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  1. Hammond is signed at $1.35M, not 4M as many are saying here. At that 1.35M he would actually be a very attractive claim for many teams looking for a quality back-up with some good upside.
  2. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/senators-andrew-hammond-placed-waivers/ Sens have put "the Hamburglar" on waivers after he refused a conditioning stint in the AHL. He played just 2 games so far this season.
  3. I really hope it's going to be us
  4. This will be fun. I sincerely hope at least someone can and will step up and lead the way as someone on the roster will clearly get more minutes now. Jake?
  5. No. A bit of a silly topic all together in my opinion.
  6. That was about as entertaining and fun as a 8th straight loss can be.
  7. I would like to move this topic to the Armchair GM section, please. Get er done, JB.
  8. Losing sucks. But there are a lot of positives our there still on the ice. No, its not Eriksson, but a few others. Man Horvat is so exciting. Same goes with Stecher. The kid is a keeper. What I would like to know is when Sven will find the net and what to do with Ericsson. He's really struggling to find his game. I haven't paid very close attention to him all the time, but when I do, he looks lost and out of position. I would have thought he'd have a good read on whats going on when he plays with the twins, but he seems more like a deer in the headlights with them right now. I'm sure he'll come around soon, but while he's adjusting - we're losing. I hope he finds it sooner rather than later.
  9. Very perceptive on your part there. I don't know if I should take that as a complement or what but I'll take it anyway.
  10. I would really, really like to see some scoring from guys like Loui Eriksson, Sven Baertschi and Jake Virtanen. Is that too much to ask, guys? Loui? Beyond that I don't yet see a reason to panic completely. Were close and games are there to be taken, we just need finish, finish, finish. And not the country.
  11. Maybe Stecher was called up to play with Tryamkin? Long shot but I hope Big Nick stays.
  12. Any word on who is starting? Miller ready?
  13. Gotta say this is the most excited I've been about Canucks games for a long time. I'm always excited and the play itself isn't super exciting, but how calm and structured our Canucks have been even when down 3-0 twice it's just impressive. No way we could have made a comeback last year in a similar situation. Larsen is looking good on the PP with the twins. Something just feels good about this team. Great effort to get that extra point tonight, but it was a bit of a head-scratcher to put Burrows and Baertschi out there in a key situation like that. Both have been playing okay, but now shown much in terms of scoring touch yet. Second guessing is pointless, but we should have gone with hotter players in my mind. Markström again was good in my mind and looks like he's ready to take over. Miller course brilliant in his game, but Marky has been solid too. I hope we get to see Big Nick #88 in the lineup soon.