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    Besides the obvious fact that I'm a Canucks fan since 1992, I happen to like bikes, crossfit, snowboarding, international ice hockey, Formula 1 and cars in general as it is my occupation to know them and sell them.

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  1. Tough call for JB with our goalies. I’d love to keep both of them, but as much as I love Marky, I’d take Demmer over him at this point. But the upcomkng season will be filled with back-to-back games and heavy schedule from the first game to the last. It would be in the teams best interest to have a duo like Markström and Demko for next year at least. Every team should look at that and have a ~50/30 slit and two guys that can do that well enough. These two can. Same goes with d and offense, we need depth more than before. So having our expensive guys one more year wont be the end of the world.
  2. Quarantine and the with the team during the next round
  3. Cant wait. It’s gonna be quite a ride this time. Did I mention that I can’t wait? I really can’t. Go Canucks Go
  4. Momentum is gone. Late goal in the second got them back and this pushed it in their favor big time. And they know they can play more on the edge than us and get away with it...
  5. This helps. Anger level just went down 75% after that beauty by Petey!
  6. I’d like to point out that we haven’t been the most undisciplined team in the playoffs, we’ve been the most penalized team. There is a difference in my mind. Just to set the record straight.
  7. Anyone notice Tanev quietly accumulating 6 points so far Tanev and Hughes driving our offence.