don't belong in the topic... I just thought I'd then laugh at all them crying and exaggerating that we lost the trade. I'd really like that.
  12. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    Great to have him here for the last stretch. Exciting times next fall. Re-learning to enjoy the very small things in life with the Nucks.
  13. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Man, we need to have give Demko a look. Our goalies are killing us. Super exciting game but absolutely horrible goaltending and defence. Our forwards actually played some good 200 foot game there and helped out but basic d and some timely saves are not something we can rely on this last while. Hope we make adjustments there. Cant see a scenario where we at least take a look at what we got in Demko so JB can make some moves in the summer. It will be absolute murder if we go into next year with this tandem. Pretty safe to say our skaters cant trust our goalies to come up big when needed and that forces us to back off the offence a bit.
  14. Any chance we could pin that on Gillis?