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  1. Great stuff. The more action we can get, the more new rumors will appear. And we know where that will lead. GMJB got out JB’d again
  2. Luckily, whether we sign him or not, if it’s expensive or fair, there is nothing we can do about it. Not even crying will help.
  3. This was an exciting pick for sure. Didn’t know they were so high on him, but it felt like getting him was as important to the staff as picking Podkozlin. So I’m pretty excited about him too.
  4. I feel like this Panarin to Florida w. Bobrovsky thing seems like something that’s going to happen. I’d be happy of we landed him, but I just dont see that happening for some reason. Even if we throw some serious cash at him.
  5. Simmonds is quality player still and will be signed on the first day. But I doubt we are even working that angle too much. He doesn’t seem to fit out plans at this time.
  6. Exactly. And I’m pretty sure all GM’s and their management groups have things under control. I doubt any GM in the league are now in a situation they weren’t aware of beforehand. This scenario, and ours, are not news to them. They work at this every day all year. It might be tricky and take time, but they know what they are doing. It’s not a small business they take care off. I work with way more moving parts and $ wise with a bit smaller numbers, and I know whats going on and where we are moving going forward. I doubt anyone in the NHL does this by just winging it and find themselves lost in the summer. And the contracts, durations and amounts are known to them so no surprises there either. Individual performance and team performance might be more of an educated assumption but the rest is pretty easily manageable when you have a cap floor and a ceiling that is semi easy to predict. Not an easy task, but no-one is there by surprise when it comes to numbers.
  7. I think the biggest disappointment is just that ”fans” here feel they don't have anything to look forward to come draft day. It’s exciting and now that could be gone for one year. But it’s a tough world out there. Things like that happen.
  8. This is Ristolainen scoring the winning goal in overtime for Finland at the U-20.
  9. Being a UFA, I’m pretty sure he’ll be looking for a deal that will cost us 6-7M easy and probably a 6 year deal. Which I’m okay with. He’ll help our d alot. Ease Tanev and Edler with the big minutes and maybe Tanev doesn’t need to block every shot (or Stecher).
  10. I say this once a year. CDC is a horrible place to be during the summer. I hang around until July 2nd and then I take a vacation as the stupidity rises to new levels about then. This year it seems to start early. I loved to come here for news on trades as they often came out a bit early here vs. TSN or Sportsnet etc. Now we get the news off twitter and ’discuss’ them from there on. By page 3 the disussion is no longer on topic, it’s insult after another and people crying out loud like infants. It is a discussion board, we know, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. But in general all that looks like is a below average fan base. I think this board should be for positive stuff and motivation between fans. People here (minus just a few members) are just making a fool out of themselves. I personally like the trade. The only thing I dont like about it is the excitement a 1st round choice gives me. The anticipation, the potential. Other than that it’s just a gamble. Now we know what we get. I’m more than fine with this move. Bring on the season. Ok, july 1st and then the season! Spoosh
  11. So if we can get Myers signed long-term now, our D looks something like this 2018-2019 Alexander Edler Chris Tanev Tyler Myers Quinn Hughes Troy Stecher Ben Hutton —————— Luke Schenn (if signed) Alex Biega Olli Juolevi And if we move on from Tanev and Hutton during the next year and we can get Tryamkin back when his contract is up it could be something like this next fall. I’d be very happy with that look 2019-2020 Alexander Edler 6’4” Tyler Myers 6’8” Quinn Hughes 5’10” Nikita Tryamkin 6’7” Olli Juolevi 6’2” Troy Stecher 5’10” A couple of smaller guys for sure, but size wouldn’t be an issue at least.
  12. I hope we can get him and wont give up on this until camp or if we sign someone else i.e. Myers. I feel like Barrie was the 1st choice JB had during Draft day 2. But as it didn’t work out, they made the deal with Tampa for Miller and will go to UFA guys like Tyler Myers and Jake Gardiner instead. Highly unlikely, but maybe there is still something in the works with Florida on Mike Hoffman. If they get Panarin and Bobrovsky signed. I believe that will happen so maybe they need to move a guy then?
  13. No need to cry. the team set out to get a top-6 forward and a top-4 d-man. they dont come for free. What did you expect?