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  1. Tjis is a good signing, Boucher has a lot of potential. If all goes well, he could be a guy that gets similar stats as Granlund. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Granlund gone, but trading him at some point might fetch a good return. And if Boucher can take that spot, It'll give us a good bargaining chip down the road. No downside here other that that we won't be icing all the rookies that everyone is looking forward to seeing. I'm hoping to see our stars I n the making get their shot, but it looks like we'll have to wait for them for another year still. Good thing for them so they can grow, but a long wait for us fans eager to see our new picks on the ice in Vancouver.
  2. I think it's gonna be fair to evaluate the 2014 draft in two years. Virtanen will have either shown progression or he'll have faded into the sunset. Same goes for McCann. Nikita will either be here again or lost to the never-ending Russian wasteland. While in the case of Demko, he can be summarized as a really good pick already. Forsling has also proven to be a pretty solid late round pick. And even then, all of them will be at the very beginning of their pro careers even then. What can be stated now as a fact even if not a JB draft, it's pretty safe to say that 2010 was a horrible year for us
  3. I'm personally happy with del Zotto over Sbisa next year. I have been hoping for us to get him for years now, so I'm very excited about this. Would have been nice to have him here a few years ago, but you can't get everything you want right away. I learned this over time when I grew up.
  4. I was unhappy with the signing when we gave him 3 years back when we did. But he really grew on me and now that he is gone, it really feels like a big favorite has moved on now. I wish him nothing but the best in Anaheim. They still have a window there to win now and it would actually be pretty awesome if Miller, Kesler and Bikes could get a Stanley cup with them here in the near future.
  5. I don't think we made such major improvements that we can be considered an obvious playoff contender, but I disagree with the panel on us being the team that did worst on day 1 here or with "I don''t know that the Canucks are doing" statement. We obviously tried to improve on areas we were weak last year, and gave our kids a chance to grow and gave them some healthy competition for spots. How a panel like that can't see this is beyond me.
  6. I usually don't criticize too much, but when I do, I criticize CDC users. This time I will make an exception and say that makes Loui Eriksson look like pretty good signing and point my critics at the Leafs. Marleau has always managed to fly under the radar in my books, even if he was a 2nd overall pick back in the day. He has always been good and put up great numbers for the Sharks, but to me this deal comes several years too late in his career. Certainly not washed up or anything, but to maintain a level you'd expect from him at that price is gonna be a tough one for him and the Leafs.
  7. I like this one too. Good depth on the back end now. We know there will be injuries, there always has been, so they'll all get some icetime next year. Juolevi will have to impress big time to crack the roster. And Subban even more.
  8. This is great. Never thought we'd get him that "cheap". Dunno where they figure to fit him in, but thats a question we can ask tomorrow or later when the dust has settled. I'm very pleased!
  9. Boy, this has been the best July 1st in a very very long time. Way to go JB. Del Zotto and Nilsson Werne definitely not on my radar, nor did I think we would land any on the guys we did today so far, but I am absolutely happy with what we got. A lot of healthy competition for spots. And all of them at a very competitive price. Burmistrov can be a productive player for us, but even if he isn't, he wont be an issue down the road like Eriksson.
  10. 29th overall so I don't see why we should argue there. We had some really big trouble finding the net so we need to do everything to get it going again. Nail has had a tough time and hasn't found his groove, but we need him (or someone like him) more than he needs us. Do it!
  11. Good work. There is a really good player for years to come. In my books he is kknda like a Numminen or Lumme type of guy. Not the same style, but a reliable, high chatacter guy.
  12. I'm very excited about our picks. Lots on promise there. Elias was a pleasant surprise, I was pretty sure JB would take Cody Glass there. I'm actually most excited about Michael DiPietro. He looks like he has a future in the league. Need to watch some more footage.
  13. I have no clue to what Chicago is trying to accomplish with their trades lately. Just kick back and enjoy the show I guess.
  14. Are we re-tooling everyting?
  15. Is there no end to the crying and whining on this board...? Nothing is ever good enough.